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Shameless Plug…

10 Jun





So, here’s my pitch. I just joined a luxury lifestyle brand. If you’ve ever heard of India Hicks, you know she is the icon of simple sophistication. (Former Ralph Lauren model, British Royalty, Designer. She’s had her own home line of home accessories and a store in Harbour Island. And an entire scent line with Crabtree & Evelyn.) India has launched her own brand and I am thrilled to be a Style Ambassador!  I am about to embark to live an Extraordinary life.  Continue to, that is. 🙂


The India Hicks exclusive collections of gifts, beauty and accessories are inspired by India Hick’s British heritage, her island life, and some madcap daydreams. And that is just the start. As an Ambassador, I organize events called Get Togethers, with friends old and new. I have a Tribe (team) of other savvy, smart and awesome Ambassadors who do the same thing. Together we are creating an extraordinary experience for our clients, just as India envisioned! Interested in hosting a Get Together? Interested in Joining my Tribe?  Message me to learn more! 🙂


Host a trunk show and earn free and discounted items!




As you can probably tell, I’m very excited about this new chapter and addition in my life. India Hicks will work perfectly with my other “Lifestyle” lines.  HPN Global, where I help people find locations for meetings and events, actually pays my bills and hotels have always been my first love…plus it’s where I met my first husband.  🙂  I am also still affiliated with and represent Etcetera clothing, my clothing line of choice for 13 years, but do so as an associate with someone else. Maureen actually does the “heavy lifting”… literally and figuratively.   Works well for me, since I don’t like actual “heavy lifting”. J. Hilburn, sadly, had to fall to the wayside and not because I don’t love the line and didn’t love selling it, but sometimes when “dressing men”  (and not dressing down men, as I would never do such a thing), you get caught up in drama, or their drama and ain’t Nobody got time for that. At least I don’t, so I allow my friend, Lisa, who handles drama better than I, to help my male customers and deal with the drama. 😉  I didn’t want to do an entire blog about India Hicks, but did want to make this “announcement”, because I’m so excited and love, love, love this line. Hope you love it too. 🙂

Wish me luck!

16014-01-000-1-Lg (1)

I could seriously give this to about 78 people.



I own every single thing in this picture.  Yikes!  Embarrassment of riches!


Beetle Mania!


This bag is called The Duchess and is, hands down, my #1 favorite thing, along with the Siren Flamingo scarf,  that India Hicks sells!



Song of the Day:  Extraordinary, by Liz Phair. The constant underlying theme with India Hicks is Live an Extraordinary Life.



It’s been 4 weeks since Patrick has been home for the summer.  Feels like 2 days.  I’m afraid I’ll blink my eyes and it will be late August and he’ll be going back to school…so each and every day I have vowed to make today the Best. Day. Ever… and I have already been working on my sun tan and have my new sassy summer hair style.  I am ready. Most. Extraordinary. Summer. Ever!






Yes, yes I have!

blah blah blah

My favorite three words!




My new favorite Handbag…The Bonino Wrist Bag!

7 Apr


I am so excited about this new bag.  The Bonino bag, designed by my friends Liz and Terry L.  They own a fabulous boutique in Scottsdale, Municci and sell the bag out of the boutique and online as well.  They also feature these bags in an exclusive line of trunk shows around Arizona  and are expanding into other areas in the country.  What I love about this bag is it wraps around your wrist freeing up both hands!  It’s an elegant looking bag, so versatile enough to go from daytime to evening.  Or from school to Prom!



Municci holds the Bonino brand name. The brand Bonino is named from the designer’s
Italian family. Bonino has been manufacturing shoes and handbags since 2012. The
newest addition to the line is the Bonino wrist bag.

The Bonino Wrist Bag

Heading out to go dancing, shopping, traveling, sporting events, restaurants, or motorcycle riding. By
owning a Bonino Wrist Bag there is freedom of all activities and not having your bulky purse weighing
you down. With the Bonino Wrist Bag there is no need to worry about someone else watching your purse
while you hit the dance floor or having to hang it on a chair and taking the chance of forgetting it. The
Bonino Wrist Bag is unique and simple to wear as it easily wraps around your wrist and makes it hands
• This bag is available in two different sizes.
• Many different materials and colors are available.  Bone, Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Orange, to name a few.
• Some with bows, beading and bling to make the wrist strap looks like you are wearing a bracelet!


This would be a perfect bag for Prom!  They have tons of colors and this way you don’t have to worry about leaving your bag unattended when you are dancing the night away!


The smaller size will work going into a sporting event!  Approved by the NFL!  Hello Chicago Bears, here I come!!


This red patent leather is my very favorite!  The model is not me, obviously, but it showed a better picture of sizing.  I will use this bag all the time!  I love popping Red in with Black, and since black or denim and white, are my 2 uniform colors, this bag can go with both. It conveniently holds my phone, small wallet (I always carry a $20, several singles, my AMEX, my debit and my drivers license, as I’m most certainly going to be carded when purchasing wine ;), my lipstick and my reading glasses… Yes, I now need to travel about with my reading glasses.  It is what it is, but I like to see what I’m ordering from a menu or the type of wine I’m purchasing.


Bags retail from $70-$90.  Check out the website for ordering information and to see more colors.  Municci.  There is a gold color that is another favorite of mine. I loved metallic colored purses, so I match them to my accessories, and don’t have to worry about matching them to my outfit.

terry and liz

Terry and Liz. 🙂


7051 E. 5th Avenue

Suite i

Scottsdale, Az 85251



Or a blogger. 🙂 And the bonino bag also holds my small notebook and pen!  #Savvy #Handy #Bonino

Have a fantastic Thursday!











Style Charts which Every Woman Needs to Know and a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

8 May


Thank you Buzz Feed!  I was “hanging out” Thursday evening, 9PM, Cali time…when the feeling of dread came over me…Oh boy…tomorrow is Blog Friday!  How in the World does one not have a “ready blog” for Friday…when one has over 100 blogs “in the hopper”?  I’ll tell you, it’s Easy.  and I can blame that 4-letter word.  Life.  😉  In my own defense, 100 blogs “in the hopper” does not a publishable blog make!

Again, thank you Buzz Feed for providing me with a timely, useful and snappy blog.  Some of these style charts I’ve featured before but some are brand new.  I predict this blog, like the blog, Stylish Things to Know, will be one of my most read blogs.  At least it should be… because there are some very important things to know!


1. First things first: It’s not you! All sizes are NOT created equally. A guide to vanity sizing.

First things first: It's not you! All sizes are NOT created equally. A guide to vanity sizing.

2. Here’s how to find your “golden number” aka the perfect dress length for your body.

Here's how to find your "golden number" aka the perfect dress length for your body.

3. Figure out which colors to wear with each other.

Figure out which colors to wear with each other.

4. And how to mix patterns and textures.

5. Go mad for this guide to plaids. (SORRY.)

Go mad for this guide to plaids. (SORRY.)

6. And style your stripes.

And style your stripes.

7. Become a print-mixing pro.

Become a print-mixing pro.

8. Here are a few great options for styling a button-up shirt.

Here are a few great options for styling a button-up shirt.

9. Here’s how to tell a mermaid from a mini.

Here's how to tell a mermaid from a mini.

10. And an A-line from a little shift dress.

And an A-line from a little shift dress.

11. And here’s what you should save on, and what you might want to spend a little more on.

And here's what you should save on, and what you might want to spend a little more on.

12. Every collar ever.

Every collar ever.

13. Get a great shirt cuff every time.

Get a great shirt cuff every time.

14. And pull off the perfect jean tuck.

And pull off the perfect jean tuck.

15. Know your bolero from your shrug.

Know your bolero from your shrug.

16. And your car coat from a duffle.

And your car coat from a duffle.

17. Here’s how to look super ~chic~ and ~European~.

Here's how to look super ~chic~ and ~European~.

18. Or make boyfriend jeans work for you? No problem.

Or make boyfriend jeans work for you? No problem.

19. One pair of leggings worn 10 ways.

One pair of leggings worn 10 ways.

20. The five elements you need to go from day to night in a pinch.

The five elements you need to go from day to night in a pinch.

21. Make way for the best bra.

Make way for the best bra.

22. A few easy tips for the petite ladies in the house.

A few easy tips for the petite ladies in the house.

23. Find the right dress shape for your body type.

Find the right dress shape for your body type.


24. For all those times you were like, “What does FORMAL DAYTIME even mean?”

For all those times you were like, "What does FORMAL DAYTIME even mean?"

25. It’s all about that A-line.

It's all about that A-line.

26. Find the neckline that’s most flattering for you.

Find the neckline that's most flattering for you.

27. And the sleeve you love most.

And the sleeve you love most.


28. Check out this visual glossary of bag styles.

Check out this visual glossary of bag styles.

29. And shoe styles.

And shoe styles.

30. Have yourself a hat.

Have yourself a hat.

31. Get glasses like Kanye West. Or Andy Warhol.

Get glasses like Kanye West. Or Andy Warhol.

You can buy a print here.

32. Figure out what glasses work best for your face shape.

Figure out what glasses work best for your face shape.

33. Find a best necklace for each type of collar.

Find a best necklace for each type of collar.

34. And the optimum length for each necklace.

And the optimum length for each necklace.

35. Choose earrings that work best with your face shape.

Choose earrings that work best with your face shape.

36. How many ways are there to wear a scarf? A MILLION WAYS.

How many ways are there to wear a scarf? A MILLION WAYS.


37. Figure out what you need to bring on a trip.

Figure out what you need to bring on a trip.

38. And then learn to pack like a pro.

And then learn to pack like a pro.

39. Here’s how to get your most accurate body measurements.

Here's how to get your most accurate body measurements.

40. Hang your clothes on the proper hanger.

Hang your clothes on the proper hanger.

41. And maybe most importantly: The definitive guide to how many times you can wear something without having to wash it.

And maybe most importantly: The definitive guide to how many times you can wear something without having to wash it.

Because ain’t nobody got time for laundry.  Best. Quote. Ever!

Twas but one year ago, this weekend, that Meredith graduated from college.  I mean, OMG…talk about time flying by.  Here’s a fall back Friday pic…or two!

mer in cap

Meredith Graduation 017 cropped

Note to self…we need new family picture.  Happily, we will have one at POB’s graduation… just 3 weeks away.  Again, OMG.  Seriously, this cannot possibly be happening.  Will we be empty nesters?  Even if a bird has come back to the nest?  Oh, and next weekend is Prom, so that will sure to be an upcoming blog, chock-full of Fabulous Prom pics…and no Prama, please!  Thanks Dr. Stevie, for coining that term.

Prama…ain’t Nobody got time for that!

Some Marvelous Mother’s Day Quotes



Song of the Day:  If you were here by the Thompson Twins – a little Sixteen Candles for this Friday!

But just like the rain
i’ll be always falling, yeah
only to rise and fall again

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  I miss my mother every single day, and there isn’t a day (or hour) that goes by that I don’t think of her.  And being a mother is not just about blood.  It’s about love.  Thank you to those who have shown motherly love to me since my mom has been gone.  ❤ ❤ ❤


On this Mother’s Day weekend, I am feeling so very lucky and blessed that these 2 chickadees call me, Mom…and I love them very, very much.

Mer and Paddy SB 2008

Falling back to South Beach in 2008.

Mer and Paddy before Gejas

Dinner the night before Meredith went back to college in 2012.

mer paddy prom

Just about a year ago this weekend.  Mer’s first week back home!  Just a casual night out. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂




Thank you. 😉





The “Ultimate” Guide to Buying Fall Basics

12 Sep

friday weekend is loading


Typically I would be hesitant about posting more things about Fall, since it’s still not yet mid-September, and I’m just not ready for summer to be over, however this week in Chi-town, it was a cool, breezy 49 degrees.  Yup, that’s right 49 degrees.  So bring on the boots, sweaters, leggings and Fall basics.  Thanks to my friends at Huffington Post, for compiling some of these basics.  “Ultimate” guide?  You be the judge. 😉

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Fall Basics

Our favorite part about autumn is the fact that we finally get to layer our clothes again. That leads to one thing: stocking up on our basics.

Although a “fall basic” can be as plain as a white T-shirt, the pieces you choose have the ability to transform multiple outfits. That’s why it’s essential to have a wide selection of tanks, pants and accessories so you have a bunch of options when creating simple ensembles.

Stay true to classics with your jeans and neutral tones, but take risks when it comes to jewelry and updated silhouettes. Check out our suggestions for next season’s fundamentals and get shopping!

the bases

Top from left to right: Gap Favorite Crew Tee, Old Navy Women’s Sleeveless Tees; Bottom from left to right: Old Navy Women’s Jersey Tami 3-Packs, Lane Bryant Smooth Balconette Bra, H&M 2-Pack Tights

8dc0f7c42e65f69a2e9198f1c93a4daf 9cc1ebf904ab98558c0cd17fb36c73ba 3c054ad3ac321156dae5d6eeb8641bfe

Undergarments are the key to building the perfect outfit. You can never have too many tanks and tees, but when it comes down to it, white, black and neutral options are a must. Plus, a good bra to give you all-day support is not a bad idea either.

new tops

Top from left to right: River Island Navy Sleeveless Wrap Blouse, Nic and Zoe All Around Wrap Top; Bottom from left to right:H&M Lyocell Shirt, Gap Fitted Boyfriend Oxford Shirt, Merona Women’s Favorite Blouse

adc987cf6c7668e42736cd59f3204e4a e318d5250e73067385f85ad0c4bee3c5 28634fac8c21d26ef89946d42231d7c8


Blouses and button-downs are great for fall because you can wear them in a variety of ways — roll up the sleeves, tie the tails or keep it unbuttoned with a tank underneath. Navy, black and white should do the trick, but pick some patterned numbers so you can mix it up every once in a while.

teacher bottoms

Top from left to right: Merona Women’s Ponte Sleeveless Fit And Flare Dress, 1969 Real Straight Jeans; Bottom from left to right: Silk & Cotton Straight Skirt, Crepe Cigarette Pants, Structured A-Line Skirt

6075f1b80c773454f04779b9ff076a27 23194653f147b82613cb2aec12efcca7 004eb19189bc4ac90dc4200acb2922d3 d18ae0c236d1491c9c70fdff43e7a31a

Simplify your early-morning routine with some staple garments that can carry you through the work week and beyond. Black pants always come in handy, but try getting them tailored to your shape and liking so you will always feel comfortable in them.

The little black dress can be dressed up with accessories, while a denim piece will subtly put the “casual” in casual Fridays.

teacher cardigans

Top from left to right: V-Neck Cotton Cardigan, Pointelle Short Sleeve Cardigan; Bottom from left to right: Merona Women’s Ultimate Long Sleeve Crew Neck Cardigan, Gap Mesh-Stitch Cardigan, H&M Fine-Knit Cardigan

8c496dc1654e43ee04bc36670bcf1362 0f2e488fc80495538a1037c9cff6c500 b532ad965b69dad45c4d354eb19d60b4

Cardigans deserve their own category, of course. They come in every color, lots of patterns and are great for layering.

the jackets

Top from left to right: Collarless Faux Leather Biker Jacket, J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer; Bottom from left to right: Zara Flowy Trenchcoat With Camouflage Lining, Gap Military Jacket, Helene Berman Wool Blend Cape

5855bf24423f8eb63702878ce280fa77 910c4b8e7b5bff6858185080c59ada29 3f9ba8402bcfee807ace44054cda1cc8

Autumn has a wide climate range: one minute it’s nice and breezy, the next it’s freezing rain. To combat those rocky times, invest in some coats meant to deal with weather, like an updated trench, and lighter jackets that are more trend-focused, like a cape or leather bomber.


Top from left to right: Style&co Lily Envelope Clutch, Faux Gemstone Bib Necklace; Bottom from left to right: Timex Women’s Elevated Classics Bracelet Watch, R&R Leather Organizer Flap Leather Crossbody Bag, Nordstrom Woven Scarf

a3ae68a5fd338d4beb87917ccec5e7e0 8bcae8951c6d09d7b4d66229633a9649 09006b3e981239716dd0e57811504a72 8c1fea6566e6f0fc3e446f890d5406ed 401cf4d7db58bf86a39f877f555e93ba

Sure, you can get along wearing black and navy all of the time — but amp up your style with some statement accessories. You’re golden with a structured purse or dangling necklace. Add some sensibility with the coolest bag of the season: a briefcase.

the shoes

Top from left to right: Crown Vintage Sandy Bootie, DV By Dolce Vita Langely; Bottom from left to right: Audrey Brooke Cici Leather Flat, Lauren Ralph Lauren Mila Riding Boot, Aldo Ocaria Pump

52f4d2f0d0dfa66be43b8a17cfb3ea64 785652ee5097a745da31e80c1b350911 9cb1a71e5bc1ebe973537db2013e8098

And…finally, it’s boot season! With that in mind, you can get different pairs at various lengths, including booties and riding boots. Additionally, it’s always helpful to have a pump here or there, and don’t forget about flats — because you know you’ll be wearing those most of the time.

eefbfe3c11ac0e8171feaf30ee498eb9 ccadcf1d6b35a82db533910cab540e4e f44f70ca09737ecde1db6359af58d0e9 e1c1f9efd1f9a69821e325e07e51d565


Some of my very favorite fall looks

98e6c4b015cecd13dccc936b96bb804e bf96ed6c2d800f3c1b0733a8d70771ce 2101bb834c9c4fe630b9d6be230d8604 6f5033e1c373fcf4932017dcbf6eda02 77ea6453c95a0ef927cf5776f59fa81c 0ae756adefd7552324a97b53bd1d25cb a49918ed659b10ceaebc31c3753d13fc c65b08633ff8a97e5ad0f2699cbfc962 c4626fb8d6143ae2a9ff410b625fddfc

f84f5067084f1a1796aa8bcf91c11a82 2cd60d089427d0f7085613ac9aafc400 443ca5d2673a1174ed3221ee83b6d363 825572bc86bf277f2810b3a874821535 24f056cbe117a8aa4650199f2d5a928e



67194c5727d9002a47ab6b55c0d5e1da 432750db974a9f31c2c49486646219f4






Team Kourage – Well, our little Team has turned into the Team that Could… We have over 20 Registered walkers, and with kids and guests, we will be about 35 Walkers!  Did I mention that along with our t-shirts, we also have Team Kourage visors?  Thanks Cindy!!  Plus, we have raised $7500.  50% over our goal.  Walking for a Cure, that’s us.  Team Kourage.   ❤ ❤ ❤




Song of the Day: Lisztomania by Phoenix.  Compliments of my Finger Snapping Playlist, from Stephanie.

So sentimental
Not sentimental no!
Romantic, not disgusting yet

Friday Funday…having lunch with 2 of my favorites, Amelia and Joy.  And who said competitors can’t be friends?  Not us!

Have a very happy weekend, and Go Bears!  Sunday Night Football!!  We won’t even discuss that fiasco against the Bills. Ugh.  I mean, it was the Buffalo Bills!  For goodness sakes!


Tracy posted this pic…and yup, it was accurate!  Hoping for a better outcome against the 49-ers!



256d7ae74e1c2fdc1116d93662ce97a2 57be0e96a4edfbeb861d7e0757dcec6c



Another Royal Baby!!  Seriously, so excited.  🙂




Seriously, I am so easily distracted.


One down…205 to go. 🙂

4b0afb84777cebdf23ddc595967b4394 (1)

Always hoping.



Who don’t I run into at Mariano’s?

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It’s all in the Bag!

19 Nov

Handbags…Pocketbooks…Purses.  Love them all.  One may say I’m “obsessed”.   I’d prefer not to have the same pocketbook as everyone else.  I think the purse is the perfect fashion accessory.  It doesn’t matter if you are bloated, gained  or lost (god-willing) a few pounds…purses always fit!

I take great pride in finding just the right purse to go with my outfits.  And, yes, I have been known to change my purse every day.  It truly takes minutes, because this is what I carry:  small wallet, lipstick, pen, business cards, iPhone, Blackberry (yes, I carry both, and that’s a future blog), and that’s about it.  so, it doesn’t take long at all to switch them.  Purses make me happy, so why shouldn’t I change them to fit my mood, or fit my outfit.

I’ve already blogged about my new favorite, the Tiffany Bracelet purse, but I think it’s worthy of another mention.  Plus, I think it’s important to share that this is a small handbag.  Very Small.  My friend Kim thought it was Huge, based on this picture.  It is not.  It’s about 5×3 – like a  note card , but holds both of my cell phones, lipstick, credit cards, cash, and a small pen. 🙂  This is the Red handbag…mine is the black.  I didn’t want to repeat my same photo.

Glenda Gies…hands down, my favorite handbag designer.  Her motto..Bringing old hollywood style and glamour to a whole new generation.  It’s hard to find them, because they stopped carrying them at Von Maur.  I used to buy mine at Angelina’s in Barrington, but that boutique no longer carries them.  You can buy them on eBay, or google Glenda Gies, and find the stores that carry them.

Though I’m thinking this one should lose the bow…

I love the new cross body purses.  They are great to carry to a sporting event, shopping, and they keep your hands free!  Coach and Marc Jacobs have some great ones…and you can get some terrific ones at Target!

And since I am asked about purses and handbags, more than anything else…I thought I would share my Handbag Tips:

1.  If you cannot find the perfect color to match an outfit, go with a contrasting color.  With a red dress (and it’s really hard to match reds), go with a yellow, black, or turquoise bag.   With brown, go with a Tiffany blue.  With white, pop it with red, black, or metallic.

2.  Metallic handbags go with Everything.  I have a small shoulder bag in Gold, and another in Silver.  I match my jewelry to the handbag, so don’t  need to worry about matching the outfit.

3.  You can go with No Jewelry, and use your fabulous handbag as your only accessory…and it can be a show stopper!

4.  Go through your Mom’s or Grandmother’s closets, and see if you can borrow a vintage number.  I have many that were my Mom’s, and think of her every time I carry one.  They work great as little evening bags.

5.  Shop around.  Go to stores like TJ Maxx, Target, Nordstrom Rack, and small boutiques.   There is no need to have to spend a fortune on a great handbag.  I love sales, and find always has great handbags on sale!

This little number is available at Target for $26.99.  I love it!  (Sorry, the handbag is actually quite large, but this is as large as I could get the picture).

Have a fantastic weekend!