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Shake Your Booties

30 Sep



Fall is all about the Booties.  Like em or not, they’re here to stay…at least for this year and through next year.  Booties take a bit getting used to.  Do you get them with skinny heels, chunky heels, wedges?  Do you wear them with jeans, with a dress, with leggings?  Do you wear them tucked into your jeans or rolled up?  Some many decisions.  So many choices.

Speaking of Booties…it reminds me of a story.  Patrick was at a friend’s birthday party.  I believe he was 6.  The parents were kind enough to pick up my sweet son for the party and bring him home, because Kevin and I had an event to go to and my father was babysitting.  A few days after the party I received a call from the boy’s father.  Let’s call him “Al”.

Al – Hi Terry.

Terry – Hi Al.

Al – I need to bring something to your attention.  My wife said not to bother you, but I know you would want to know this.  When we were getting out of the car at the party, Patrick turned to my son (I’m not using names to protect the innocent) and said, “Your mom should shake her booty”.

Silence by me.

Terry – Don’t worry Al, the buck stops here.  I will handle this immediately and thank you for bringing Patrick’s inappropriate behavior to my attention.

Al – I knew calling you was the right thing to do.

Did I mention Patrick was 6?  He is currently a sophomore at Miami of Ohio and an honors student and on the Dean’s list.


Like son, like mother.  Never met a noodle we didn’t like!

Back to real Booties!



Taupe booties will be my standard for the fall.  I will angle towards chunky heels, because they’re better for walking about.  If I were to be out “clubbing” or out for many social occasions (which I will not be, but if I were), then I like a spikier heel.  The higher the heel the closer to God. 🙂

Perfect Booties



I would wear every pair of those booties.  Every single pair!



Photo by Merrick White

Ways to wear your Booties:  Tucked; Rolled; Cuffed; Layered with socks and leggings; With Tights; Socks; Dress; with a skirt.  These are options.  Not all options will work for all.  I, for one, will not wear with socks, though will pair them with leggings.  I will wear with a dress, but only with peep-toe booties.  Probably not with a skirt, but fall is young!  Again, whatever you feel comfortable wearing, you should wear!

Bootie Looks I Love – I’m posting a lot of pictures here to give you many ideas, so you can’t say, “I would love to wear booties, but what do I wear them with?”  This is what I do, I peruse pictures, find looks I like and copy them.  Done and done!


This look, I love, love, love.

aed49ac8a79ea93fc2ab2128c51260d8 f01a806d1cc9ba87e18450eb66c6b898 main-original-600x0c 06b53b955c5efe800272e1a6384ceb71 28da9a94b7e32cf0413234df7a752037 53aca1cc4afc7869bb26a25f18241440 38def9ee280abe06c4f1cafb4ea2f7ce 3f8a1d89f06f8c95ee6517d8dbe1bd64

Army jacket… future blog post.  Will be my new “uniform” this fall.  With my cheetah booties.  Booyah!

9bca596f3294c520cc7a9ee34461a4b7 c60b5478ffe037cd1db28bd24d891d1e ae5bd0ccfdd9fe40c6d371f4832dedda f068e9b2868d71ffb3c40426b30beb2d 7432416d870a60990b5a159db2bc73ff 78ef0d03e0f31c85e64637d7724ae9c2 eeca05e8cecd3547c6de4b90773a8527 22f368c2f3a7cf500532bf10eb5b2195 d35f8343c9a35cacfb7f829bfcef256c f872fe8a405b401402b3a68e89d5b82b 7796ad41aa593d4138a1d65e13369425 77f18af16569beaa2102bba22ae10a71

Cuffing Jeans the Right way with booties

1791ac41faeed73300540396826b2627Socks or no socks?

For me, no socks.  That means your booties need to be broken in.  If they aren’t, you should use mole skin to line the problem areas and use blister block, to help keep those blisters at bay.  You can get mole skin and blister block in the foot care section of your drug store.

Ways to wear your jeans with Booties and Socks

socks_and_booties3 socks_and_booties2


Each of these looks seem polished.

Song of the Day: Situation by Yaz

Blue eyed dressed for every situation
Moving through the doorway of a nation
Pick me up and shake the doubt
Baby I can’t do without

Move out, don’t mess around
Move out, you bring me down
Move out, how you get about
Don’t make a sound just move out



MerMerPalooza – A brief recap

Cubs Rooftop

Open Bar (no hard liquor) and all you can eat food.

Picture perfect day.  72 and sunny

Great friends

Cubs lost

I received this text from Meredith the day after:


Best. Day. Ever.









Best. Day. Ever!

Have a great weekend!  I’m having lunch today with one of my very favorite people!  The Best. Day. Ever. continues!







Who am I kidding… I have a “squad”.


This is highly accurate.



THE FORECAST FOR FALL 2015 IS FABULOUS…even when it’s almost Winter!

23 Nov




Well… it’s almost time for Winter Fashion Forecasts and Holiday Dressing… I’m a bit behind.  But, the good news about Fall Fashions, is you truly can wear them almost till May!  And I do.  When perusing the different fall trends, it was hard to find a good “solid list”…one which could work for everyone.  And I realized why.  Some of these are Ridiculous!  And I do not want to take a dig at our good friends in Paris, however the Paris Fall Fashion Trends are not quite something I’d envision wearing, nor anyone I know.  So, with Fabulous Fall Fashion Forecasts, I take them, as I do everything else in Fashion…I just make it my own.

I use these as a Guide.  Not as the hard and fast Rules.  I tend to find pictures I like and try to emulate those in my own style.  So I am including some of the ridiculous Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends, because they’re funny, and I’m funny, and you may find one or two things that you like in each one.  As usual, ETCETERA, helps hit it out of the park, and their own blogger, Margaret Calvin, does a great job presenting and putting her own spin on the trends.

I’m including outfits I like and ones that I will be wearing, or at least envisioning that I’ll be wearing, lest I ever leave my house again. 😉 Plus, shoe and handbag forecasts, which you can always have fun with.  And the top it off, the Pantone colors for fall!



 Fall 2015 Fashion Trends


Thank you Fashion Inspo!

Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirt is a classic. It can be worn anywhere and goes well with crop top and turtleneck alike. You can even pair your summer pleated skirt with a chunky sweater. Just be sure to choose thicker tights. Short, midi, or maxi – all of the lengths are possible. Short skirts maybe the hit trend of the season but the designers didn’t ignore midi and maxi either.

Maxi Dress

Speaking of maxi length, a maxi dress is another great Fall 2015 trend that is both practical and elegant. You can pair it with any jacket and voila, you’re ready for both day and night. Shed the jacket and a scarf and your outfit is restaurant-worthy. Maxi dress is always a great outfit for a restaurant.

Wide Belt

The waist trend is on the rise or should I say makes a big comeback. This fall waist is the focus. Well, unless you want to wear a chunky sweater. Wide belts are used on everything from coats to dresses and are a great way to define waist cinching away a few centimeters. Big buckles and intricate bows are definitely necessary.


Fur Collar

Fur cuffs were all over runways but the best way to wear fur is at the collar. Whether you are going out or getting married, a winter coat with a fur collar can give you the elegant and chic look. No yeti fur jacket can compete with a midi coat with a lush fur collar.

Chunky Sweater

Chunky sweater is probably my favorite fall trend. It is so practical and yet stylish when worn right. You can wear it with a pleated skirt (even a summer skirt), leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirt, and even loose flare pants. It’s versatile and just overall cozy.

Duster Coat

Duster coat is definitely a must-have. It’s just simply stylish. Pair it with anything, it will work. Heels? Great contrast. Sneakers? Fashionable. Skinnies, trousers, dresses, anything will look great with a duster coat.

A muted violet trench coat is a nice twist for the basic wardrobe

As for the colors. This year is big on burnt orange, marsala, grey, and military green. The last three are my favorite and are very easy to mix and match with neutrals and brights alike.


Shades of Grey

Grey, grey, grey everywhere. It’s neutral, not easily stained, and super versatile. This year try layering up greys. You don’t even need to break them up as they’ll still work great.

Muted Violet

Ditch the boring beige for muted violet especially if we’re talking outerwear. Trench and duster coats look amazing in this color.

Military Green

Military green is popular as ever. Combining basic wardrobe pieces with cargo elements will never go out of style.



Fall Fashion Forecast by Etcetera blogger, Margaret Calvin

Even before feeling the first nip in the air or seeing the first leaf fall from a tree, fashionistas everywhere are yearning to know what the newest looks will be for the Fall season. Yes, ladies, you know who you are. Maybe you are still loving your summer fashions but you’re wondering, “what’s next?” or “what do I need to make room for in my closet?” Don’t worry, I’m here to help and to guide you through the newest trends to get you ready for the upcoming season. Get ready to “fall” in love!


Icy pastels, in shades of sky blue and parfait pink, are all the rage for Fall and are a welcome change from the intense, hot colors of summer. Selections in these shades abound for work, play and everywhere in between. 





Floral prints are popping up everywhere this fall and winter. Bright and bold, or soft and delicate, there is a floral print for everyone! 



At the opposite end of the spectrum, Fall showcases looks that are understated and restrained but bold in effect. 



Fall fashions include luxurious leather and fur, both as accents, and as the main events. 


I hope this taste of Fall whets your appetite for the fabulous season to come. It will be here before you know it, and it will be time to wear the cool weather fashions we are dreaming about today. Stay cool and make some room in your closet!











Truth be told, I don’t see myself wearing ANY of these shoes or boots.  And I mean, Any of them!



I feel a little better about these handbags, but not much.







Double Crazy!

a lot can happen in a year

My Favorite Fall Looks





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Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

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Fall-Winter-Fashion-Outfits-For-2015-17 Fall-Winter-Fashion-Outfits-For-2015-3 Fall-Winter-Fashion-Outfits-For-2015-24 b47127bfdebe1567d6841d7946983852 9d6cb9c19c977b779c80529df894a53c 10ece496bb9ff299f223e9bd09bce090 7fbbeb3c80152c0b0e532970bbc96dc5 c4caf6c16051d5cf0cd6c33f15f1458b e9fe9cffd1d9e0f9efaf08f445a12d99 e860f469c9329c509496681a51ce0539 7255fe0983ba2a46469f48ba2f2aec30 2b70aa16138597bf6fd837c95f12f684 393abeea650b51d98b6c47f2534dd8e7 7b6f7d9dbf3fb591088a681337484ac6 b207a0c7685c82dacf3c8f0a149e3fd5 aec9f226eb0cb1f581435850631b85f0 922e83aefc1ef4da04f07cd364a65658 213ba7872512b66849303669c3d57453 7a255b036f661e515f8f1ca37900724a 22cc459aa9aa5b842481483aba834a34 1ce4ac31f1fef0c7b0f43e65945d5501
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5e9df779e6af2650af713a667f198a21 0805ff8c4e5ee3205573b623cfb9669b

Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away with my favorite fall looks, but I’m looking for some serious inspiration and plan on referring back to this blog, often!

Song of the Day:  Rocket Man by Elton John

I miss the Earth so much, I miss my wife
It’s lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight
And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time
‘Til touchdown brings me ’round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh, no no no
I’m a rocket man
Rocket man
Burnin’ out his fuse up here alone

be fabulous

And pretty soon I will be back to weekly blogging and looking forward to addressing pressing topics such as Holiday Dressing, The Kardashians and why aren’t their three minutes up?, Holiday Gift Ideas, more of my Favorite Things and the upcoming one-year anniversary of Maxie!  Thank you to those who reached out to me letting me know I was missed.  ❤ ❤ ❤



And at the end of the day…

A few parting thoughts.  The new movie Vacation, the sequel to the National Lampoon Vacation series  was Painful to watch.  Painful! 17″ of snow in Snovember.  Wow!  Beautiful, but wow!   And lastly, My Bears.  My oh my, my Bears.  We are 4-6.  Could be 8-2, but at least 4 of those games could have gone either way and sadly they went the other way.  The Bears play Thanksgiving night, vs. The Packers.  Here’s hoping it won’t be an UnBearable Thanksgiving. Go Bears!!

Peace.  Love.  Thanks.










Source of the 9 fall 2015 fashion trends:


Falling…and the Ultimate Fall To-Do List

18 Sep


The end of summer… where did summer go?   I had a great summer, but it went by way too fast.  Goodbye racetrack.  Goodbye beach.  Goodbye bonfires.  Goodbye S’mores.  Goodbye Grad parties. Goodbye McDonald’s ice cream cones.   Goodbye vacations.  Goodbye flip-flops.  Goodbye floating on a noodle in a pool.  Goodbye boating.  Goodbye beach-y hair.  Goodbye sun-streaked locks.  Goodbye summer days.  Goodbye summer nights.  Where did my suntan go?  Oh yeah, never had one!  Let’s look on the bright side…less wrinkles! But let’s face it, it’s not like I did nearly the number of things I love to do in the summer.  But I still have some of the best memories I will ever have, filed away in my memory (best long-term memory, ever.  Worst short-term memory, ever) so Summer 2015 is in the books, but one I can certainly re-read with fond memories.  🙂


Good news is we have Fall looming upon us, just days away.  And Football season is underway.  Speaking of Football, My Bears hung in there with the Packers, so that gives me hope for the rest of the season.  We finally had a coach with Enthusiasm, with a capital E! Welcome to Chicago, John Fox!


Back to Fall.  My favorite season for clothes.  Boots, sweaters, leggings, scarves, layers.  There must be an upcoming blog about Fall Fashion Trends.  Yes, there is!  But not this one.  There is more to Fall than football and fun fashions.



Loved this “Ultimate Fall To-Do List”… I especially love when something is called The Ultimate… What really is the Ultimate?  Well, according to Pow Wow, this is their Ultimate Fall To-Do List!  And I am one who really Loves Fall!

Ahh, fall. The leaves are changing, the temps are dropping and the #PSL is back, baby. We don’t want you to miss out on any autumnal fun, dear reader, so we compiled this handy list of every single thing you absolutely must do this season.

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

1. Go apple picking

2. Get frustrated when you can’t find any pretty apples

3. Decide to plant your own apple tree

4. Change your mind about the tree thing

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

5. Rake leaves

6. Jump in a pile of leaves

7. Re-rake the leaves

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

8. Drink a pumpkin-spice latte

9. Wear a cable-knit sweater

10. Wear boots

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

11. Wear flannel

12. Wear an infinity scarf

13. Complain about how cold it is

14. Talk about how fall is your favorite season

15. Pretend to care about football to bond with that cute guy in the office

16. Find out he has a girlfriend; regret buying a jersey

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

17. Carve a pumpkin

18. Enter a pumpkin-carving contest

19. Smash your competitors’ pumpkins when it’s announced that you didn’t win

20. Artfully assemble gourds in a wicker basket

21. Wonder why gourds are so creepy looking

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

22. Go to a corn maze

23. Get lost in a corn maze

24. Have a panic attack in a corn maze when it’s been 25 minutes and you really feel like you’ve been walking in circles and what if you die here and oh god why did I think this was a good idea I really hate fall.

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

25. Bake a pie

26. Instagram a photo of your pie with the hashtag #luvfall

27. Eat the entire pie yourself and immediately feel bad about it

28. Burn your tongue on hot apple cider

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

29. Buy candy for trick-or-treaters

30. Decide that kids these days are brats and keep the candy for yourself, instead giving out the apples that you picked and have deemed too ugly for your own consumption

31. Make candy apples with the pretty apples

32. Schedule a dentist appointment

33. Get into a heated argument with a random passerby about canned versus homemade cranberry sauce

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List
34. Decide to take up knitting

35. Decide knitting’s not for you

36. Think of a *really* clever group Halloween costume

37. Get *really* mad at the other group of girls at the party you’re at are wearing the exact same costume, but a little better executed.

38. Say you’re going to start Christmas shopping but then forget

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

39. Complain some more about how cold it is

40. Be totally over fall


Fall…so much to look forward to!



Song of the Day:  1979 by Smashing Pumpkins

We don’t even care as restless as we are
We feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts
And poured cement, lamented and assured
To the lights and towns below


Oh yeah, not only is My birthday coming up, but so is my sweet Meredith’s!  Happy Birthday to us!!


Best quote of the week…given to me as part of a gift from the Realtor to the Stars, Kathy P:

My Mother said I could be anything I want.  I choose FABULOUS!

Have a great weekend.  Peace out!  Go Bears!



11062778_1011016495585383_1537485101131590698_n 11990423_10152972538127038_4274063168718023197_n





The “Ultimate” Guide to Buying Fall Basics

12 Sep

friday weekend is loading


Typically I would be hesitant about posting more things about Fall, since it’s still not yet mid-September, and I’m just not ready for summer to be over, however this week in Chi-town, it was a cool, breezy 49 degrees.  Yup, that’s right 49 degrees.  So bring on the boots, sweaters, leggings and Fall basics.  Thanks to my friends at Huffington Post, for compiling some of these basics.  “Ultimate” guide?  You be the judge. 😉

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Fall Basics

Our favorite part about autumn is the fact that we finally get to layer our clothes again. That leads to one thing: stocking up on our basics.

Although a “fall basic” can be as plain as a white T-shirt, the pieces you choose have the ability to transform multiple outfits. That’s why it’s essential to have a wide selection of tanks, pants and accessories so you have a bunch of options when creating simple ensembles.

Stay true to classics with your jeans and neutral tones, but take risks when it comes to jewelry and updated silhouettes. Check out our suggestions for next season’s fundamentals and get shopping!

the bases

Top from left to right: Gap Favorite Crew Tee, Old Navy Women’s Sleeveless Tees; Bottom from left to right: Old Navy Women’s Jersey Tami 3-Packs, Lane Bryant Smooth Balconette Bra, H&M 2-Pack Tights

8dc0f7c42e65f69a2e9198f1c93a4daf 9cc1ebf904ab98558c0cd17fb36c73ba 3c054ad3ac321156dae5d6eeb8641bfe

Undergarments are the key to building the perfect outfit. You can never have too many tanks and tees, but when it comes down to it, white, black and neutral options are a must. Plus, a good bra to give you all-day support is not a bad idea either.

new tops

Top from left to right: River Island Navy Sleeveless Wrap Blouse, Nic and Zoe All Around Wrap Top; Bottom from left to right:H&M Lyocell Shirt, Gap Fitted Boyfriend Oxford Shirt, Merona Women’s Favorite Blouse

adc987cf6c7668e42736cd59f3204e4a e318d5250e73067385f85ad0c4bee3c5 28634fac8c21d26ef89946d42231d7c8


Blouses and button-downs are great for fall because you can wear them in a variety of ways — roll up the sleeves, tie the tails or keep it unbuttoned with a tank underneath. Navy, black and white should do the trick, but pick some patterned numbers so you can mix it up every once in a while.

teacher bottoms

Top from left to right: Merona Women’s Ponte Sleeveless Fit And Flare Dress, 1969 Real Straight Jeans; Bottom from left to right: Silk & Cotton Straight Skirt, Crepe Cigarette Pants, Structured A-Line Skirt

6075f1b80c773454f04779b9ff076a27 23194653f147b82613cb2aec12efcca7 004eb19189bc4ac90dc4200acb2922d3 d18ae0c236d1491c9c70fdff43e7a31a

Simplify your early-morning routine with some staple garments that can carry you through the work week and beyond. Black pants always come in handy, but try getting them tailored to your shape and liking so you will always feel comfortable in them.

The little black dress can be dressed up with accessories, while a denim piece will subtly put the “casual” in casual Fridays.

teacher cardigans

Top from left to right: V-Neck Cotton Cardigan, Pointelle Short Sleeve Cardigan; Bottom from left to right: Merona Women’s Ultimate Long Sleeve Crew Neck Cardigan, Gap Mesh-Stitch Cardigan, H&M Fine-Knit Cardigan

8c496dc1654e43ee04bc36670bcf1362 0f2e488fc80495538a1037c9cff6c500 b532ad965b69dad45c4d354eb19d60b4

Cardigans deserve their own category, of course. They come in every color, lots of patterns and are great for layering.

the jackets

Top from left to right: Collarless Faux Leather Biker Jacket, J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer; Bottom from left to right: Zara Flowy Trenchcoat With Camouflage Lining, Gap Military Jacket, Helene Berman Wool Blend Cape

5855bf24423f8eb63702878ce280fa77 910c4b8e7b5bff6858185080c59ada29 3f9ba8402bcfee807ace44054cda1cc8

Autumn has a wide climate range: one minute it’s nice and breezy, the next it’s freezing rain. To combat those rocky times, invest in some coats meant to deal with weather, like an updated trench, and lighter jackets that are more trend-focused, like a cape or leather bomber.


Top from left to right: Style&co Lily Envelope Clutch, Faux Gemstone Bib Necklace; Bottom from left to right: Timex Women’s Elevated Classics Bracelet Watch, R&R Leather Organizer Flap Leather Crossbody Bag, Nordstrom Woven Scarf

a3ae68a5fd338d4beb87917ccec5e7e0 8bcae8951c6d09d7b4d66229633a9649 09006b3e981239716dd0e57811504a72 8c1fea6566e6f0fc3e446f890d5406ed 401cf4d7db58bf86a39f877f555e93ba

Sure, you can get along wearing black and navy all of the time — but amp up your style with some statement accessories. You’re golden with a structured purse or dangling necklace. Add some sensibility with the coolest bag of the season: a briefcase.

the shoes

Top from left to right: Crown Vintage Sandy Bootie, DV By Dolce Vita Langely; Bottom from left to right: Audrey Brooke Cici Leather Flat, Lauren Ralph Lauren Mila Riding Boot, Aldo Ocaria Pump

52f4d2f0d0dfa66be43b8a17cfb3ea64 785652ee5097a745da31e80c1b350911 9cb1a71e5bc1ebe973537db2013e8098

And…finally, it’s boot season! With that in mind, you can get different pairs at various lengths, including booties and riding boots. Additionally, it’s always helpful to have a pump here or there, and don’t forget about flats — because you know you’ll be wearing those most of the time.

eefbfe3c11ac0e8171feaf30ee498eb9 ccadcf1d6b35a82db533910cab540e4e f44f70ca09737ecde1db6359af58d0e9 e1c1f9efd1f9a69821e325e07e51d565


Some of my very favorite fall looks

98e6c4b015cecd13dccc936b96bb804e bf96ed6c2d800f3c1b0733a8d70771ce 2101bb834c9c4fe630b9d6be230d8604 6f5033e1c373fcf4932017dcbf6eda02 77ea6453c95a0ef927cf5776f59fa81c 0ae756adefd7552324a97b53bd1d25cb a49918ed659b10ceaebc31c3753d13fc c65b08633ff8a97e5ad0f2699cbfc962 c4626fb8d6143ae2a9ff410b625fddfc

f84f5067084f1a1796aa8bcf91c11a82 2cd60d089427d0f7085613ac9aafc400 443ca5d2673a1174ed3221ee83b6d363 825572bc86bf277f2810b3a874821535 24f056cbe117a8aa4650199f2d5a928e



67194c5727d9002a47ab6b55c0d5e1da 432750db974a9f31c2c49486646219f4






Team Kourage – Well, our little Team has turned into the Team that Could… We have over 20 Registered walkers, and with kids and guests, we will be about 35 Walkers!  Did I mention that along with our t-shirts, we also have Team Kourage visors?  Thanks Cindy!!  Plus, we have raised $7500.  50% over our goal.  Walking for a Cure, that’s us.  Team Kourage.   ❤ ❤ ❤




Song of the Day: Lisztomania by Phoenix.  Compliments of my Finger Snapping Playlist, from Stephanie.

So sentimental
Not sentimental no!
Romantic, not disgusting yet

Friday Funday…having lunch with 2 of my favorites, Amelia and Joy.  And who said competitors can’t be friends?  Not us!

Have a very happy weekend, and Go Bears!  Sunday Night Football!!  We won’t even discuss that fiasco against the Bills. Ugh.  I mean, it was the Buffalo Bills!  For goodness sakes!


Tracy posted this pic…and yup, it was accurate!  Hoping for a better outcome against the 49-ers!



256d7ae74e1c2fdc1116d93662ce97a2 57be0e96a4edfbeb861d7e0757dcec6c



Another Royal Baby!!  Seriously, so excited.  🙂




Seriously, I am so easily distracted.


One down…205 to go. 🙂

4b0afb84777cebdf23ddc595967b4394 (1)

Always hoping.



Who don’t I run into at Mariano’s?

Article Source:


Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

20 Sep


More than half-way through September, and I am just Now getting to Fall Fashion Trends?  My goodness, where has the time gone?  And it’s almost the end of September?  Yikes!  Okay, so this can be down and dirty…Courtesy of Etcetera (but of course) we have the fashion trends…You can just use this as a guide, shop in your own closet, and decide what you have, and make a list of the things you may need.  I’m using some of the photo’s at the end of the blog as my own inspiration for looks I want to wear this Fall! 🙂


What’s the Hue

We’re popping neutrals with power points of warm, saturated color. Standouts:

aubergine-  the perfect plum
persimmon – a dollop of orange cerulean the clearest sky
teal deepest – blue-green mulberry winter magenta
rust – earthy mulled wine

1.  Quilting – Quilting’s the texture that stormed the runways. Found in a trench sashed, flapped, raglan-sleeved & box-quilted in the most gorgeous tone of teal.


2.  Leather & Lace – Cool treatments bump-up simple silo’s. Find leather piped, sequined, collared & trimmed; & lace printed, bonded, appliquéd & overlaid.

trends2 (1)


3.  Moto madness – Sporty, spunky, polished or punky. In black double crepe suiting [the hottest!] with leather trim or black leather with tabs, zips, shoulder yokes, croc detail & gunmetal studs no less.


FA13 PV Rebel Dandy

4.  Pajama Party – Fluid free-falls of silk as easy as p.j’s. Slip a luxe tunic over a breeze-to-the-ankle pant in a paisley foulard of-many-colors. How fabulous to pack-up & fly in!



5.  Peplums – Whooshes of peplums are showing up on everything from a red merino cardie to a champagne charmeuse shirt to a sexy black stretch ponte two-piece.



6.  Fancy Pants – After-five gets a jolt from skinny ankle pants. Super-sleek in black stretch paisley jacquard to suit up if you wish; eye-popping in metallic mélange to properly top with espresso leather for maximum impact.



7.  Fraternal Twins – The perfect mismatch, a reinvention of the sweater set. Find solo riffs of styles, lengths & stitch-mixes that play together in perfect harmony.


FA13 PV Regency Tycoon

8.  Patterns & Prints – Plug-in a print as the perfect update. Inspired by menswear 60’s cravats or Carnaby Street scrolls. Spun into bodacious botanicals & colorblocked paisleys. Elegantly flighty to wickedly wild-child.



Fall 2013 Pantone Report

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013

Other Great Fall Looks

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Great Fall Shoes 

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Great Bags – Yes, size does matter

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Life, is short.  Make the most of it.  This is Ed, Beth  and Rachel…3 of my favorite people!  Ed, we love you and miss you dearly!


Song of the Week – What is Life, by George Harrison

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Happy Birthday Week, Mer Mer!


Coming Monday…a personal blog, Critical Discussion.  I was hoping to blog it today, but need to marinate with it a bit and find the words that are in my heart, but having a tough time putting them on “paper”.

Meredith home for the weekend, and Bears on Sunday Night Football.  It does NOT get better than this.  Oh yeah, and Kevin is here too. 🙂

Go Bears!!



Here’s a link to Meredith’s Fashionista Blog

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Fall’s Top 10 Must Haves

19 Oct

Fall.  Football.  Falling Leaves.  Best wardrobe choices.  Game changers. Showstoppers. Trailblazers. “Whatever you call ’em, the following pieces are crucial to your fall wardrobe”.

If you buy anything this season, make sure it comes from this list.

The Fall’s Top 10











Fall…hasn’t really started off the way I would have wanted it to following the Best Summer Ever…but there is Lots of Fall left, and I’m on a quest for the BFE!



Fall Fashion Trends

31 Aug

I love Fall Clothes.  Every year when I was in school, I always looked forward to going “back to school” clothes shopping with my Mom.  And I kept up with back to school shopping, even when I was out of college.  Heck, with my fall trunk shows, I guess I’m still continuing that today!!  I’ve always loved the wools, leathers and boots…and, like my friend Kim, get absolutely giddy thinking about Fall clothes and pairing skirts with boots…which seems to be my “uniform” for Fall.

And thank you Etcetera, for helping determine, and in a snappy way, the 2012 Fall Fashion Trends!

1.  Thoroughly Modern Military – Less Pomp…More Fun!!  Gold Buttons.  Flared Legs.  Structured jackets.

2.  Geometric Pop Art – Master Pieces.  Super Cool.  Highly Collectible.  Fun. Fun. Fun.  Print Blocks;  Polkadots.  60’s Chic!

3.  Leather Accents – The Devil’s in the details.  Jackets.  Vests.  Skirts.  (just not all together, please).

4.  60’s Mod – Groovy baby…It’s Mini’s, if you can wear them.  Fun and Flirty.

5.  Victorian Paris – Girly-girl.  Silks.  Ruffles.  High Collars.  Very feminine.

Colors – These are the Colors of Fall…Happily I find Black in there, so I’m set!

Shades of Grey…many, many, shades of grey…




Fall Looks I love…

Chanel Surfing!

Fall Accessories

Alexis Bittar (both above and below)

Stella and Dot

Winding down from best summer ever…can only mean we have Fall Fashions, season premiere Modern Family (best show on TV and how happy was I that the premiere last year was on my Birthday?!) oh… and Football to look forward to.

Best Fall Ever!  Go Bears!!