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Bleacher Bums

14 Jul

Once upon a time, I thought it would be fun to buy bleacher seats for a Cubs game.  I love the Cubs and I enjoy being able to sit down in a seat to watch the game.  Have a cup holder for my beer, have some leg room and not have to touch the person next to me with my legs.   You see where I’m going here.

We showed up at 1:15PM for a 1:20PM game.  Apparently this was 3 hours too late.  I guess we were supposed to show up 3 hours before game time, to wait in line  to get the good seats.  We barely showed up 3 minutes before game time.

This was Not us.

The deal with the bleacher seats is this:

  1. You do not have an assigned seat
  2. There are no backs on the seats
  3. People can spread out and use up 2 or 3 “seats”.  Four if they’re being super rude.
  4. There is “Security” who can help ask people to scoot over, but they really are no help.
  5. If you show up 3 minutes before the game, you basically do Not get to sit in the bleachers.

Here’s my gripe.  If I pay $80, per “seat”, I’d like a seat.  I realize that Bleachers do not have backs on them, so I’m forgiving them that.  But, really, Bleacher seats need to be assigned seating.  Or at least by section and row.  I believe there was assigned seating for the bleachers during the Playoffs and World Series.  Have I mentioned the Cubs won the World Series in 2016? ūüėČ

Not sure why there are not assigned seats during the regular season.  Especially during a holiday week or on a Friday. I’m still puzzled by this.  I paid as much for these seats as I have for 300-level seats.  Those seats were actual seats.  With backs to them.  A place for my beer.  My knees did not touch the person next to me.  #Winning.

But we took one for the team (Pun intended) and made the most of it. Of course, starting the day with lunch with my #SoleSister was the best way to jump start our day.  And to be completely honest, we were able to sit down during lunch.  And have a few cocktails.  And sit down during lunch. ūüôā



That’s my girl! ūüôā  And boy.  And Zack.


Great view.

This is why I do not wear baseball hats.

Rooftops right behind us.  Taunting us.




Wrigley Field… Beautiful.

They actually sell nacho’s in a helmet.  No we did not order these but I’m intrigued that someone would.

At the end of the day, it was a Perfect day.  We decided to find an area and stand.  And you know, you can drink beer while standing and still watch the game?  Best. Day. Ever.  Oh yeah, the Cubs won! ūüôā

It’s not too late to make this the Best. Summer. Ever.

Have a great weekend!




52 Changes to Make for a Healthier Lifestyle

13 Jan




Perhaps because I started the year with a true Ferris Bueller’s Day off.


It’s unfortunate that Mer and Paddy don’t look excited. The driver looks concerned. Yet another reminder to always remove your sunglasses when taking pictures!

Styling and Swagging…and the day had just begun! ¬†Then off to enjoy some Make Your Own Bloody Mary’s from a 30-foot bar, that included crab legs!


Then went on to enjoy some adult libations at the Bears/Vikings game…and Yes, I’m wearing a Vikings sweater. ¬†When in Rome. ¬†Or Minneapolis.



Then traveled for 4 days to Austin, TX for a work conference, where I enjoyed more adult libations, BBQ, fried chicken and did I mention, adult libations, while hobnobbing with more of my favorite peeps?

Alright, Alright, Alright

Alright, Alright, Alright

Terry, Lora and Not Willy Nelson

Terry, Lora and Not Willy Nelson

To round off the middle of the month, a last-minute trip to an all-inclusive resort, aka all you can eat and drink .  Oh no, more adult libations?  Then laying on the beach?



And we are only halfway through January.



I believe it’s time to make some changes! ¬†Or 52 changes!

Song of the Day: My Own Worst Enemy, by Lit

Please tell me why
The car is in the front yard and I’m
Sleeping with my clothes on
Came in through the window last night
And you’re gone gone
It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy
Cause every now and then I kick the living shit out of me
A smoke alarm is going off and there’s a cigarette
Still burning

(you’re welcome)


Ok…2017, Bring it on! ¬†It’s going to be the Best. Year. Ever…




Style and Swag.




Shake Your Booties

30 Sep



Fall is all about the Booties. ¬†Like em or not, they’re here to stay…at least for this year and through next year. ¬†Booties take a bit getting used to. ¬†Do you get them with skinny heels, chunky heels, wedges? ¬†Do you wear them with jeans, with a dress, with leggings? ¬†Do you wear them tucked into your jeans or rolled up? ¬†Some many decisions. ¬†So many choices.

Speaking of Booties…it reminds me of a story. ¬†Patrick was at a friend’s birthday party. ¬†I believe he was 6. ¬†The parents were kind enough to pick up my sweet son for the party and bring him home, because Kevin and I had an event to go to and my father was babysitting. ¬†A few days after the party I received a call from the boy’s father. ¬†Let’s call him “Al”.

Al – Hi Terry.

Terry – Hi Al.

Al – I need to bring something to your attention. ¬†My wife said not to bother you, but I know you would want to know this. ¬†When we were getting out of the car at the party, Patrick turned to my son (I’m not using names to protect the innocent) and said, “Your mom should shake her booty”.

Silence by me.

Terry – Don’t worry Al, the buck stops here. ¬†I will handle this immediately and thank you for bringing Patrick’s inappropriate behavior to my attention.

Al – I knew calling you was the right thing to do.

Did I mention Patrick was 6? ¬†He is currently a sophomore at Miami of Ohio and an honors student and on the Dean’s list.


Like son, like mother. ¬†Never met a noodle we didn’t like!

Back to real Booties!



Taupe booties will be my standard for the fall. ¬†I will angle towards chunky heels, because they’re better for walking about. ¬†If I were to be out “clubbing” or out for many social occasions (which I will not be, but if I were), then I like a spikier heel. ¬†The higher the heel the closer to God. ūüôā

Perfect Booties



I would wear every pair of those booties.  Every single pair!



Photo by Merrick White

Ways to wear your Booties:  Tucked; Rolled; Cuffed; Layered with socks and leggings; With Tights; Socks; Dress; with a skirt.  These are options.  Not all options will work for all.  I, for one, will not wear with socks, though will pair them with leggings.  I will wear with a dress, but only with peep-toe booties.  Probably not with a skirt, but fall is young!  Again, whatever you feel comfortable wearing, you should wear!

Bootie Looks I Love –¬†I’m posting a lot of pictures here to give you many ideas, so you can’t say, “I would love to wear booties, but what do I wear them with?” ¬†This is what I do, I peruse pictures, find looks I like and copy them. ¬†Done and done!


This look, I love, love, love.

aed49ac8a79ea93fc2ab2128c51260d8 f01a806d1cc9ba87e18450eb66c6b898 main-original-600x0c 06b53b955c5efe800272e1a6384ceb71 28da9a94b7e32cf0413234df7a752037 53aca1cc4afc7869bb26a25f18241440 38def9ee280abe06c4f1cafb4ea2f7ce 3f8a1d89f06f8c95ee6517d8dbe1bd64

Army jacket… future blog post. ¬†Will be my new “uniform” this fall. ¬†With my cheetah booties. ¬†Booyah!

9bca596f3294c520cc7a9ee34461a4b7 c60b5478ffe037cd1db28bd24d891d1e ae5bd0ccfdd9fe40c6d371f4832dedda f068e9b2868d71ffb3c40426b30beb2d 7432416d870a60990b5a159db2bc73ff 78ef0d03e0f31c85e64637d7724ae9c2 eeca05e8cecd3547c6de4b90773a8527 22f368c2f3a7cf500532bf10eb5b2195 d35f8343c9a35cacfb7f829bfcef256c f872fe8a405b401402b3a68e89d5b82b 7796ad41aa593d4138a1d65e13369425 77f18af16569beaa2102bba22ae10a71

Cuffing Jeans the Right way with booties

1791ac41faeed73300540396826b2627Socks or no socks?

For me, no socks. ¬†That means your booties need to be broken in. ¬†If they aren’t, you should use mole skin to line the problem areas and use blister block, to help keep those blisters at bay. ¬†You can get mole skin and blister block in the foot care section of your drug store.

Ways to wear your jeans with Booties and Socks

socks_and_booties3 socks_and_booties2


Each of these looks seem polished.

Song of the Day: Situation by Yaz

Blue eyed dressed for every situation
Moving through the doorway of a nation
Pick me up and shake the doubt
Baby I can’t do without

Move out, don’t mess around
Move out, you bring me down
Move out, how you get about
Don’t make a sound just move out



MerMerPalooza – A brief recap

Cubs Rooftop

Open Bar (no hard liquor) and all you can eat food.

Picture perfect day.  72 and sunny

Great friends

Cubs lost

I received this text from Meredith the day after:


Best. Day. Ever.









Best. Day. Ever!

Have a great weekend! ¬†I’m having lunch today with one of my very favorite people! ¬†The Best. Day. Ever. continues!







Who am I kidding… I have a “squad”.


This is highly accurate.


Are You Here For the Furry Convention?

2 Sep

maxresdefault (1)

“No sir, I am not”, was my response to the young man who inquired if my stay at the Marriott Indianapolis was to attend the Indy Furry Convention, better known as Furcon Indy 2016. ¬†He asked me, wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, carrying an India Hicks Palm¬†Duffel, donning my India Hicks accessories, if I, was a Furry. ¬†He just made my day! ¬†I needed a laugh and needed to dry my tears. ¬†Nope, I was just a weary (and sad) Mom, who just dropped her son off at Miami University for his sophomore year and was, quite frankly, more appalled at the Frat House conditions then I was at staying at a hotel that was overtaken by “Furries”. What are the odds? ¬†Really, what are the odds? ¬†I was safe, not at risk, plus I knew it would make a great blog. ¬†Furries Need a Life Coach. Thanks Colleen! ¬†And for the record, Furries do Not need a Life Coach. ¬†Jay Cutler, however, still does.


What’s a Furry Convention you ask? A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom ‚ÄĒ people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human characters with human characteristics. Meaning People Dressed up as Animals, meaning people who dress up as animals, may possible like to partake in “adult behavior”. ¬†This may, or may not be true. ¬†One public misconception, popularized by the CSI episode “Fur and Loathing”, is that furry conventions are places for people to dress up as animals and perform sexual acts with each other. ¬†#Seemingly

Vanity Fair did an article (albeit lengthy) on furries: ¬† ¬†It would be an entertaining read, “Pleasure of the Fur:¬†Welcome to the world of ‚Äúfurries‚ÄĚ: the thousands of Americans who‚Äôve gotten in touch with their inner raccoon, or wolf, or fox. Judging from the Midwest FurFest, this is no hobby. It‚Äôs sex; it‚Äôs religion; it‚Äôs a whole new way of life”. ¬†

Here’s what I learned from my stay:

  1. ¬†Furries are very nice and friendly creatures…I mean people.
  2.  They carry their costumes in plastic bins.  Not in garment bags, but in large plastic bins.

That’s basically all I can tell you from first-hand experience. ¬†The rest of my “knowledge” comes from the Google. ūüôā

Also, this beverage was a fabulous idea. Vodka/soda with two limes. ¬†The bartender also suggested a “double”, based on the animals in the bar. ¬†Splendid idea! ¬†I took my beverage up to my room…a fur-free zone!


A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. ¬†#Truth #CountYourLuckyStars





These are not Furries. ¬†These are two sophomore students at Miami University, Patrick and Mary who were happy to restart their college life after a summer at home and caved in to allow me to take a picture of them. ¬†It was 92 degrees moving Patrick into his dorm, and I think I lost 9 LBs of water weight, sweating, I mean perspiring, from 20 trips to and from the car and helping him unpack in a Frat House, with no Air Conditioning. ¬†Thankfully, we are only paying $7500 for room and board, so why would I think there would be A/C? ¬†But I digress, when Patrick indicated he didn’t want his picture taken, he looked at me and said right to my face, “would you want your picture taken right now?” ¬†Ouch… No, I did not, but little did I know I would be approached about being a Furry some two hours later. I may have two r’s in my name, but it’s not for Furry! #LivingTheDream. ¬†#CharmedLife.

Team Gleason

One of my last posts was about the movie, Gleason…Truly one of my all-time favorite movies. ¬†I urge you to see if, and it will be on Amazon soon if not playing at a theater near you, to get a glimpse into the life of a family who is battling ALS. ¬†I saw it two nights in a row. ¬†Both Mer and I got to meet and speak with Steve and Michel Gleason at a Q&A after a screening. ¬†A moment that truly touched our lives. ¬†It was magic. ¬†It was also humorous, when Michel and I starting speaking football and both discussed our “concern” about Bear’s Quarterback Jay Cutler and his “less than stellar” attitude. ¬†#JayCutlerNeedsALifeCoach. ¬†And how lucky to have Tracy, #SoleSister and Colleen, #MyRaviniaPal, along for the ride and support. ¬†Me and my family are incredibly blessed with the friends and family who surround us daily. ‚̧




Happy September…the best month of the year! ¬†We have Team Kourage participating in the Les Turner Walk for Life on Sunday, September 18th at Soldier Field in Chicago. ¬†You may donate here: ¬† ¬†We also have two O’Brien girls birthdays! And… are you ready for some Football?! ¬†Yup, it’s Football season… I am literally giddy with excitement. ¬†On a less than giddy note, sad to miss the weekend nuptuals of Jack and Sarah, but know we are there in spirit! ¬† ‚̧ ‚̧




Best. Fall. Ever.

Have a Fabulous Labor Day!!










White Hot Summer

8 Jul



We are in the midst of summer and it’s turning into a White Hot Summer. ¬†White is the new Black. ¬†I’ve been asked why I don’t provide links to the clothing I feature. ¬†It’s because I’m not necessarily promoting these actual outfits, but I’m using them as a guideline. ¬†Look in your own closet…Yes, shop in your own closet, and find looks that you yourself can emulate. ¬†I’ve been doing it for years. ¬†Of course feathering in some Etcetera and Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s internet shopping sprees, but working the new in with the old. ¬†My favorite summer trends are loose, shift dresses and the off-the-shoulder and the cold-shoulder dresses and tops.

Here are some of my favorite white summer looks.



Shorts are a tad short, unless you are under 20, but love the bag and love the blouse-y blouse!


Metallic accessories are the perfect way to dress up your whites.


Also loving the brown purse with the white dress.



Classic.  Oldey but goody.



I’m especially loving the loose summer dresses.



Another loose summer dress.  You cannot go wrong with this look.  Of course, the hat is an all-day decision.  Bear that in mind when you pop a fedora on your head.



Love, love, love.


Off the shoulder is my absolute favorite summer trend!  Now is the time to buy as summer clothes are now on sale.


An off the shoulder loose summer shift dress.  Win-win.


White pant suit.  Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day (sorry, Kathy P).


White skinny jeans with white off the shoulder top and nude pumps.


Short in front.  Long in the back.


Love this paired with the gladiator lace up sandals.


More of the same.






perfect for work.


Love, love, love. ¬†But perhaps not “age-appropriate”.


Loose white pants with white sandals.


More age appropriate!


With just a touch of blue.



love the Tiffany colored bracelet.


You can find a whole array of Little White Dresses at Nordstrom.

India Hicks Carmen Clutch

The India Hicks Carmen Clutch. ¬†ūüôā

Basic Rules for Wearing White


With the modern day emphasis on style being more of an individualized concept than of people blindly following advice without knowing the original basis, you might feel there are no hard-and-fast rules to follow when it comes to fashion. Still, if you’re more of a traditionalist, are afraid of showing up wearing the wrong thing or just like sticking to style guidelines (even if others say they’re outdated), you can follow these “rules”:

  • Don’t wear a white dress to a wedding: This is one that most fashionistas seem to agree on. The only woman who should wear a white dress to a wedding is the bride. It’s fine if your ensemble has white in it, but head-to-toe white for anyone but the lady exchanging vows is generally seen as a no-no.
  • Wear off-white in cool weather: If you just love white and the way it complements your complexion, but you’re still afraid to wear it during the winter, choose off-white, cream and beige clothing instead. Even die-hard fashion traditionalists usually O.K. winter white.
  • Warmer climates usually have more leeway: If you live in a tropical environment, white clothing probably seems necessary, even in winter, especially if your days are full of 80 degree weather. You can probably pull off cute summer dresses in light colors year-round and no one in such a hot climate will bat an eye.
  • Wear the right shoes: Heavy black pumps paired with lightweight white dresses can be an odd combination. If you wear a white dress in the spring or summer, better options include natural toned or white sandals. If you choose to wear white in fall and winter, brown shoes still look better than black (and for sticklers to the rules, white shoes should be avoided after Labor Day).
  • Avoid white clothes in city environments: For anyone who lives in a bustling city and relies mainly on public transportation, wearing white clothes is akin to courting disaster. Between subways, taxis, dirty seats and puddles, it would be a miracle for a white dress or slacks to make it through the day unscathed. This is one of the main reasons you see so many metropolitan women sticking to black ensembles – not only are they slimming, they don’t show dirt as much.


Song of the Day: ¬†Whenever I see Your Smiling Face by James Taylor… because I was lucky enough to be at ¬†the James Taylor and Jackson Browne last week at Wrigley Field… and Even more lucky to be with my daughter Meredith at the concert!


Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself because I love you, yes, I do.
And when you give me that pretty little pout, it turns me inside out.
There’s something about you, baby, I don’t know.


Coming off a truly fantastic holiday weekend and looking forward to a great weekend with two of our favorites!


What I’m reading:

The Calendar Girl Series – by Audrey Carlan. ¬†There are 12 books in all. ¬†This was recommended to me as a “fun summer read”. ¬†Because it’s a 12-book “series”, I felt obligated to finish it. ¬†Thankfully each book can be read in about an hour.

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes – I’m reading this because I saw the movie and Loved it!

Living with the Devil Рby Lori Hart and Cindy Mulligan.  Loved this book so much I blogged about it yesterday.

Movies I’m recommending:

Finding Dory. ūüôā ¬†Even better when you see it at the iPic with 1/2 priced wine night.

Me Before You.  Loved it so much I bought the book.  I love, love, love this movie.

What else is new? ¬†I had my first shot of Fireball. ¬†And had my last shot of Fireball. ūüôā

Have a fun and festive summer weekend!




Pretty much.


The happiest of meals!


It’s like they’re not even trying! ūüôā


Indi-Pendence Sale

30 Jun



I’m not sure this is worthy of a blog, but 30% off India Hicks bags? ¬†Yeah, that’s a blog! ¬†Especially since I didn’t know these items could go on sale! ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā ¬†Plus, because we are Giving Together, I will be donating 20% of all my proceeds from this July 1-4 sale to the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

To celebrate Indi-Pendence Day, we’re having an extraordinary summer sale…
30% off our smoking hot summer bags.


From Left:  Riviera Tote: Mayfair; Riviera Basket; Eleuthera

Starts: July 1st at 12:00 AM PST
Ends: July 4th at 11:59 PM PST

I am obsessed with totes & these beauties are some of my favorites! Perfect for that day at the beach or a trip to the farmer’s market. To purchase go to

Mayfair $139.60


Tassel and scarf not included, but are available. ¬†ūüôā

Eleuthra $96.90 – Available in Stone and Navy


Navy Eleuthra Bag РWipe-able, washable, durable, with a flash of fluorescent orange inside, to remind us we are all forever young at heart.

Riviera Tote $101.50 – Available in Palm, Rapeseed and Poppy


Riviera Basket $171.50 – Available in Palm, Rapeseed and Poppy



Because it’s good to Give and good to Receive… 20% of all of my proceeds from the July 1-4 sale, will be donated to the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

One Day there will be a cure named after Lou Gehrig, rather than a disease.

Happy Shopping!








Shameless Plug…

10 Jun





So,¬†here‚Äôs my pitch. I just joined a luxury lifestyle brand. If you‚Äôve ever heard of India Hicks, you know she is the icon of simple sophistication. (Former Ralph Lauren model, British Royalty, Designer. She‚Äôs had her own home line of home accessories and a store in Harbour Island. And an entire scent line with Crabtree & Evelyn.) India has launched her own brand and I am thrilled to be a Style Ambassador! ¬†I am about to embark to live an Extraordinary life. ¬†Continue to, that is. ūüôā


The India Hicks¬†exclusive collections of gifts, beauty and accessories are inspired by India Hick’s British heritage, her island life, and some madcap daydreams. And that is just the start. As an Ambassador, I organize events called Get Togethers, with friends old and new. I have a Tribe (team) of other savvy, smart and awesome Ambassadors who do the same thing. Together we are creating an extraordinary experience for our clients, just as India envisioned! Interested in hosting a Get Together? Interested in Joining my Tribe? ¬†Message me to learn more! ūüôā


Host a trunk show and earn free and discounted items!




As you can probably tell, I’m very excited about this new chapter and addition in my life. India Hicks will work perfectly with my other “Lifestyle” lines. ¬†HPN Global, where I help people find locations for meetings and events, actually pays my bills and hotels have always been my first love…plus it’s where I met my first husband. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I am also still affiliated with and represent Etcetera clothing, my clothing line of choice for 13 years, but do so as an associate with someone else. Maureen actually does the “heavy lifting”… literally and figuratively. ¬† Works well for me, since I don’t like actual “heavy lifting”. J. Hilburn, sadly, had to fall to the wayside and not because I don’t love the line and didn’t love selling it, but sometimes when “dressing men” ¬†(and not dressing down men, as I would never do such a thing), you get caught up in drama, or their drama and ain’t Nobody got time for that. At least I don’t, so I allow my friend, Lisa, who handles drama better than I, to help my male customers and deal with the drama. ūüėČ ¬†I didn’t want to do an entire blog about India Hicks, but did want to make this “announcement”, because I’m so excited and love, love, love this line. Hope you love it too. ūüôā

Wish me luck!

16014-01-000-1-Lg (1)

I could seriously give this to about 78 people.



I own every single thing in this picture.  Yikes!  Embarrassment of riches!


Beetle Mania!


This bag is called The Duchess and is, hands down, my #1 favorite thing, along with the Siren Flamingo scarf,  that India Hicks sells!



Song of the Day:  Extraordinary, by Liz Phair. The constant underlying theme with India Hicks is Live an Extraordinary Life.



It’s been 4 weeks since Patrick has been home for the summer. ¬†Feels like 2 days. ¬†I’m afraid I’ll blink my eyes and it will be late August and he’ll be going back to school…so each and every day I have vowed to make today the Best. Day. Ever… and I have already been working on my sun tan and have my new sassy summer hair style. ¬†I am ready. Most. Extraordinary. Summer. Ever!






Yes, yes I have!

blah blah blah

My favorite three words!