Are You Ready For Some Football?

Dreamingly thinking of last season.  When we could actually sit in the stadium and watch my beloved Bears!  Alas, this year, or at least for a portion of it, we will be rooting on our team from the house, as you pretty much won’t be able to watch the game in any watering holes…or stadiums, or with a large group of your friends.  But we shall adjust!

More dreaming from last year’s season:


And then there were other years as well that fill the dreams…






The above was on September 11, 2011.  Bears opener.  Never forget.

Am I ready for some football?  Yessiree I am!

Let’s go Bears!!





  1. I’m ready! Gosh those were good times but promise you’ll still wear snappy Bears garb, drink fun beverages, put on the shades and knit cap at halftime on your balcony, and smile for the pictures that will be the “kinda Bears season only 2020 could bring!”

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