Happy Mother’s Day – 2019


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Spectacular moms out there, who show me by example how to be a better mom.  Speaking of moms, :), I am so thankful to have these two wonderful children who make my heart overflow with love every single day.  I could not be more proud of both of them! Thank you to Mer Mer for hanging with me and showing me a Spectacular weekend…which is still going on!

IMG_0336 A
my 2 sweet munchkins
Ter and Mom

Love and miss my mom always and forever.  Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be a wonderful, loving mother and you did it time five!   I hope you are looking down on your grandchildren, all 11 of them, and beaming with pride.

This handsome boy will be graduating next weekend. I mean, I can’t even comprehend this. And shall not even try.

I remain thankful and grateful for all of life’s blessings.  Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  You are all loved and appreciated more than you will know, but I hope you were shown a portion of it today!





  1. Terry, you are a wonderful “Mom”, passionite friend, cook, housekeeper, dog lover, sports fan, salesperson, fashion coordinator, big sister, fun travel companion and without a doubt, an absolutely incredible woman who loves her family and her friends without stopping to take a breathe. Yes, of this I’m certain. These are the things that only those who truly know can speak of and appreciate your passion for living the RIGHT WAY! With more love and respect than you know ~
    Your Sister-in-Law (without any laws needed)❤️

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to one of the truest friends I have. So many paths, so many ups and downs, but we still can get together and laugh, perhaps while sipping, sometimes guzzling a glass of wine. Happy Mother’s Day my friend.

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