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To The Maxi

18 Jul



I’m not referring to my pup, Maxie…but my new summer clothing obsession…the Maxi Dress!  You can find them at Target, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdales and just about any clothing store.  Now is a great time to find them, on sale!

In the 1940s, stylish socialites and the hottest Hollywood starlets wore brightly colored dresses with long, full-tiered skirts. Designers drew inspiration for these so-called patio, or squaw, dresses from traditional Native American and Southwestern designs. Though the patio dress soon fell out of fashion, this ankle-grazing dress style was revived during the 1960s when women from all walks of life embraced the colorful, free-flowing maxi dress. Unfortunately, by the late ’70s, these long, billowing dresses had once again been relegated to the clearance racks.

After the sky-high hemlines of the early 21st century, the maxi dress gained a whole new generation of fans, as women everywhere sought out a comfortable, low-key alternative to the mini-skirts and impossibly short shorts of the period. However, the maxi dress is no longer the voluminous mound of polyester it was in the 1970s. Today’s designers rely on cotton and other fine fabrics, which keep the wearer feeling cool and breezy, even on the hottest summer days. Modern maxi dresses also offer a much more flattering fit, with plenty of styles to accentuate any figure.

Source:  How Stuff Works




I have been actively searching for this dress and shall consider myself extremely happy when I find it, or one very similar.























With a cardigan.  Another staple of mine!




My absolute favorite…the Maxi Dress with a Denim Jacket!







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Speaking of a maxi dress with a denim jacket… I wore this ensemble last week at the Adele concert, which could have been called, “A Conversation with Adele”. Great concert though, but she was a bit, shall we say, chatty!


I love to wear flip-flops with my maxi dress or wedge sandals.

Song of the Day:  You Don’t Want Me Anymore, by Steel Breeze.

Don’t know where to go
Don’t know what I’m gonna do, whoa
Uninvited, I’m knockin’ at your door
Have I’ve the right to call on you, whoa


While I spent the better part of last Thursday evening tweaking this blog and finding more pictures of maxi dresses I love, I did contemplate skipping the scheduling of this blog (yes, I schedule them, as I don’t tend to rise at 6AM on Fridays).  With yet another terrorist attack in Paris, I thought this may not be the most timely post. So this post which was supposed to be posted last Friday, is getting a Monday post instead.


My new favorite movie:  Life of Pets.  If you are a pet owner, it’s a must-see.  Which, they are no doubt, counting on.  Fabulous movie! A couple on the way out of the movie said to me and the kids, “we are heading to the shelter”.  🙂  I sure hope that was true!













White Hot Summer

8 Jul



We are in the midst of summer and it’s turning into a White Hot Summer.  White is the new Black.  I’ve been asked why I don’t provide links to the clothing I feature.  It’s because I’m not necessarily promoting these actual outfits, but I’m using them as a guideline.  Look in your own closet…Yes, shop in your own closet, and find looks that you yourself can emulate.  I’ve been doing it for years.  Of course feathering in some Etcetera and Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s internet shopping sprees, but working the new in with the old.  My favorite summer trends are loose, shift dresses and the off-the-shoulder and the cold-shoulder dresses and tops.

Here are some of my favorite white summer looks.



Shorts are a tad short, unless you are under 20, but love the bag and love the blouse-y blouse!


Metallic accessories are the perfect way to dress up your whites.


Also loving the brown purse with the white dress.



Classic.  Oldey but goody.



I’m especially loving the loose summer dresses.



Another loose summer dress.  You cannot go wrong with this look.  Of course, the hat is an all-day decision.  Bear that in mind when you pop a fedora on your head.



Love, love, love.


Off the shoulder is my absolute favorite summer trend!  Now is the time to buy as summer clothes are now on sale.


An off the shoulder loose summer shift dress.  Win-win.


White pant suit.  Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day (sorry, Kathy P).


White skinny jeans with white off the shoulder top and nude pumps.


Short in front.  Long in the back.


Love this paired with the gladiator lace up sandals.


More of the same.






perfect for work.


Love, love, love.  But perhaps not “age-appropriate”.


Loose white pants with white sandals.


More age appropriate!


With just a touch of blue.



love the Tiffany colored bracelet.


You can find a whole array of Little White Dresses at Nordstrom.

India Hicks Carmen Clutch

The India Hicks Carmen Clutch.  🙂

Basic Rules for Wearing White


With the modern day emphasis on style being more of an individualized concept than of people blindly following advice without knowing the original basis, you might feel there are no hard-and-fast rules to follow when it comes to fashion. Still, if you’re more of a traditionalist, are afraid of showing up wearing the wrong thing or just like sticking to style guidelines (even if others say they’re outdated), you can follow these “rules”:

  • Don’t wear a white dress to a wedding: This is one that most fashionistas seem to agree on. The only woman who should wear a white dress to a wedding is the bride. It’s fine if your ensemble has white in it, but head-to-toe white for anyone but the lady exchanging vows is generally seen as a no-no.
  • Wear off-white in cool weather: If you just love white and the way it complements your complexion, but you’re still afraid to wear it during the winter, choose off-white, cream and beige clothing instead. Even die-hard fashion traditionalists usually O.K. winter white.
  • Warmer climates usually have more leeway: If you live in a tropical environment, white clothing probably seems necessary, even in winter, especially if your days are full of 80 degree weather. You can probably pull off cute summer dresses in light colors year-round and no one in such a hot climate will bat an eye.
  • Wear the right shoes: Heavy black pumps paired with lightweight white dresses can be an odd combination. If you wear a white dress in the spring or summer, better options include natural toned or white sandals. If you choose to wear white in fall and winter, brown shoes still look better than black (and for sticklers to the rules, white shoes should be avoided after Labor Day).
  • Avoid white clothes in city environments: For anyone who lives in a bustling city and relies mainly on public transportation, wearing white clothes is akin to courting disaster. Between subways, taxis, dirty seats and puddles, it would be a miracle for a white dress or slacks to make it through the day unscathed. This is one of the main reasons you see so many metropolitan women sticking to black ensembles – not only are they slimming, they don’t show dirt as much.


Song of the Day:  Whenever I see Your Smiling Face by James Taylor… because I was lucky enough to be at  the James Taylor and Jackson Browne last week at Wrigley Field… and Even more lucky to be with my daughter Meredith at the concert!


Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself because I love you, yes, I do.
And when you give me that pretty little pout, it turns me inside out.
There’s something about you, baby, I don’t know.


Coming off a truly fantastic holiday weekend and looking forward to a great weekend with two of our favorites!


What I’m reading:

The Calendar Girl Series – by Audrey Carlan.  There are 12 books in all.  This was recommended to me as a “fun summer read”.  Because it’s a 12-book “series”, I felt obligated to finish it.  Thankfully each book can be read in about an hour.

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes – I’m reading this because I saw the movie and Loved it!

Living with the Devil – by Lori Hart and Cindy Mulligan.  Loved this book so much I blogged about it yesterday.

Movies I’m recommending:

Finding Dory. 🙂  Even better when you see it at the iPic with 1/2 priced wine night.

Me Before You.  Loved it so much I bought the book.  I love, love, love this movie.

What else is new?  I had my first shot of Fireball.  And had my last shot of Fireball. 🙂

Have a fun and festive summer weekend!




Pretty much.


The happiest of meals!


It’s like they’re not even trying! 🙂


Summer Style and Hot Weather “Beauty” Tips

31 Jul


i'm worth it

Life is all about perspective.  You either look at the glass as half full or half empty (unless it’s a cold, crisp chardonnay, and in that case it’s always looking to be topped off…but I digress)… So, on the 31st of July, we can look at life and summer in one of two ways.  We either think that summer is nearing a close.   We think when we are staring August straight in the eye, that means that school is looming upon us (or college for my boy, sob-sob) and peace, love and fun in the sun is winding down…Or…we can look at we have 3 more weeks of summer (at least when Paddy goes off to college), and that’s 3 more weeks when we can make the most of every day. Three more weeks to soak up the sun.  Three more weeks to grill off our new BBQ.  Three more weeks to enjoy “family” time…and that includes those who are not necessarily family by blood, but are family nonetheless.  Three more weeks to enjoy those $1 McDonald’s vanilla cones.  Three more weeks to have an ice cream party in the sun room.   You get the drift.  Living and making the most of every day!  Good weather or not, I plan on enjoying every single minute left of summer!


Life is all about perspective.  And in my perspective, I haven’t blogged nearly enough about cute summer fashions.  And while my summer uniform seems to be jogging shorts and a v-neck t-shirt, it doesn’t mean that I’m not capable, and longing to wear some cute summer clothes…even for a night out with my favorite girl for a dirty martini and some sushi!


My Favorite Summer Looks

Fashion Pills Black Lady Halter Wide Leg Jumpsuit by Seams For a Desire

Fashion Pills Black Lady Halter Wide Leg Jumpsuit by Seams For a Desire

Have one almost Exactly like this, but it’s black and white, and I plan on wearing it to a wedding in September!


Detailed Tank Outfit Idea

Detailed Tank Outfit Idea

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Some of my summer fashion favs from Etcetera!

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Speaking of hot weather…It’s hotter than Blazes here!!



Hot Weather Beauty Hacks – from StyleCaster

Summer is all about having fun outside with your friends, enjoying the gorgeous weather whenever you get the chance. While it’s our favorite season for obvious reasons, there are some aspects of the hot weather that can really put a damper on our beauty routines. So, if you’d rather “glow” than well, downright sweat and become a frizzy mess, we have some summer beauty hacks you’ll want to learn – and put to memory – ASAP. They may seem a bit crazy, but they’re downright effective tricks when the temps border on 100.

baby powder diy

The same way that baby powder can act as a dry shampoo (in a pinch) to absorb excess oil, it works wonders at the beach. Once you’ve got your fill of sun and sand for the day, sprinkle baby powder on your feet, legs, and anywhere else where you’ve got sand stuck to you. The powder will absorb the moisture on your skin from sweat and salt water (which is what makes the sand stick to you) and you’ll be able to wipe all of the sand off immediately.  Yes, it may seem odd to add more powder to your mess – but it works, trust us.

MORE: 12 Weird Ways to Use Coconut Oil

diy baking soda

The safest way to tan is to avoid the sun altogether, but using self-tanner means that sometimes there will be mistakes. To remove any streaky or overly orange patches on your skin, mix together baking soda and a bit of water to create a paste. Use the mixture to gently exfoliate your skin where you need to even out the tanner and you’ll be set! Just make sure to do so over a towel, just in case any of the paste falls on the floor – easy clean up!

deodorant stick

Besides frizz, the worst part of heat styling your hair during the summer is sweating while you’re styling. We all know the struggle of blow drying our hair, and essentially needing another shower once we’re done because of sweat. Avoid all of this with a simple hack: Apply a powder (not gel) deodorant to the back of your neck about 10 minutes before blow drying your hair. It’ll have the same antiperspirant effect on your neck as it does under your arms.

MORE: 10 (Surprising!) Ways to Use a Toothbrush in Your Beauty Routine

how to use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend year-round, but during the summer, it’s actually better when you don’t apply it in the morning. Spritz your roots with dry shampoo at night to let the product absorb oil (and perspiration) throughout the night. Giving dry shampoo a bit of time to work its magic will give you much better results.

aloe vera

As much as we try to prevent sunburn, there are just some days when we miss a spot while putting it on, or we forget to reapply during a day outside. Aloe vera is one of the best ways to soothe burned skin, but chilled aloe vera is even better. Fill up an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and keep it in your freezer all summer long, then pop out a cube or two when you need some extra relief. It will immediately help to soothe your ailing skin.

MORE: Awesome Ways to Use Nail Polish (Besides on Your Nails)

lemon juice for stains

Sometimes, even if you’re using clinical strength products, you wind up with stains under your arms on your favorite shirts. If you’re out of spot remover, squeeze lemon juice onto the stains before tossing into the laundry. The acidity of the lemon will lift the sweat stains right out of your shirts.

nail polish hack

DIY manicure mavens know that nothing ruins all your hard work like bubbles in your polish. During the summer, the heat can react with the ingredients in nail polish to make it thicker and a bit globby. Plus, it takes much longer to dry in the summer due to this heat, giving those bubbles more time to make a mess. Store your nail polish in the fridge, keeping it cool and thus getting a much smoother paint job when you do a manicure. If you can’t fit your entire collection in the fridge (because really, who could?) just put the colors you’ll be using, your base and top coat in the fridge for about an hour before you paint your nails for the same effect.

keep razors from rusting

Besides being dull, rust on razors is one of the quickest ways to get nicks while you’re shaving — not to mention infections. Keep your razor alive for longer by storing it outside of the shower, and coat the blades in olive oil between uses to protect the metal from rusting.

chamomile tea bag

Bikini line rash happens to just about everyone, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Steep a few bags of chamomile tea in hot water, then let them cool for about 15-20 minutes in the freezer. Lay the tea bags along your bikini line where you see a rash and let the calming effects of the herbs do their job.

dryer sheets

Spending a ton of time outside this summer? Chances are, you’re in a buggy area, which means you’ll need some serious repellent to avoid being eaten alive. To repel bugs, rub dryer sheets all over your clothes (and even your legs), then keep one or two in your back pocket or tucked into your shorts. The scent will repel bugs without needing to spray yourself with bug repellent every few minutes. Bonus: Dryer sheets smell a whole lot better than bug spray ever will!

Source:  :


It’s not too late to tackle your Summer Bucket List!

Song of the Day:  One Republic, Good Life

When you’re happy like a fool
Let it take you over
When everything is out
You gotta take it in

Oh this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good life, good life

579f8e157b18a6ba61516259c5c7d191 (1)

Stop waiting for Friday!  But wait…It’s Friday!  Make it a great one!!




A horse with no name…:)

11800042_1059666447378212_5070069707557054434_n 11225202_1062486693762854_1314985356928020237_n 11800511_1062165210461669_7498334105223330092_n 11800408_1061644383847085_5682301299292305479_n

I’m a fantastic driver, btw.

Styling a White Blazer…and a mini Graduation recap.

5 Jun


Tis the season…and I don’t mean Christmas or Graduation (but it is graduation season, and more on that later in this blog)… but since we are at the onset of summer and I have more than one white blazer in my closet,  I wanted to share some tips on styling your white blazer. This also includes a white denim jacket, which happens to be my summer staple.  I always love it when an article comes across my desk (or I find it via a google search, same diff), which is timely, relevant and exactly what I’m looking for.

Stylist Tips: 10 Ways to Wear A White Blazer

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I’ve seen white blazers everywhere lately. Fashion bloggers are wearing them. Magazines show different celebrities wearing them. I decided it was my turn. I’m a blazer kind of gal anyways, so it’s kind of surprising that I don’t already have a white blazer in my closet. I think I have almost every other color. I did a little shopping for myself last week (which doesn’t happen often), but I did find a white blazer from Banana Republic that I think is going to be a keeper.

Now that I have my white blazer, I figured I would put this post together for myself and for you guys as well. I can’t wait to try out all of these different looks from my closet!

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer

All Over Black

10 Ways How to Wear a White Blazer Over All Black Kate Moss

10 Ways How to Wear a White Blazer Over All Black Emma Watson

Basic Tee

10 Ways How to Wear a White Blazer Basic Tee

10 Ways How to Wear a White Blazer Basic Tee

Bright Colors

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Bright Colors Julianne Hough

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Bright Colors


10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Chambray Shirt

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Chambray Shirt


10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Floral Dress


Graphic Tee

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Graphic Tee

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Graphic Tee

Maxi Dress

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Maxi Dress

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Solid Maxi Dress



10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Monochromatic All White


10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Stripes

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Stripes

Work Look

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Work Look

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Work Look


My Favorite Looks with a White Blazer

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Mer and I styling our white blazers.



Styling my white blazer while celebrating Lora’s BD!  I believe it was paired with a silver tank and blue jeans and silver heels.

Graduation Class of 2015





2 Graduates and a puppy… And yes, we are replacing slats on the deck.  And yes, they will be painted.  Before the graduation soire!





Making a stand and Not posting a family pic, since we didn’t get pics with the family and extended family who were with us to help celebrate.  Plus, since I look less than Fabulous in our pics (or not), I’m keeping those pics to ourselves (and our FB family). 🙂



Hats off to the Class of 2015.  You did it!

Song of the Day:  What Have I Done to Deserve This, by The Petshop Boys – Have always loved this song.  Reminds me of Kevin, not because of the words, but because it was always playing on the radio when we were dating…or working together.  Same difference. ❤  It was the 80’s, what can I say?   Sirius radio is one of the best things to ever happen to this blog, and is giving Dr. Stevie and Kim some well deserved time off.  The 70’s and 80’s channel have given me years of Songs of the Day, all ramped up! 

Since you went away.
I’ve been hanging around.
I’ve been wondering why
I’m feeling down.
You went away.
It should make me feel better
But I don’t know

My favorite quote from this week from my all-time favorite, Beth:  “On a girl note, you look fabulous, Terry! <3” .  Best. Text. Ever!

And here we are at the start of the Best. Summer. Ever!

Peace, love and fun in the sun!!




11242433_750600101711592_7169742534851432376_n (1) 1395983_750424458395823_5306273374949686881_n 10629806_750207208417548_5468628855679989732_n 11119147_750206518417617_384827600914979784_n 11219001_747606612010941_6195409277981398793_n



Summer Fashion Trends…if Summer ever decides to arrive! :)

7 Jun


Where is Summer?  Last year I feel like at this point we were 2 months deep in our summer season.  Sadly this year, I think it’s the absolute worst weather I’ve lived through…so onward and upward…and time to think, live and breathe summer…and in doing so, let’s think Summer Fashions.  I’ll let ETCETERA guide us through this…

Our insider’s guide to what’s new! Key trends. Quick fixes. The ‘Ultimate’ pieces you absolutely have-to-have. Designed for the girls of summer with gutsy, unfussy style. Clothes to live in, travel in, look and feel amazing in. Easy to slip on, over and into so you always have something cool to wear.

The awesome pieces you absolutely have to-have. Our new checklist of fashion power points. The hottest pieces in town. Done in black and white to go with everything.




Hip little numbers like nothing already in the closet. Giving whatever you wear them with a trendy shot of chic.



Toothpick, palazzo, straight; arrownarrow, ankle-cropped; bermuda &  shorter. Summer pants go POW!




Menswear-inspired foulards; bold tropicals,  paisleys, ikats, florals; leopards, tigers & a snake along skinny lines.



Florals and geometrics are done as  washouts & burnouts for the coolest patterns ever.



A little slouchy but not over-the-top.  We’re still infatuated with the ‘wedge’, silos that cocoon, deep-drop sleeves.



Rethinking proportion are longer tanks,  sweaters, shirts; plus dresses doing  double duty over skinny pants.



Ethnic elements, artisan details,  global inspiration; appliqué, beading &  embroidery of decidedly bohemian charm.



Our exclusive shades, inspired by crayon  box colors, transform familiar shapes into fashion trends.


A palette that purrs with pretty. Brilliant green. Summer blues. ‘Ultimate’ neutrals cut with fire & spice.


kelly sun-drenched green
melon chilled cantaloupe
raisinsweet currant
dunedark desert sand
ivory cream of the crop
seaport blue maritime
bluebird hot splash
of aqua
cinnabar spicy vermilion
café double shot of
black+ white
the ultimates



More Looks!










I do hope the weather starts to cooperate.  Here’s to everyone having the best summer ever!

Let’s Go Hawks!  And hoping for a Hawks v Bruins playoff battle…Cathy and Mark…bring it on! 😉



summer beauties




Summer Fashion TRENDS

13 Jul
It’s been BLAZING hot here in Chicago, the weather is finally cooling down, yet we are still Knee Deep in Summer…And, even though I posted about Summer Fashions and trends a few weeks back, I’ve been “inundated” with requests for more Summer fashion info and photos (and in my world, inundate equals 5 requests 🙂 …And here you have it!
Women’s Summer Fashion TRENDS…compliments of Etcetera
Nautical as we know it. Pure Americana. Summers on the Cape. Red, white & blue. Done in one-shoulder stripes, gold-buttoned denim, linen cardi’s, cropped pants, washed jeans, breezy t’s.
How to wear it:
  • Red washed denim jean jacket & ankle-length jean
  • Red jersey deep-V’d dolman-sleeved cardi
  • Red/white cotton voile Florentine print tunic
  • Red/white embroidered washed denim skirt
  • Navy ultralight linen blend tie-belted cardi
  • Navy/marina/white striped one-shoulder tee
  • Cobalt denim slim-leg ankle-length jean
  • Linen white lightweight jersey open cardi
  • White stretch cotton twill cropped pant
We’re crushing on blue. The new go-to hue. Loving it in all its variations. Inky, vivid, classic; striped, printed, mixed. Done in scads of impossibly cool pieces to slip on, over & into.
How to wear it:
  • Ikat print jersey trapeze dress
  • Stretch cotton print sleeveless shift
  • Ultralight linen blend tie-belted cardi
  • Striped jersey one-shoulder tee
  • Curve-trimmed jersey tee
  • Scroll-print tunic-length shirt
  • Draped-neck jersey tee
  • Side-draped animal print skirt
  • Rope-trimmed slubbed pencil skirt
  • Denim slim-leg ankle-length jean
Bare legs. Bronzed shoulders. Sultry. Strappy. South Beach hip. Done with the dancing-in-the-streets vibe of sexy dresses, hot tops, billowy silos, ankle-grazing skirts, gala prints.
How to wear it:
  • Hot house floral strappy wedge dress
  • Crinkled gold metallic sleeveless sheath
  • Abstract silk print strappy patio dress
  • Ikat print jersey pleated trapeze dress
  • Neo-classical print jersey A-line dress
  • Patchwork print jersey strappy tee
  • Zip-trimmed animal jacquard sweater
  • Wood/bone/amber trimmed linen tunic
  • Abstract tile silk print full circle skirt
  • Abstract print long skirt-to-strapless dress
Playful pieces. Icy. Spicy. Girly as all get-out. Find barely-there halters & short-shorts. Pieces riffed with sparkles, ruffles, ruching, tassels; pintucks, gathers, peplums & lace.
How to wear it:
  • Crinkled gold metallic sleeveless sheath
  • Crochet-edged pointelle sweater dress
  • Shimmer jersey halter-styled tee
  • Sequin-striped stretch jersey tee
  • Lace-backed stretch jersey tee
  • Pinstriped jabot-ruffled sleeveless shirt
  • Ruffled voile print drawstring blouse
  • Patterned cotton lace tunic-over-tank
  • Tassel-hemmed full gathered skirt
  • Cuffed slubbled cotton short-short
Behind the seams. It’s a wrap. We’re sculpting simple silos into something fabulous. Pleating, twisting, ruching, gathering & manipulating fabrics to fit like a dream, flatter like mad.
How to wear it:
  • Pleated linen sleeveless dress
  • Gathered cotton voile print shift
  • Seam-detailed cotton twill sheath
  • Ruched crinkled gold metallic sheath
  • Gold-ring-gathered halter-styled tee
  • Ruched one-shoulder striped tee
  • Twist-detailed jersey U-neck sweater
  • Pleated drape-necked jersey tee
  • Pleat-detailed scoopneck sweater
  • Seam-shaped belted fit-and-flare shirt
Men’s Summer Fashion Trends
* Big and Bold – colors, patterns, the look…Big colors Orange, Mustard and Greens
* A Boxy New Suit – you don’t have to spend a fortune on a suit, but make sure it fits well
* A Double-Breasted Blazer – a great staple in your wardrobe
* Fifty Shades of White – bone, off-white, white, pale Grey, taupe,
* Bye Bye Skinny…and skinny jeans really didn’t look good on any man, in my opinion
* Mix it up…colors, fabrics, patterns…but, please do so with style and caution
* Go with the Flow…wear clothes that are loose, yet not baggy
More Men’s Looks I happen to Love!!
And yes these Toms, are indeed, for the Men…but I’d totally wear these with a white blouse or t-shirt and rolled up jeans, and pop it with a red sweater when it got cool!
Dressed to a T is going to be enjoying some time off, so will be posting either more or less often…haven’t decided yet. Guess it depends how the family is behaving. 🙂
Enjoy your summer as well!  And no worries, my iPad is 3G-enabled, so no Wi-Fi is No Problem…and Best Summer Ever is still in full swing!!
And no, this is NOT me, but it does get me in the VACA mood!

Summer Fashion Trends

22 Jun

Summer Fashion Lovin…

Summer is here, weather (pun intended, and I’ve indeed used this before) we are ready or not…Blazing Hot weather in Chicago.  Blue Skies.  Sunny Days.  Best Summer Ever!

So, what are the Summer 2012 Trends?  Inside track. Rules of cool. Prep’s back in nautical. Blue’s the go-to hue.  The hot vibe is bare-legged, bronze-shouldered, sultry & strappy. Playful  pieces are riffed with pretty. Fabrics are sculpted to flatter like mad.  (Source:  Etcetera)

Summer fashion is all about bright colors and bold prints. So, it’s right time to ditch the dark and heavy Winter clothes, look for something other than Black (note to file) and go for something colorful and trendy, and must-have pieces of the season.

The top Summer 2012 fashion trends for women includes bright neons, vivid lip colors, statement-making necklaces, dip dye hair looks, sheer pieces and much more. These fashion trends are chic, bold and extremely wearable. So, check out what’s hot in Summer fashions trends 2012 that you can add to your look.

Color Blocking

The trend that is popping out everywhere this season is color block fashion trends. Fun and playful dresses in striking combinations are “in”. Hollywood divas are rocking a mix of hot pink, emerald-green, tangerine, lemon yellow, turquoise and many more vibrant shades on red carpet and the street. Try out a color blocking effect on clothes, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories for a fun and edgy look.

Floral and Colored Jeans

This season it’s all about floral prints. The floral print trend has dominated most Spring/Summer 2012 runways and now the floral jeans trend has become one of the season’s biggest trends.

Add twist to your wardrobe, with these floral jeans. These jeans are available in soft pastels as well loud hues with Spring floral images. Wear this style of denim with jackets, cardigans and tops.

Bright and pastel skinny jeans are all the rage for as well. So, bring a burst of sunshine to your wardrobe with some fun, playful and super trendy colored jeans.  Spice up your look by pairing them with tops, blouses, jackets and blazers. Stores have a wide selection of colored denim hues including hot red, neon pink, aqua, green, yellow, soft lavender, milky green etc.

Neon Color 

Embrace the Summer spirit in a loud neon colored dress. From dresses to shoes, handbags to hair or nails; everything is going neon. Get ready to bring a pop of electric neon color to your wardrobe.

The key is to stay true to a trend is never wear too many neon pieces at the same time. Don’t forget to feather the neon-trend in colored shoes, bags, jewelry, etc for a fresh and fun look.

Maxi Dress

Be the center of attention with a feminine and elegant maxi dress. A Summery maxi dress is an essential piece of every woman’s wardrobe. These long flowing dresses are flattering, comfy and very smart.

There are an array of styles you can choose from. Wear them with flats and chunky jewelry pieces for a gorgeous look. Get ready for a sizzling hot summer!

Bright Printed Dress

The weather is warm and summer is upon us, so it’s right to add some color and lots of fun to the wardrobe. You’ll be Dressed to a T and sure to impress in vibrant and printed Summery dresses. Cool, comfy and chic styles of these feminine dresses are sure to blow you away. So,,,make a splash in bold and bright dress and enjoy season to the fullest.

Colorful Blazer

The next hottest trend is a colorful blazer  that adds interest to any outfit. Be different and rock a bold colored blazer with your favorite denim for maximum impact.

Nothing makes a colorful blazer more eye-catching than pairing it with simple pieces. If you are bold enough, you can also mix and match it with other colorful pieces. You can wear this eye-popping piece with jeans, short dresses, capris and even shorts.  Rock the blazer with shorts and high heeled sandals, for a look you will love!

Poppy Lip Color

Stand out from the others with a fun pop of bright lip shade with your favorite dresses. Juicy and “yummy” vivid shades look divine and help to get noticed.

The top lip colors for Summer are electric tangerine, hot red, neon pink and bright coral. An eye-popping lipstick is sure to put all eyes on you, so don’t be afraid to play up with your look by painting your lips with loud hues.

Statement Necklace

A Chic and chunky statement necklace is the best way to add some punch to your look. From huge gold necklaces to multi-colored gemstone necklaces, edgy metallic chokers to giant pearl pieces; there are lots of styles available.  You can find these fabulous accessories at Nordstrom, Neiman’s, or Target…Meredith found a great turquoise statement necklace on eBay!

This beautiful jewelry is a perfect complementary accessory that adds instant glamour to your look. The main key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple.


Etcetera did a great Summer Fashion Newsletter…Put on your reading glasses, as this is the largest I could get it. 🙂

Hot Summer Colors – A palette with punch.  Hot, sexy, fabulous & new. With hats off to the red, white & blue.


Nantucket prep Red
Gold summer shimmer
Cobalt royal family
Navy think ink
Marina bright golden-Yellow
Shrimp the perfect Taupe
Kelp comfy, cozy, classic

Great Summer Looks

And here’s hoping you all have (or continue to have) the Best Summer Ever!