A Funny Thing Happened

I had a blog planned and scheduled for this morning at 6AM. Something happened overnight which basically negated my entire blog! What’s a girl to do?

Get up at 4:30 and cancel the blog. #Savvy

On an unrelated note, I’ve had the exact same email response on my iPhone since the dawn of time:

Sent from the Magic of my iPhone

I decided to change it. I’m choosing to use two. One for HPN and one for my personal email, DressedtoaT.

HPN – Sent from the magic of my iPhone, which may or may not magically catch all the typos.

DressedtoaT – Sent on the fly as I’m out trying to make the world a better place…or at least a happier one. 🙂

Thoughts? Comment and I may change to your suggestion. I know, Best. Day. Ever. Plus, if I do choose to use your email signature, I will send you a gift. Not sure what, but it will be fabulous! And gender appropriate.

Happy New Year! And that’s the last time I’ll say it. It’s January 18th, for Pete’s Sake!




  1. DressedToaT -making the world a better place…one smile at a time. Cause you know you make us all smile with your wit and charm!! Glad you saved the day w blog post!

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