Staying Healthy During Q

This is not an overwhelming list…with the exception of drinking in moderation (I mean, c’mon now).

Easy to do, if you set your mind to it.


Just a fun little puzzle as we launch into Labor Day Weekend! End of summer, beginning of fall, but in 2020, who the heck knows what’s to come. And No Bears Games for us this year. This too shall pass.

Last night I received one of my favorite texts…one which I used to get 3-4 times a year and this is the first time all year:

TOB…Lunch next week?  Wednesday?  Shaws?  Always the best. lunch. ever! 🙂


Today I get to jump start my weekend spending it with my favorite gal… A couple of gals walking through the windy city, by the river, to the lake all while racking up 15,000 steps or so and rewarding ourselves with some early cocktails.  That’s the way to jump start the holiday weekend!


Wash your hands and wear a mask and have a fabulous Labor day!



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