Season of Good Deeds

Tis the Season of Giving…

A couple weeks ago, two weeks ago today, in fact, I went to do a pre-Thanksgiving shopping trip to get the first round of items needed for the Thanksgiving dinner and holiday week.  The check out lines were jammed, of course and as usual, I picked the slowest line.  Super slow in fact.  The woman in front of me had two loads of groceries, a small load and a large load, halved by the obligatory grocery divider. Her first load was rung up, but something was amiss.  5 minutes amiss, in fact.  She wasn’t able to find an acceptable form of payment, or a payment that would be accepted by the store.  I had spent this time perusing Pinterest, my emails, Instagram and googling how to pick the fastest grocery line (future blog).  She met my eyes, which honestly were not rolling into my head and sheepishly smiled.  I totally felt her pain and humiliation.  She told the checkout woman to forget that order, which was already bagged, and she’d just get the other items for her “client”.  Her first bag was put under the checkout counter and she paid for the second load with a different Visa card.  She apologized, and hurriedly pushed her cart out to the lot.

My items were rung up and the cashier asked if I wanted to donate to a needy family.  I asked what was in the previous customer’s bag.  She pulled it out and it was 2 bags of generic sandwich creme cookies and a two-quart bottle of ginger ale.  Not the makings of a crazy party.  Not a bottle of Titos.  Not bags of Oreos.  Not even Doritos.  Generic Sandwich Cremes and Ginger Ale.

I said, ring ’em up with mine and I rushed to the parking lot to find my gal.  She was slight, and I knew those generic cookies weren’t for her. I was more likely to eat those cookies.  Probably not even the Ginger Ale was for her.  I found her in the lot, getting into her car from the passenger side.  A very old model car, which didn’t appear to have a driver’s side door that opened.  I said, “Excuse Me, these are yours.  Happy Thanksgiving”.  She looked at me and said, “You don’t have to do that”.  I smiled and said, “Have a magical holiday”.  She smiled back, hugged me and we both went on our merry little ways.  I figured those cookies were for her child(ren) as was the Ginger Ale.

The truth is, that little “good deed”, felt so much better for me than it could have possibly felt for her.  It reminded me that it truly is better to give than receive, which we all know is true, but it’s always good to be reminded of it.  I wish I had put some cash in the bag.  Woulda.  Coulda.  Shoulda.

Spread love.  Spread kindness.  Start today and do it every day through the holiday.  Then continue if you choose.  It’s like Hallmark Christmas Movies all the time.  I can think of Nothing better!

Gearing up for the Bears v Rams game.  Giddy with excitement because the night is going to be EPIC!

What a great man. Thank you for your service sir. 😢

Make yourself happy.  Do a good deed for someone else.

Merry Merry!





  1. You sweetheart. I love that story. NOT thinking in case you didn’t find her you’d have a few cookies of your own lol. 💕

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