Snowed In…

‘Twas the morning of November 26th at 5AM and I knew it had been snowing all night long.  Probably 14 hours straight.  I opened the front door to take out the Beast…I mean, Maxie and this is what I saw.  This was already After our driveway had been plowed and the walkway shoveled at 1:15AM.  Yikes.  There was no way I was getting past those tree branches.  Nor was anyone else for that matter.  At least to live to tell about it.

Enter… the UPS Man.  Neither snow, nor sleet, nor fallen branches could stop this man.  Twice.  Yes, twice.  He delivered a package, prior to 10AM…and came back at 11:45.  I happened to see the UPS truck in front of my house and went onto the porch and warned him not to come up the walk, as he’d be taking his life into his own hands, like a UPS driver before him.  Lo and behold, he was the same guy.  He even admitted it.  He delivered a package before the guarantee of 10AM, then at 11:45 had a few more packages to deliver.  He takes his job seriously.  He understands I’m a good consumer.

As Megan said…”that guy deserves a prize!”  Speaking of prizes and delivery guys, I will repost last year’s blog on taking care of the delivery people, later this week.  I’m prepping my goody basket today.


Come on by!  All cleared for deliveries, dog walking, Carolers, Publisher’s Clearing House, neighbors stopping by for wine, Kyle Chandler…but No Solicitors. 🙂

Happy Giving Tuesday.



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