Chicago’s in Need of some Gator-Aid

Unless you’ve been living in a swamp, you no doubt have heard about a reptile hanging out in a Chicago lagoon. An Alligator, on the lam, if you will.

Residents and visitors in Chicago have been on the look out for quite an unusual sight: a 4 to 5-foot alligator spotted in a lagoon in Humboldt Park. Officials in Chicago are trying to capture the gator and take it to a zoo for evaluation.

It’s become quite a spectacle. It’s become quite the news story. It’s become quite the sensation.

The best part about this alligator in a Chicago lagoon, are the names that very clever people (not this blogger) have come up with:

Croc Obama

Ruth Gator Ginsberg

Frank Lloyd Bite

Chance the Snapper *** Which was the Winner in the Name that Gator contest, but I think it’s a distance fourth.

As clever as I am…. and we know I’m clever, I cannot come up with any puns better than these. And I’ve tried. Lord knows I’ve tried.

Long Crock Dong as an homage to Sixteen Candles is the best I got.

Since I can’t one-up the former names, I’ve decided to delight you with Alligator and Crocodile jokes.


The good news is an Alligator Wrangler, “Alligator Bob”, a 70-year volunteer is on the case and should catch this savvy gator, who is apparently hiding because of the crowds surrounding the lagoon. And how did the gator get in the lagoon? Not a joke, but a true question. They think it’s because it got too big as a pet, so the owner let it go in the lagoon. The crowds have been arriving in droves. Not a big deal in Florida, but something pretty spectacular in Chicago.

You can’t make this stuff up, but it makes for great blog fodder.

See ya later, gator.



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  1. such a funny post…Chicago will do anything to change their image from guns to glory when finally the Gator is snatched!!

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