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Shake Your Booties

30 Sep



Fall is all about the Booties.  Like em or not, they’re here to stay…at least for this year and through next year.  Booties take a bit getting used to.  Do you get them with skinny heels, chunky heels, wedges?  Do you wear them with jeans, with a dress, with leggings?  Do you wear them tucked into your jeans or rolled up?  Some many decisions.  So many choices.

Speaking of Booties…it reminds me of a story.  Patrick was at a friend’s birthday party.  I believe he was 6.  The parents were kind enough to pick up my sweet son for the party and bring him home, because Kevin and I had an event to go to and my father was babysitting.  A few days after the party I received a call from the boy’s father.  Let’s call him “Al”.

Al – Hi Terry.

Terry – Hi Al.

Al – I need to bring something to your attention.  My wife said not to bother you, but I know you would want to know this.  When we were getting out of the car at the party, Patrick turned to my son (I’m not using names to protect the innocent) and said, “Your mom should shake her booty”.

Silence by me.

Terry – Don’t worry Al, the buck stops here.  I will handle this immediately and thank you for bringing Patrick’s inappropriate behavior to my attention.

Al – I knew calling you was the right thing to do.

Did I mention Patrick was 6?  He is currently a sophomore at Miami of Ohio and an honors student and on the Dean’s list.


Like son, like mother.  Never met a noodle we didn’t like!

Back to real Booties!



Taupe booties will be my standard for the fall.  I will angle towards chunky heels, because they’re better for walking about.  If I were to be out “clubbing” or out for many social occasions (which I will not be, but if I were), then I like a spikier heel.  The higher the heel the closer to God. 🙂

Perfect Booties



I would wear every pair of those booties.  Every single pair!



Photo by Merrick White

Ways to wear your Booties:  Tucked; Rolled; Cuffed; Layered with socks and leggings; With Tights; Socks; Dress; with a skirt.  These are options.  Not all options will work for all.  I, for one, will not wear with socks, though will pair them with leggings.  I will wear with a dress, but only with peep-toe booties.  Probably not with a skirt, but fall is young!  Again, whatever you feel comfortable wearing, you should wear!

Bootie Looks I Love – I’m posting a lot of pictures here to give you many ideas, so you can’t say, “I would love to wear booties, but what do I wear them with?”  This is what I do, I peruse pictures, find looks I like and copy them.  Done and done!


This look, I love, love, love.

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Army jacket… future blog post.  Will be my new “uniform” this fall.  With my cheetah booties.  Booyah!

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Cuffing Jeans the Right way with booties

1791ac41faeed73300540396826b2627Socks or no socks?

For me, no socks.  That means your booties need to be broken in.  If they aren’t, you should use mole skin to line the problem areas and use blister block, to help keep those blisters at bay.  You can get mole skin and blister block in the foot care section of your drug store.

Ways to wear your jeans with Booties and Socks

socks_and_booties3 socks_and_booties2


Each of these looks seem polished.

Song of the Day: Situation by Yaz

Blue eyed dressed for every situation
Moving through the doorway of a nation
Pick me up and shake the doubt
Baby I can’t do without

Move out, don’t mess around
Move out, you bring me down
Move out, how you get about
Don’t make a sound just move out



MerMerPalooza – A brief recap

Cubs Rooftop

Open Bar (no hard liquor) and all you can eat food.

Picture perfect day.  72 and sunny

Great friends

Cubs lost

I received this text from Meredith the day after:


Best. Day. Ever.









Best. Day. Ever!

Have a great weekend!  I’m having lunch today with one of my very favorite people!  The Best. Day. Ever. continues!







Who am I kidding… I have a “squad”.


This is highly accurate.



Groutfits…The New Black. And all things Gray…or Grey.

26 Feb


(noun) : an outfit made completely of gray; a gray top and gray bottoms. see also bloutfit (all blue), blackout (all black).
I honestly thought Patrick made this term up based on Meredith’s outfit of choice…gray outfit of choice, which she likes to put on after a “hard day of work”. #LifeOfASocialMediaMaven.  But, alas, he didn’t.  It’s on Urban Dictionary, so it’s quite main stream!
So Meredith, who is a trendsetter, probably didn’t start this trend, but she does know how to rock this look.  Seeing as Gray is the new Black, not only in fashion, but in home decor, I’m dedicating this blog to my favorite Gray outfits, Gray decor, and all things Gray. Except Fifty Shades of Grey.  I refuse to see the movie, even though I read all three books.  I mean, you don’t need to see that on the big screen.  My goodness!
Grey vs Gray
So, what’s the difference?  Grey is the preferred spelling in British English.  Gray is the preferred for American English.  So, here in Chicago, Gray it shall be.  However, I’ve noticed while penning this blog, that I tend to gravitate to the spelling of GREY.







6a2762492b3516f6ef8b8f64f1785f57 9b882fa69b36809d0479e8e8213535cd


















Not quite a Groutfit, but love the slacks.



top-9-fall-2015-fashion-trends-for-everyday-life-details top-9-fall-2015-fashion-trends-for-everyday-life-colors




Matt Bomer is the new George Clooney.  In my opinion.


Yes, yes I have.

Grey Flannel – hands down, my favorite men’s cologne.  The fact you can get it at Walmart for about $10, shouldn’t scare you.  The fact that my second favorite men’s cologne, Creed Aventus (thank you William Floyd for smelling so wonderful when we met you), sells for about $395 at Nordstrom, for 4 ounces, should scare the bejeebers out of you.  $395.  Four ounces.   To compare, Grey Flannel, sells for $10.88 at Walmart, for 4 ounces.  I’d say size matters, but not in comparing these colognes!

grey flannel cologne

Grey Flannel cologne by Geoffrey Beene.  $10.88 at Walmart.  4 oz.  Comes with handy little grey flannel bag.  Great to hold our phone charger or earphones when you travel.


creed aventus

Creed Aventus cologne.  $395 at Nordstrom.  4 oz.  Both make my knees weak, but for $384 more, I’d angle towards Grey Flannel.  #SavvyBlogger

Grey is the new White in Home Decor

bc6e5fcafbe04bbe526abec33d5b193c de11d507bc390a55d7e053b4016fd27c 2ed2a70c62cae86ad89388d2778f7d61 8e9b056e3ed61f6d8be5896b4166900c fb5dff519a351c2c4fc482ab4af6c7af

I am Obsessed with this floor color!  Obsessed!


There’s that floor color again, but I’m also liking the wall color.  And I never would have thought I’d like gray painted walls.



39e7b214c40abca27eeea6f957e1518c (1)



Gray Paint Colors… It is all about Gray paint.  If you are looking to sell your home in 2016, and you ask a home-staging professional regarding paint colors, they will tell you Gray.  Gray. Gray. Gray.










For those of use whose homes have nothing that will coordinate with Gray… the trend Gray is the new Black, is a bit, shall we say, disconcerting.

Gray Nail Polish Colors


Not a fan.


Not a fan.


Not a fan.  But this is just me.  Many of my friends sport gray nails and they look great.  Just not for me.

Gray Jewelry








Gray Handbags



Love, love, love this bag.  And no, I do not own it.

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Grey’s Anatomy – I used to like this show.  I used to love this show.  But you cannot kill basically every major character, Sonda Rhimes.  You can’t.  So I stopped watching.  But, I did enjoy it, before the many murders, I mean killing of some of my favorite characters.  That being said, there’s still some great quotes from Grey’s.  I’m all about quotes.

3231a0f24e574f0c63385ae34c9e9100 8430dc8b20727ff2e889f18c933a6f51 aa2fabc3b151bbb77038b83287487f2c d49f595c58a93655436872e9f7b50ae2 3aac6245052c6b96de062e626dabbb23

My Favorite Thing of the Week…Luxury Foot Duvets!  Mer and I received these from Tracy and Audrey!  Love them…the slippers and T and A!


My Favorite Gift:  A horse walks into a bar, cocktail plates.   Sometimes you love these so much, you buy them for 4 people you think will appreciate them the most!  $50 from Ellen DeGeneres gift website.  Ed by Ellen.


You’re welcome.

Song of the Day: If Not For You by George Harrison

If not for you, my sky would fall
Rain would gather, too
Without your love I’d be nowhere at all
I’d be lost, if not for you

If not for you
The winter would hold no spring
Couldn’t hear a robin sing
I just wouldn’t have a clue, if not for you

What I’m watching

Love the Coopers – have to say, not sure I (we) loved it.  But it did give me the inspiration for today’s Song of the Day, so not a total waste.

Ferris Buehler’s Day Off – Mer and I can recite this entire movie.  This is when things get fun when you say the lines with the actors.  I may be the only one who feels this way and I have to say, I think Meredith only picked up this talent/trick because she was sick of me quoting from You’ve Got Mail; Runaway Bride; My Best Friend’s Wedding and Draft Day.  Four of my all-time favorites.

Billions – on Showtime. I may have mentioned this, but I like the show…but I really like to binge-watch.  So thinking I will hold off until the season is done then binge them all.

House of Cards…coming out March 4th.  It shall be a binge-watching weekend next weekend.  “I’m leaving you”.

Favorite Quotes of the week (or two weeks)

A red dress is not permanent.  A tattoo is,.  (LS)

I don’t want to sit next to her.  I’d rather stand.  (SA)

They act like they’re famous and they matter (MOB)

It’s better to deal with sadness than anger.  (TOB…to which someone indicated we could put that on a refrigerator magnet…I’m thinking bigger).

I will have to post What I’m Eating on the next blog, because this blog is already too long.




When you finally get to celebrate your birthday, 5 months later, with your BFF!  Was also lucky to be treated to a fabulous evening with some of my life long friends as well…but we didn’t take a picture.  Which is strange, because we Always take a picture.  Thankfully, Lora and I did… 🙂


Headed to Dallas next week to hang with 4 of my very favorite people.  Ever!  Cannot wait!! 🙂


If I could, I would communicate only with Bitmojis.




Quotes That Make You Laugh Hard Images





Qualities of an Ideal Wardrobe: Coco Chanel

29 Jan


When in comes to an Ideal Wardrobe, I have grown to understand it’s Quality over Quantity…though, sadly, I may have been hoarding black shoes and handbags (not just black), but I did try to hoard quality shoes and handbags, so that must count for something!    Coco Chanel, and she does know a bit about fashion… lists the qualities of an ideal wardrobe.  As with everything, you don’t have to look as this as “the bible”, but perhaps a tip or two will resonate with you.  I happen to be all about: Black & White; Good Shoes; and Dresses.  #Shocking



Black and White

black and white



Good Shoes

good shoes



Plenty of Dresses


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polish polish 2

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26374abd7edd0e18bfb5471f8e5ca84c 9d079eedc782b3e590f73107d17a49c8


Well-Fitting Clothes



Love her outfit… strongly Dislike her smirk!


Song of the Day: St. Elmo’s Theme Song, by Man in Motion – Mer and I were watching this movie and she said, “I wish they still made songs like this”.  I agree!  Love this song.  As a matter of fact, it’s the first song in my wedding video. 🙂

I can see the new horizon underneath the blazin’ sky
I’ll be where the eagle’s flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future’s lyin’, St. Elmo’s fire

There is a 2016 Book Challenge… I may blog about that in the next week or so, because one of my goals is to read more.  I like to have 2 or 3 books going at once.  While I love reading on my Kindle, or iPad, I do like reading an actual book.  There’s something fulfilling about flipping those pages.  So this year, I think I will post about books I’m reading, lest you are looking for some suggestions, as well as a Favorite Thing in each blog.  And if I’m going to get really crazy, perhaps a recipe I’ve tried which I love as well as What I’m Watching!    Best. Blog. Ever!


Books I’ve been reading

Luckiest Girl Alive, by Jessica Knoll.  4 stars out of 5 (my rating)

Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty.  Also 4 stars out of 5

The Girl on the Train.  5 stars out of 5

Bossypants by Tina Fey.  4/5

One of my new Favorite Things:  Canvas clutch from LSULeslie.  Perfect complement to my carry-on bag!


Recipe of the Week/Day

Parmesan Rosemary Crisps

1 loaf of French Bread – cut in thin slices

Butter – I like the Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Parmesan Cheese


Butter slices of french bread.  Sprinkle each with Parmesan cheese.  Sprinkle Rosemary on top.  Place on small pan in toaster oven and toast for 3 minutes.

It truly is that easy.  You could get all crazy and put on a baking sheet and bake in an oven, but this truly takes 5 minutes and that includes the toasting time.

Bon Appetit!


What I’m Watching – Movies

An Affair to Remember – introduced this classic to Meredith.  She loves it as much as I

Brooklyn – great movie, nominated for an Academy Award this year

The Martian – Loved it!

St. Elmo’s Fire – another one I shared with Mer.  She loved the music more than the movie

TV Shows I’ve binge-watched

Suits – didn’t finish the series.  Finishing it is now on my Bucket List

White Collar – I was so sad when this was done.  So, so sad!

Scandal – if not only to watch how Olivia Pope dresses…

Madame Secretary – and yes, I agree, I’d prefer Tea Leoni as our Secretary of State!


Since we’ve started the new year being Kind, and embracing the 30-Day Kindness Challenge (and Yes, I am still doing this, btw, but since I haven’t been to a drive-through, I’m banking that one to do soon), I like to think it has made a difference. At least for me.  The more you seek Kindness, the more you find Kindness. 🙂  Surround yourself with kind people.  Life is too short to be around people who suck the very life out of you! #TrueWords


Happy Birthday Maxie!  She’s been a member of our family for a year and we are celebrating her 4th Birthday!!  She’s been a true blessing to our family!


Upcoming blogs:  Groutfits; Book Challenge; Things on my mind; Manners; Something Super Bowl related and whatever else happens to tickle my fancy!

Peace out.






12552969_10153767389879627_1828737761565915735_n (1)



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THE FORECAST FOR FALL 2015 IS FABULOUS…even when it’s almost Winter!

23 Nov




Well… it’s almost time for Winter Fashion Forecasts and Holiday Dressing… I’m a bit behind.  But, the good news about Fall Fashions, is you truly can wear them almost till May!  And I do.  When perusing the different fall trends, it was hard to find a good “solid list”…one which could work for everyone.  And I realized why.  Some of these are Ridiculous!  And I do not want to take a dig at our good friends in Paris, however the Paris Fall Fashion Trends are not quite something I’d envision wearing, nor anyone I know.  So, with Fabulous Fall Fashion Forecasts, I take them, as I do everything else in Fashion…I just make it my own.

I use these as a Guide.  Not as the hard and fast Rules.  I tend to find pictures I like and try to emulate those in my own style.  So I am including some of the ridiculous Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends, because they’re funny, and I’m funny, and you may find one or two things that you like in each one.  As usual, ETCETERA, helps hit it out of the park, and their own blogger, Margaret Calvin, does a great job presenting and putting her own spin on the trends.

I’m including outfits I like and ones that I will be wearing, or at least envisioning that I’ll be wearing, lest I ever leave my house again. 😉 Plus, shoe and handbag forecasts, which you can always have fun with.  And the top it off, the Pantone colors for fall!



 Fall 2015 Fashion Trends


Thank you Fashion Inspo!

Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirt is a classic. It can be worn anywhere and goes well with crop top and turtleneck alike. You can even pair your summer pleated skirt with a chunky sweater. Just be sure to choose thicker tights. Short, midi, or maxi – all of the lengths are possible. Short skirts maybe the hit trend of the season but the designers didn’t ignore midi and maxi either.

Maxi Dress

Speaking of maxi length, a maxi dress is another great Fall 2015 trend that is both practical and elegant. You can pair it with any jacket and voila, you’re ready for both day and night. Shed the jacket and a scarf and your outfit is restaurant-worthy. Maxi dress is always a great outfit for a restaurant.

Wide Belt

The waist trend is on the rise or should I say makes a big comeback. This fall waist is the focus. Well, unless you want to wear a chunky sweater. Wide belts are used on everything from coats to dresses and are a great way to define waist cinching away a few centimeters. Big buckles and intricate bows are definitely necessary.


Fur Collar

Fur cuffs were all over runways but the best way to wear fur is at the collar. Whether you are going out or getting married, a winter coat with a fur collar can give you the elegant and chic look. No yeti fur jacket can compete with a midi coat with a lush fur collar.

Chunky Sweater

Chunky sweater is probably my favorite fall trend. It is so practical and yet stylish when worn right. You can wear it with a pleated skirt (even a summer skirt), leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirt, and even loose flare pants. It’s versatile and just overall cozy.

Duster Coat

Duster coat is definitely a must-have. It’s just simply stylish. Pair it with anything, it will work. Heels? Great contrast. Sneakers? Fashionable. Skinnies, trousers, dresses, anything will look great with a duster coat.

A muted violet trench coat is a nice twist for the basic wardrobe

As for the colors. This year is big on burnt orange, marsala, grey, and military green. The last three are my favorite and are very easy to mix and match with neutrals and brights alike.


Shades of Grey

Grey, grey, grey everywhere. It’s neutral, not easily stained, and super versatile. This year try layering up greys. You don’t even need to break them up as they’ll still work great.

Muted Violet

Ditch the boring beige for muted violet especially if we’re talking outerwear. Trench and duster coats look amazing in this color.

Military Green

Military green is popular as ever. Combining basic wardrobe pieces with cargo elements will never go out of style.



Fall Fashion Forecast by Etcetera blogger, Margaret Calvin

Even before feeling the first nip in the air or seeing the first leaf fall from a tree, fashionistas everywhere are yearning to know what the newest looks will be for the Fall season. Yes, ladies, you know who you are. Maybe you are still loving your summer fashions but you’re wondering, “what’s next?” or “what do I need to make room for in my closet?” Don’t worry, I’m here to help and to guide you through the newest trends to get you ready for the upcoming season. Get ready to “fall” in love!


Icy pastels, in shades of sky blue and parfait pink, are all the rage for Fall and are a welcome change from the intense, hot colors of summer. Selections in these shades abound for work, play and everywhere in between. 





Floral prints are popping up everywhere this fall and winter. Bright and bold, or soft and delicate, there is a floral print for everyone! 



At the opposite end of the spectrum, Fall showcases looks that are understated and restrained but bold in effect. 



Fall fashions include luxurious leather and fur, both as accents, and as the main events. 


I hope this taste of Fall whets your appetite for the fabulous season to come. It will be here before you know it, and it will be time to wear the cool weather fashions we are dreaming about today. Stay cool and make some room in your closet!











Truth be told, I don’t see myself wearing ANY of these shoes or boots.  And I mean, Any of them!



I feel a little better about these handbags, but not much.







Double Crazy!

a lot can happen in a year

My Favorite Fall Looks





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Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

f0f5750b6e290c466544714d8f2ce4a2 4b28f5e1e1ec75564f219513590d1ca8

Fall-Winter-Fashion-Outfits-For-2015-17 Fall-Winter-Fashion-Outfits-For-2015-3 Fall-Winter-Fashion-Outfits-For-2015-24 b47127bfdebe1567d6841d7946983852 9d6cb9c19c977b779c80529df894a53c 10ece496bb9ff299f223e9bd09bce090 7fbbeb3c80152c0b0e532970bbc96dc5 c4caf6c16051d5cf0cd6c33f15f1458b e9fe9cffd1d9e0f9efaf08f445a12d99 e860f469c9329c509496681a51ce0539 7255fe0983ba2a46469f48ba2f2aec30 2b70aa16138597bf6fd837c95f12f684 393abeea650b51d98b6c47f2534dd8e7 7b6f7d9dbf3fb591088a681337484ac6 b207a0c7685c82dacf3c8f0a149e3fd5 aec9f226eb0cb1f581435850631b85f0 922e83aefc1ef4da04f07cd364a65658 213ba7872512b66849303669c3d57453 7a255b036f661e515f8f1ca37900724a 22cc459aa9aa5b842481483aba834a34 1ce4ac31f1fef0c7b0f43e65945d5501
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5e9df779e6af2650af713a667f198a21 0805ff8c4e5ee3205573b623cfb9669b

Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away with my favorite fall looks, but I’m looking for some serious inspiration and plan on referring back to this blog, often!

Song of the Day:  Rocket Man by Elton John

I miss the Earth so much, I miss my wife
It’s lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight
And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time
‘Til touchdown brings me ’round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh, no no no
I’m a rocket man
Rocket man
Burnin’ out his fuse up here alone

be fabulous

And pretty soon I will be back to weekly blogging and looking forward to addressing pressing topics such as Holiday Dressing, The Kardashians and why aren’t their three minutes up?, Holiday Gift Ideas, more of my Favorite Things and the upcoming one-year anniversary of Maxie!  Thank you to those who reached out to me letting me know I was missed.  ❤ ❤ ❤



And at the end of the day…

A few parting thoughts.  The new movie Vacation, the sequel to the National Lampoon Vacation series  was Painful to watch.  Painful! 17″ of snow in Snovember.  Wow!  Beautiful, but wow!   And lastly, My Bears.  My oh my, my Bears.  We are 4-6.  Could be 8-2, but at least 4 of those games could have gone either way and sadly they went the other way.  The Bears play Thanksgiving night, vs. The Packers.  Here’s hoping it won’t be an UnBearable Thanksgiving. Go Bears!!

Peace.  Love.  Thanks.










Source of the 9 fall 2015 fashion trends:


8 Fashion Fixes…and some Friday Funnies!

7 Aug




And Thank God It’s Friday… so I’m taking the day off, but posting about 8 Fashion Fixes from my friends at Pow Wow!

As a costume designer in Hollywood, Alison Freer has made a career out of making very attractive people look even better. And she’s no stranger to solving high-stakes fashion emergencies. (Broken zippers! Arm pit stains!)

In her new book, How to Get Dressed, she offers up industry secrets for making your clothes look and fit better… and for solving wardrobe malfunctions before they turn disastrous.

From taming pokey underwire to eliminating panty lines, here are eight of her most clever tricks.

8 Easy Fashion Fixes


Notice the pockets on your dress pants popping open when you sit or stand? Bring those puppies to a tailor and have the pockets sewn shut. (Who uses pants pockets anyway?)

8 Easy Fashion Fixes


We need to talk: Your cute little ballet flats smell like a middle-school locker room. To keep embarrassing odors at bay, fill a pair of old socks with baking soda, tie each one in a knot and stuff them into the stinky shoes in between wearings.

8 Easy Fashion Fixes


To keep a flapping belt end in place, secure it to itself with a tiny piece of Topstick tape.

8 Easy Fashion Fixes


Hemming your denim is a beautiful thing, but to avoid over-hemming, be sure to wash and dry your jeans at least once before bringing them to the tailor. This gets all the shrinkage out of their system so you won’t end up going too short.

8 Easy Fashion Fixes


Underwire sticking out of your favorite bra? Patch the protrusion with a bit of $5 drugstore moleskin. It’ll hold the wire in place and keep it from poking you in the boobs.

8 Easy Fashion Fixes


As a general rule, it’s best to buy shoes that fit. But if you must cram your feet into slightly too-small heels, take a cue from one of Freer’s celeb clients (she won’t say who) and spray your tootsies with cooking spray first. You heard us: cooking spray.

8 Easy Fashion Fixes


If you ever need to fix a VPL (visible panty line) stat, snip the seams of your underwear on the sides to release the pressure of the elastic digging into your flesh.

8 Easy Fashion Fixes


The best stain fighter for blood? Your own saliva. Just lick and rub the fabric for an instant spot-remover. (Note: We’re talking about a little bit of blood. Not horror-movie quantities.)

Song of the Day:  Something Happened on the Way to Heaven, by Phil Collins

You can run, and you can hide
But I’m not leaving less you come with me
We’ve had our problems but I’m on your side
You’re all I need, please believe in me

Song plays at 1:08



True, but looking to change that.

Happy Friday!





“My patience is worn thin”.  That it is.



Just imagine…



Ain’t nobody got time for that!





Admittedly, this has not happened in a long, long time.



I also love bacon


Brain Trust Society


But I do loan out my purses



Oldie but goody!  Random Shenanigans equates a solidly great day!

Source:  : 8 Easy Fashion Fixes | 8 easy tips for fixing wardrobe malfunctions | PureWow National

Styling a White Blazer…and a mini Graduation recap.

5 Jun


Tis the season…and I don’t mean Christmas or Graduation (but it is graduation season, and more on that later in this blog)… but since we are at the onset of summer and I have more than one white blazer in my closet,  I wanted to share some tips on styling your white blazer. This also includes a white denim jacket, which happens to be my summer staple.  I always love it when an article comes across my desk (or I find it via a google search, same diff), which is timely, relevant and exactly what I’m looking for.

Stylist Tips: 10 Ways to Wear A White Blazer

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I’ve seen white blazers everywhere lately. Fashion bloggers are wearing them. Magazines show different celebrities wearing them. I decided it was my turn. I’m a blazer kind of gal anyways, so it’s kind of surprising that I don’t already have a white blazer in my closet. I think I have almost every other color. I did a little shopping for myself last week (which doesn’t happen often), but I did find a white blazer from Banana Republic that I think is going to be a keeper.

Now that I have my white blazer, I figured I would put this post together for myself and for you guys as well. I can’t wait to try out all of these different looks from my closet!

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer

All Over Black

10 Ways How to Wear a White Blazer Over All Black Kate Moss

10 Ways How to Wear a White Blazer Over All Black Emma Watson

Basic Tee

10 Ways How to Wear a White Blazer Basic Tee

10 Ways How to Wear a White Blazer Basic Tee

Bright Colors

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Bright Colors Julianne Hough

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Bright Colors


10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Chambray Shirt

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Chambray Shirt


10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Floral Dress


Graphic Tee

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Graphic Tee

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Graphic Tee

Maxi Dress

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Maxi Dress

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Solid Maxi Dress



10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Monochromatic All White


10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Stripes

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Stripes

Work Look

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Work Look

10 Ways to Wear a White Blazer Work Look


My Favorite Looks with a White Blazer

3149960eeb1d34abacb32e9a2710f7ae 7e451028a2670e8696030173204b4ef2 6a01d841392e7ab4b459bd453d630f54 553ff7c379d325b397ce51449aa7a10b b238b2c1701b577c8194d005cd803726 e7a25f8c5c349fb82543c60b0a467ced 390bf3fc0063abd40d2233f91cb49869 cf5e7d3930ca8ea6c58446f1f097609f b10be709ddd58c284596b0e5215d5f98 72aec8ab25f7be39ad4749159472962a 0c40ff17e8a0ab2a8ccbf59c4583e2d1 21a5b56f4b3ed043d76fd15f5ea6f58f c9b80ab238c5836a60e53190382cd0c8 2bcd605fbd3c01dcdbf331975722b34a aaa822dd4e55476ff2826be8b02e5a59 732664adff873b42726d6357ce96d8c4 b5ae7c53622ce374749e6c806d1b3e57




Mer and I styling our white blazers.



Styling my white blazer while celebrating Lora’s BD!  I believe it was paired with a silver tank and blue jeans and silver heels.

Graduation Class of 2015





2 Graduates and a puppy… And yes, we are replacing slats on the deck.  And yes, they will be painted.  Before the graduation soire!





Making a stand and Not posting a family pic, since we didn’t get pics with the family and extended family who were with us to help celebrate.  Plus, since I look less than Fabulous in our pics (or not), I’m keeping those pics to ourselves (and our FB family). 🙂



Hats off to the Class of 2015.  You did it!

Song of the Day:  What Have I Done to Deserve This, by The Petshop Boys – Have always loved this song.  Reminds me of Kevin, not because of the words, but because it was always playing on the radio when we were dating…or working together.  Same difference. ❤  It was the 80’s, what can I say?   Sirius radio is one of the best things to ever happen to this blog, and is giving Dr. Stevie and Kim some well deserved time off.  The 70’s and 80’s channel have given me years of Songs of the Day, all ramped up! 

Since you went away.
I’ve been hanging around.
I’ve been wondering why
I’m feeling down.
You went away.
It should make me feel better
But I don’t know

My favorite quote from this week from my all-time favorite, Beth:  “On a girl note, you look fabulous, Terry! <3” .  Best. Text. Ever!

And here we are at the start of the Best. Summer. Ever!

Peace, love and fun in the sun!!




11242433_750600101711592_7169742534851432376_n (1) 1395983_750424458395823_5306273374949686881_n 10629806_750207208417548_5468628855679989732_n 11119147_750206518417617_384827600914979784_n 11219001_747606612010941_6195409277981398793_n



Style Charts which Every Woman Needs to Know and a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

8 May


Thank you Buzz Feed!  I was “hanging out” Thursday evening, 9PM, Cali time…when the feeling of dread came over me…Oh boy…tomorrow is Blog Friday!  How in the World does one not have a “ready blog” for Friday…when one has over 100 blogs “in the hopper”?  I’ll tell you, it’s Easy.  and I can blame that 4-letter word.  Life.  😉  In my own defense, 100 blogs “in the hopper” does not a publishable blog make!

Again, thank you Buzz Feed for providing me with a timely, useful and snappy blog.  Some of these style charts I’ve featured before but some are brand new.  I predict this blog, like the blog, Stylish Things to Know, will be one of my most read blogs.  At least it should be… because there are some very important things to know!


1. First things first: It’s not you! All sizes are NOT created equally. A guide to vanity sizing.

First things first: It's not you! All sizes are NOT created equally. A guide to vanity sizing.

2. Here’s how to find your “golden number” aka the perfect dress length for your body.

Here's how to find your "golden number" aka the perfect dress length for your body.

3. Figure out which colors to wear with each other.

Figure out which colors to wear with each other.

4. And how to mix patterns and textures.

5. Go mad for this guide to plaids. (SORRY.)

Go mad for this guide to plaids. (SORRY.)

6. And style your stripes.

And style your stripes.

7. Become a print-mixing pro.

Become a print-mixing pro.

8. Here are a few great options for styling a button-up shirt.

Here are a few great options for styling a button-up shirt.

9. Here’s how to tell a mermaid from a mini.

Here's how to tell a mermaid from a mini.

10. And an A-line from a little shift dress.

And an A-line from a little shift dress.

11. And here’s what you should save on, and what you might want to spend a little more on.

And here's what you should save on, and what you might want to spend a little more on.

12. Every collar ever.

Every collar ever.

13. Get a great shirt cuff every time.

Get a great shirt cuff every time.

14. And pull off the perfect jean tuck.

And pull off the perfect jean tuck.

15. Know your bolero from your shrug.

Know your bolero from your shrug.

16. And your car coat from a duffle.

And your car coat from a duffle.

17. Here’s how to look super ~chic~ and ~European~.

Here's how to look super ~chic~ and ~European~.

18. Or make boyfriend jeans work for you? No problem.

Or make boyfriend jeans work for you? No problem.

19. One pair of leggings worn 10 ways.

One pair of leggings worn 10 ways.

20. The five elements you need to go from day to night in a pinch.

The five elements you need to go from day to night in a pinch.

21. Make way for the best bra.

Make way for the best bra.

22. A few easy tips for the petite ladies in the house.

A few easy tips for the petite ladies in the house.

23. Find the right dress shape for your body type.

Find the right dress shape for your body type.


24. For all those times you were like, “What does FORMAL DAYTIME even mean?”

For all those times you were like, "What does FORMAL DAYTIME even mean?"

25. It’s all about that A-line.

It's all about that A-line.

26. Find the neckline that’s most flattering for you.

Find the neckline that's most flattering for you.

27. And the sleeve you love most.

And the sleeve you love most.


28. Check out this visual glossary of bag styles.

Check out this visual glossary of bag styles.

29. And shoe styles.

And shoe styles.

30. Have yourself a hat.

Have yourself a hat.

31. Get glasses like Kanye West. Or Andy Warhol.

Get glasses like Kanye West. Or Andy Warhol.

You can buy a print here.

32. Figure out what glasses work best for your face shape.

Figure out what glasses work best for your face shape.

33. Find a best necklace for each type of collar.

Find a best necklace for each type of collar.

34. And the optimum length for each necklace.

And the optimum length for each necklace.

35. Choose earrings that work best with your face shape.

Choose earrings that work best with your face shape.

36. How many ways are there to wear a scarf? A MILLION WAYS.

How many ways are there to wear a scarf? A MILLION WAYS.


37. Figure out what you need to bring on a trip.

Figure out what you need to bring on a trip.

38. And then learn to pack like a pro.

And then learn to pack like a pro.

39. Here’s how to get your most accurate body measurements.

Here's how to get your most accurate body measurements.

40. Hang your clothes on the proper hanger.

Hang your clothes on the proper hanger.

41. And maybe most importantly: The definitive guide to how many times you can wear something without having to wash it.

And maybe most importantly: The definitive guide to how many times you can wear something without having to wash it.

Because ain’t nobody got time for laundry.  Best. Quote. Ever!

Twas but one year ago, this weekend, that Meredith graduated from college.  I mean, OMG…talk about time flying by.  Here’s a fall back Friday pic…or two!

mer in cap

Meredith Graduation 017 cropped

Note to self…we need new family picture.  Happily, we will have one at POB’s graduation… just 3 weeks away.  Again, OMG.  Seriously, this cannot possibly be happening.  Will we be empty nesters?  Even if a bird has come back to the nest?  Oh, and next weekend is Prom, so that will sure to be an upcoming blog, chock-full of Fabulous Prom pics…and no Prama, please!  Thanks Dr. Stevie, for coining that term.

Prama…ain’t Nobody got time for that!

Some Marvelous Mother’s Day Quotes



Song of the Day:  If you were here by the Thompson Twins – a little Sixteen Candles for this Friday!

But just like the rain
i’ll be always falling, yeah
only to rise and fall again

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  I miss my mother every single day, and there isn’t a day (or hour) that goes by that I don’t think of her.  And being a mother is not just about blood.  It’s about love.  Thank you to those who have shown motherly love to me since my mom has been gone.  ❤ ❤ ❤


On this Mother’s Day weekend, I am feeling so very lucky and blessed that these 2 chickadees call me, Mom…and I love them very, very much.

Mer and Paddy SB 2008

Falling back to South Beach in 2008.

Mer and Paddy before Gejas

Dinner the night before Meredith went back to college in 2012.

mer paddy prom

Just about a year ago this weekend.  Mer’s first week back home!  Just a casual night out. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂




Thank you. 😉