My College Graduate

And just like that…I have a college graduate. My Last college graduate. Where in the world did time go? How did my baby grow up so fast? In a blink of an eye…

It felt like 110 degrees. Patrick looks cool as a cucumber. Me…not so much.
Artistic photo
11AM Graduation morning. Miami tradition. Who are we to break tradition?
Grabbing a picture wherever I can!
Day 2 Graduation. Half the boys bagged. Twas a long weekend! 😉
Bottle service. The only way to end a crazy weekend. Makes for looooooooong drive home on Monday! #WorthIt

Such a great weekend. And, as icing on the cupcake, the boys not only played Build me up Buttercup for me, but they followed that up with September, by Earth Wind and Fire. Greatest. Weekend. Ever.

Congratulations Patrick. Make the world proud.




  1. What a special weekend indeed! A big congrats to Patrick and cheers to every happiness and success as he begins his new chapter…and OMG….Build me up Buttercup and September…wishing I was there with you as it had to be such a surprise and very emotional moments:) Love and hugs, Rhonda:)

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