Make Me Up Before You Go Go

I fancy myself a busy gal. What, with all the goings-on that make up my life. Pun intended, btw. Watching Maxie is basically a full-time job, but I’m only paid in giant schnauzer temper tantrums. I have my “real” job, with HPN Global, helping book meetings and conventions, which keeps me pretty busy, but flexible enough that I can still live my life and be my own boss. To satisfy my obsession with handbags and accessories, I joined India Hicks a few years back. I consider myself the best accessorized gal around. I mean, I should…I basically own the entire India Hicks collection. And let’s not even mention 11 years hosting trunk shows for Etcetera. I have closets and closets of clothes. I’d say I have a fairly full life with not much room for much else.


Then October happened. Lunching with friends…let’s call us the Sister Friends, a small group of us were approached about helping launch a luxury cosmetics line. A luxury cosmetics line without the high end prices. I love makeup as much as the next gal, but I’d say I’m more of a “hair” girl. Plus, I really don’t wear much makeup. It takes a good 20 minutes to make it look like I’m not wearing any makeup. 🙂 Not sure if it was the Rose’ talking, but our group decided to Go For It. We were going to be all IN…and I was going to be all IN with as much time as I could share, what with the holidays happening and the Bears on the fast track to the Super Bowl. Oh yeah… that Wild Card game happened. :/ But I digress…

I called my nearest and dearests and we helped build a team. Not a huge team, but a mighty team. We received lab samples of lip balm; liquid lipstick; mascara; overnight lip mask; gold liquid makeup remover. Happiness in a box. I’m not one to wear dark lipstick shades, but I’ve had fun as a gal about town sporting a darker lip. I will probably gravitate back to my lighter shades, but I’m certainly having fun trying new and different products. Or maybe I will stick with the darker shades. I can do anything I want. That is exciting.

Fast-forward to yesterday. VIC Cosmetics launched. Well, we soft-launched. Fabulous lip products in fabulous colors. It took a Village and I was a smart part of that village, but it launched. I’m tickled Pink about this company and the women who I’m working with. But it’s not work, it’s fun. Fun, Shenanigans, Laughter, Getting out of your comfort-zone, hawking lipstick and cosmetics, social media influencing and loving every moment of it. And doing this with some of my very favorite people. Pre-launch is not for the faint of heart, as our fearless leader states, but the end justifies the means.

This is just the beginning

The company plans to revolutionize the Direct Sales Industry.

No Enrollment Fee

No Kit to purchase

No Minimums

No Quotas

No Risk

Vegan; Gluten Free; Non-GMO; Cruelty Free; Made in the USA

If you are interested in this opportunity or want to try some products, and live a little, reach out to me by commenting on the blog.

You can also check out my website:

This is Not my Thumb

That was my shameless plug, updating my blog followers on the T in DressedtoaT. This blog will not, nor ever become a constant sales plug for makeup, hotel rooms, handbags, clothes, shoes, knives…you get the drift. I may pepper some things in every now and then, but I’m committed to sticking to topics of Life, Summer, My kids, My puppy, The Bears, The Cubs and possibly finding out if Jay Cutler got himself a life coach. Because it does remain one of my all-time highest viewed blogs.

Jay Cutler Needs a Life Coach

Speaking of blog views… I’m zeroing in on 2,000,000 Lifetime views. Which is why I will try and remain my feisty, funny and self-deprecating self. It’s all about the views. Today I will hit 2,000,000. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Like my friend, TDL… I am a person who connects fabulous brands with fabulous people.




  1. Geez you just ooze power and energy girlfriend!! Excited to experience your journey, and enjoy your blogging shenanigans. Never a dull moment!!

  2. Best line of the day… and I read it in the tone I know is was said…’this is not my thumb’. 🤣 Let’s go VIC! So exciting!

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