To Our Delivery Drivers…or Twix are the New Black

As I’ve blogged before, I rarely step foot in a store.  Aside from the grocery store, Costco or Target, I do most of my shopping online. It’s quite sad, actually, because I loved to shop. In stores. Past tense.  Now I do all, or most of my shopping online.  They had me at #FreeShipping.  Many friends have “side hustles” and I like to support them, so it adds many more packages being delivered to our home.  Many, many more.  Hence, the delivery people are basically at my house every day.  Every. Gosh-darned. day. Two years ago I left some treats for the UPS, USPS, Fed Ex and all other drivers.  Last year I dialed it up a notch with a note and a larger variety of treats.


This year I upped my game, including beverages and the candy in a Santa basket.


I pirated the saying from something I saw on Pinterest.  Just a nice way to thank those who make the trek up my driveway, sometimes leaving treats for Maxie and battling the winter weather.  We say, Thank you!

To Our Delivery Warriors

Thank you for making our lives so much easier during the Holidays!  We appreciate all you do.  Please help yourself to some treats!

Because my bathroom faces the front of the house and I have a built-in doorbell (Maxine), I’m able to peek out front and see the delivery people (not always men, btw) walking away with the snacks.  It appears that Twix are the new black.  The first 7 delivery people, whom I saw, walked away with Twix.  Not Snickers, Milky Ways or Three Musketeers.  Twix.  The second round of candy will include Reese’s, so I’m guessing those will be the weekly winners.  I also put out full size candy, though compared to 10 years ago, the new full size is 2008’s fun size.

Some other cute ideas to thank the Delivery Angels:

Happy Shopping!  Thank those who work hard so you don’t have to work hard at finding a parking spot or battling the crowds in the stores!

Gearing up for Sunday Night Football, with my 3 brothers.  Best. Night. Ever!

Go Bears!!



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