Leftover Halloween Candy?

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Dealing With Leftover Halloween Candy? Donate It to American Troops and First Responders

Americans indulged their sweet tooth in a major way this Halloween, spending an estimated $76.05 per person on candy this season—much of it intended for front porch distribution. Rather than confronting a weepy child with an empty bowl because they bought too little, shoppers tend to buy in bulk. Come November, that can mean pounds of sugar-packed temptation still sitting in the house.

The good news: You can remove the risk to your waistline and do some good at the same time. A number of charitable organizations take leftover candy and send it to troops stationed overseas. Operation Gratitude (https://www.operationgratitude.com/express-your-thanks/halloween-candy/) has set up a number of drop-off centers around the country—you can search by zip code—to accept your extra treats. Once collected, they’ll send them to both troops and first responders. In past years, the group has collected more than 500,000 pounds of goodies.

Often, drop-off locations will be located in dental offices as a way of reminding everyone of the perils of tooth decay from excess sugar consumption. Some dentists even offer buy-back programs, paying as much as $1 for each pound returned.

Click on the blue link and you can zoom in on the map in the website for a local drop off location.

While there is never leftover wine, sometimes, not always, but sometimes there’s leftover Halloween candy. We had 8 trick or treaters.  8.  That’s pathetic.  I realize in my neighborhood, you can’t get as much bang for your buck because the homes are a bit spread out, but “back in the day” when my kids were trick or treating, my friend Linda and I would actually pile the kids in her SUV, with “coffee” in our cups and drive through the neighborhood.  Actually there probably was coffee in our cups, but wine for the post treating party.  There were so many more kids in our neighborhood at that time.  With friends in tow, we had upwards of 100 trick or treaters.  Not any more.  8 is such a lonely number.

My friend Colleen spoke about throwing it away, but Stephanie shared a much better idea!  I’ve actually also returned unopened bags of candy, just to get it out of the house (and put some coin back in my pocket), but in the spirit of giving, I’m planning on donating the leftover candy.  Works with the motto of Making America Kind Again.  Donate the candy!




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