The Patriots in the Super Bowl… Again

I’m still getting over the sting that the Bears won’t be in the Bowl. I mean, we never got past the Wild Card game. But I digress…Anywho, once again Tom Brady and the Patriots are in the Super Bowl. Yawn. This is the 9th time Tom Brady will appear in the Super Bowl. Perhaps a bit excessive? I know many people aren’t nearly the fans of Tom Brady that people in New England are. Many are not. Many, many are not. I guess this is how the rest of the world felt when Chicago had Michael Jordan and we won 6 NBA championships in 8 years. But Michael isn’t married to Giselle, so maybe this is why MJ is more likeable than TB? Or maybe because Michael Jordan could fly?

This little nugget passed across my desk and it’s one of the moments when I laugh harder and harder the more I read. Tears streaming down my face. My truly favorite thing. I was out to lunch and shared this with someone and they had the exact same reaction. Well, I knew this needed to be shared, so it’s become a blog.

FOXBORO, MA – JANUARY 22: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots reacts during the second half against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium on January 22, 2017 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Compliments of The Odyssey Online. Hysterical!

30 Things I’d Rather do than watch the Patriots Win another Super Bowl

…Because no one likes the Patriots except the Patriots

  1. Get a Brazilian bikini wax
  2. Be allergic to the sun
  3. Give up chocolate for the rest of my life
  4. Get my wisdom teeth pulled… without anesthetic
  5. Have to speak in front of a class in my underwear
  6. Put my hand in a deep fryer
  7. Have a bloody nose every day for the rest of my life
  8. Use my first ever email address (
  9. Never be able to text again
  10. Have to walk to class in the rain every day
  11. Lose my wallet
  12. Wait in line at the DMV
  13. Be stuck in high school forever
  14. Shave my head
  15. Go without power for a week
  16. Fall off a cliff
  17. Get hit by a car
  18. Run an ultramarathon
  19. Never pet another dog
  20. Walk on legos
  21. Go on a juice cleanse
  22. Have my car break down on the interstate
  23. Bite my tongue over and over
  24. Get a sunburn on my butt
  25. Have to speak without using E’s
  26. Be chased by a clown
  27. Get braces… again
  28. Never eat at Taco Bell again
  29. Drop my phone in the toilet
  30. Throw myself down a flight of stairs

I mean…be chased by a clown? That says something.

As far as the Super Bowl is concerned, I will be sporting a Bears jersey, because this should be another Patriots v Bears Super Bowl. I urge everyone else, who isn’t rooting for the Patriots, like the rest of the world, to do the same. But, I don’t dislike Tom Brady like so many others. I just wish he’d eat some carbs.

Go Bears!




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