You know what weekend this is?

It’s Mom’s Weekend. My last with Son Bun. Four years and three Mom’s weekends have flown by. After this weekend it will be four and done. I don’t have a lot of photo’s from year’s past, but I have a few. They say the best times don’t have to be photographed, as long as you have the memories…but I do have a few pictures:

Hanging with other fun Moms. Nothing to see here, move along.
First mom’s weekend. This cocktail, I believe, was laced with something horrifying. Slept in Patrick’s dorm room, with a boy’s communal bathroom. In the basement. I believe this drink is called a Trash Can. I felt like Garbage the next day.
Clearly the evening was heating up.
Patrick enjoying his first legal cocktail with his mother. In her “lovely'” room at the Best Western, Oxford. #LivingTheDream

Oopsie… Indiana 2014. Epic Time. Epic.

Just a few gals about town in Bloomington. Oh yeah, still Indiana. Still 2014.
The cutest auction item, I ever did see!

In looking at this weekend, I know I will have fun. I know I will spend time with my favorite guy. I know there will Not be Bartop Dancing, circa Indiana University 2014. There also won’t be a Bloody Mary Bar (circa IU 2014) because the boys don’t want it. There will not be consumption of Trash can Beverages, which guarantee a 5-day hangover, like 2016. There will not be overnights at the Best Western, because I was fortunate enough to get a room at… The best little hotel in Oxford. The Best Western is Not the best little hotel in Oxford. There will be fun. There will be adult beverages. There will be some type of late night food, either Pizza, Jimmy Johns or whatever Son Bun wants. Whatever this weekend brings, I will be All In. This is my last Mom’s weekend and I hope I’m smart enough to enjoy every last moment. Moments don’t last forever, but memories do.

Mom’s weekend 2019…Here I come! Pictures to follow.

Peace Out,


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