You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

But this time we did.

Rolling Stones

In the Pit

With my Favorite Peeps

It does Not get any better than that.

Trippin’ down memory lane

We do like to Pregame
Equal Opportunity Pregaming
Son Bun is much happier than this picture depicts
What better way to arrive than by Pedicab. Patrick needs to put his tongue back in his mouth.

The warm up band, Saint Paul and the Broken Bones (or Arrow as I was referring to them as) was fantastic. They came on stage at 7:30 a full two hours after we arrived to get our spot in the pit. Download their music. Fantastic!

Midnight Ramblers
Terrific Trio
Party of 2 in the Pit
Could barely contain the excitement

We were standing in the Pit 3 1/2 hours prior to the Stones coming on stage. Worth every sore toe, I tell ya.

Cheers to one of the best. nights. ever.

Our view of the stage
Mick…and this was NOT zoomed in. Tiniest man I’ve ever seen. Street Fightin’ Man
My friend Jean posted these pics from her friend’s condo.
End of the concert…before the craziness leaving Soldier Field

When I was told we were going to be in the Pit, I truly thought, no way is that doable. I’m not 20 anymore. Heck, I’m not even 30. The evening flew by. I’d do it again, if given the opportunity, in a heartbeat. It’s only rock and roll…but I like it!

Have a great weekend… I’m just here trying to have the best. summer. ever.



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  1. Sitting here smiling and laughing as I read your joyful post. Loved the comment about no hard liquor based on Bear’s behavior lol. Just super, stay young and fun. Super handsome family, happy that once again you’re having BEST SUMMER EVER~!!

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