Let’s Go Bears!

So excited! Our first playoff game in 10 years! Here’s my dilemma. The Bears have won every game I’ve been in attendance. That’s 7 home games and 1 away game (Vikings and last game of the season). This weekend we play Sunday at 3:40PM. I have an 8AM flight that morning to Pittsburgh for a convention. What’s a girl to do?

Third year in a row we were at the Bears v Vikings game in MN. Always one of the best days of our year!
Celebrating the Bears winning our Division!
Meeting Jarrett Payton, Walter’s son. 🙂
Pre-gaming with my favorite gal.
Literally hottest day of the year. Best home opener, ever!
The gang’s all there…with JP!
Meeting up with friends at Halftime!
First game with all 3 of my brothers. Yes, I’m the youngest. #Duh #MaybeNot

You know what a girl is to do? Change her flight, that’s what. Done! See ya Pittsburgh on Monday. 😉

Let’s Go Bears!




  1. Got goosebumps with your last picture and last line. So glad for you. Wow, super fan for sure. Lots of good times at Soldier Field, will never forget my game with you there!! Go Bears!!!

  2. I remember that game! Madonna or Pink? Stones or Beatles? Thank you for always supporting me!! Go Bears!

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