And just like that… a Boy Graduates from College

In 2010 I started this blog, at the urging of my running buddy, Carol, as Meredith was heading off to college and this would help channel my thoughts, my fears, my love of fashion, handbags, shoes and accessories and help fill my “free time”. Nine years later, I never dreamed I’d still be blogging, but also, that my youngest, the baby of the family, my favorite son, Meredith and Maxie’s brother, would be graduating from college. I mean, Oh. My. God. #BasketCase

In lieu of a baby book, I get to blog and post these pictures for all to see, but most importantly, for Sonny Bunny to see and hopefully one day, he can share this will children of his own. He may not see, or not see now, but I’ll make sure he takes a gander. And I will look back on this blog, like I look back on the blog I wrote about Meredith A Girl Graduates From College and like I look back on the 2016 Cubs World Series Compilation, as bookmarks on my computer, as a bookmark of Patrick’s life. As Tracy says, “the lazy mom’s baby book”. I mean, We are graduating from college!! I mean, Oh. My. God. #BasketCase

22 Years in Review

Patrick looks like a doll.
Just a boy and his dog.
That time Meredith pretended Patrick was going to be a model. This picture will always haunt POB.
The good ole days when the Hawks were always in the Playoffs!
A fraternity picture, where he’s actually smiling!
Fly the W! That day the Bears did not Fly the W, but it’s the week the Cubs won the World Series!!
Her last sibling’s weekend!
That time we ate dinner in Malibu next to Oprah.
Riding shotgun
Dad’s weekend! Best. Uncle. Ever!
We see where Patrick got his round head from. 🙂
Pelican Hilling for Paddy’s 21st.
Vineyard Vining
That day we were Segwaying.
Hamilton! Totally lived up to all the hype!

Dear Patrick – I love you with every bit of my heart. You make me proud every day. I will never not worry about you, because you are my Sonny Bunny. Having your whole life ahead of you if a gift and a privilege, do great things. Do good things. Be happy. Soar your wings. The world is your oyster. You can do and achieve anything you choose. Choose wisely. Choose well. I can’t wait to see what we are going to do next! 😉

Song of the Day – Beautiful World – Jim Brinkman – Live Version

An oldie by goodie.

Your winter skin warming in the summer sun
We know within you will stay forever young
You fell asleep under the starlit sea
It’s time to wake up

The moon is high above you
We’re all here ’cause we love you
And when you finally open your eyes and ears
You’ll see and you’ll hear us singing


Love you honey,



  1. Congratulations to Patrick and well said Terry!!! Enjoy graduation weekend…take it all in and be proud that you raised such a fine young man! The world is your oyster…I have been telling my kids that since the were little. XXOO

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