People are Assholes

I mean, my goodness.  Perhaps it’s my fault for going to Costco on a Bears football morning?  Perhaps my patience has been on hiatus, let’s say for a few years now? Perhaps the world has just gone Bat Shit Crazy? Perhaps people have forgotten Right from Wrong?  Perhaps people just don’t give a shit anymore. Perhaps I should have stayed home waiting for the Bears game?  Perhaps People are Assholes!  Yup, that’s it!

Warning…This is Not my typical Rainbows and Ribbons blog. This blog is not my typical brand.  But somebody needed to say these things and it might as well be yours truly.


Here’s the deal and a few PSA’s.

  1.  If you choose to take your children to Costco, please do not let them run amok, running around the aisles, while you leave your cart smack dab in the middle of the main walkway. Assholes. (The parents, not the children).
  2. Why is it necessary to have your entire family of 19 people join you on your Costco trip?  Why?  How do you fit all your purchases with that many people in your car?  Oh… a mini van, right. Assholes.
  3. Here’s news for you…The World does NOT revolve around You.  I know, I only recently (past 10 years or so) came to that realization, but I’m fully aware of that.  You are NOT the only people shopping at Costco on a Sunday morning.  Please DO NOT block the entranceway by browsing your handbag looking for your Costco card.  Really, you had NO idea this is where you were going?  Have your darn card ready!   Assholes.
  4. Do not wear Pajamas to Costco…Not when you are a Grown-Ass man.  Asshole.
  5. Do NOT get mad at me, and throw your hands in the air because you are waiting for my spot and I put my cart away into the corral, instead of leaving it in between cars, like other Asshats.   Asshole.
  6. Oh, and Don’t beep at me, because I’m doing the right things by putting my cart away. Asshole.
  7. Put your darn cart away after you unload your car. Asshole.
  8. No, I don’t want your Costco Visa.  When I say “No”, I mean it.  Don’t try and talk me into it.  You mantra is “don’t take no for an answer”, but I’m telling you NO and that’s my final answer.  Don’t pull up my last year of purchases to try and show me how much I’d make back…and when you realize I didn’t spend $10,000, you don’t apologize for bugging me, you just move onto your next victim.  Asshole.
  9. Yeah and Aaron Rodgers is a douche.  You own me?  Really?  No you don’t.  And I’m sorry, you “claim” you don’t know what you said, because you were distracted by a fan giving you the double bird?  Really?  You allowed a Bears fan’s reaction, to give you amnesia?  Don’t buy it.  But since you “own” me…I’d like a new Mercedes convertible please.  Preferably white or red with cream interior.  Since you “own me” and all.  Asshole.
  10. This rant was Not fueled by any alcohol, btw. It’s a rainy day in Chicago and the Bears get a 325PM game, so I woke up happy and ready. I was born ready.  Plus, I’m not an Asshole. 🙂

Ok, I feel better.  I’ll feel even better when Facebook allows me access to my Dressed to a T Page.  Lost control of it in July 2020 and I have been unsuccessful in getting control back, so if you want to continue to see my blog, please subscribe.  I’ll try and post it to my Dressed To a T Group, but that’s so 2014.  Pages is where it’s all at. 🙂

And no worries, I’m coming back with Rainbow and Ribbon posts. 🙂

Have a great Sunday and Go Bears!








    • Hi Betty! Of course I’m okay. 🙂 Just cannot believe how people are always in their own world, with no regards for others. 😉 Hope all is well with you! xo

  1. Well you sure won’t be accused of bottling up your feelings! Get it off your chest, lol you made me laugh. Which I needed cause I’m watching the Bears! Have a great week💕

  2. all true statements & all made me smile & laugh out loud! and i certainly needed that on this rainy blustery day after that dismal game (we shall not need to discuss further & insult to injury) missed you 🙂 have a good week!

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