Be Elegant

100 Ways to Be Elegant…and for all you politicians out there with all your negative ads, this is for you.  What ever happened to standing on your own convictions and platform and not taking down the other guy.  Many of the other guys are doing a great job of taking down themselves, not need to pile on the heap! I’m so over this political season/year/years…be elegant. Please.

100 ways to be elegant

I love most of these…and I am desperately behind on thank you notes, so I’m delighted by this reminder. I’m catching up on those when I’m done penning this blog.  I could dissect this list, but, again, it’s pretty spot on.

Savor the moment.  Be elegant.  Like Maxie.

Coming off a crazy and fun-filled weekend.  Elton John with Mer Mer, my BFF and one of my godchildren.


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  The concert was nothing short of Amazing!

Tailgating before a great Bears game.  4-3, and we could be 7-0 because we were “this close” to winning the 3 we lost!

Twinning with our hats while pre-gaming before our tailgate.

Waiting the arrival of my very favorite guy for an epic weekend and a family dinner including our gal. You know what?  It’s gonna be the best weekend ever!!  And we get an extra hour of weekend!



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