What the World Needs Now…is Humor

We need more than humor, Yes, I know, but I’m just doing what I can to help make the world a better and funnier place. 🙂 These are some little nuggets that have been texted, emailed, twittered, Facebooked and shared with not only me, but others as well. Truly, these keep me going. And wine. And vodka. And jelly beans (I don’t even like sweets, plus gave them up for Lent). But humor is where it’s at, for this Saturday morning and every other day as well.


Only thing longer than March…is April. Jeez Louise.
Come May 1st, it will be Bigger Deborah…and June, yup…Biggest Deborah.
Multi tasking at its best
Adult Content…but really funny. And true!
No comment. 😉
I always have black elecrical tape covering the camera on my computer, because I don’t like people creeping on me…but now that we are Zooming happy hours, I’ve had to cave and remove the tape. This is 100% accurate.
Short term memory. It’s a thing.
Prefer white, obviously.
When making those essential trips to Binny’s, it’s important to note their new hours!
Day 19 of black yoga pants. I have many, but the rotation isn’t what it should be.
Or what day it is.
Or those pesky coyotes which roam through our yard.
Not funny! Not gonna happen!
I’ve always loved day drinking. I prefer it to nighttime drinking, but I’m actually good at all time zones and hours of the day!
How about black yoga pants, t-shirt and a random cashmere sweater thrown in for good measure?
One day this will be considered an Heirloom.
And keep that distance while walking ‘roud the hood.
I love that they aren’t allowed the return of toilet paper, especially when purchased by hoarders. Creeps.
There’s no place like home
This kinda creps me out, but surprisingly accurate
Binge watch The Office. Binge watch The Office.
I’d remove Matthew and Keanu and replace with Kyle Chandler. Twice.
No hunting for eggs for cash this year, to take and bring river boat gambling. So much for Holy Saturday. 🙁
They would never… or actually, perhaps.
Maxie is used to this.
Good time to keep up on dusting.
Scary movie. I don’t recommend…but sadly, this is what all the hotels are like now. Empty. I may need to monetize this blog.
Sadly, no one answers the phone and the website keeps crashing.
Use a silk scarf instead!

I’ve decided that I’m going to give up my Binge-Watching list. It’s a favorite and people always ask for it. That will be a blog this week. Need to space these out.

Stay home. Stay safe.




  1. You always make me smile! Backup 6 feet motherf$cker…haha. God bless all of us making it tgruvthis nutty time. Love ya!!

  2. One is better than another! Thanks, TOB!! Stay Healthy! Stay Inside! Save Lives!!

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