I Love Fall!



I love summer.  I mean, I really love summer.  I truly miss it when it’s in the rearview mirror.  I had a great summer. I spent lots of time with my kids, though it never seems enough.  I floated on a noodle…both in a lake and in a pool.  I went to a few Cubs games.  I went to the Racetrack.  I went to California.  I went to Miami.  I got a bit tan.  My hair got lighter, though my body did not.  I remodeled my office, which included painting the desk, credenza and filing cabinet…as well as my college trunk. I had fun with my friends.  I went to a few concerts.  I had fun with my family.  I smooched my pooch, every single day.  I may have saved a life.  I went to several movies.  Some good (Life of the Party).  Some, not so great (Tag). I worked.  I played.  I sang.  I became wiser.  I blogged.  I didn’t blog.   I really love summer!  I loved my summer.


But now it’s Fall…And yes, I think this is the only picture I have of my and the kids this summer.  No worries, we spent more time enjoying the summer than taking pictures of it.


The air is crisp.  The sunsets are magical. My fall mum plants are getting enormous…Pictures to follow in future blog.  I’m starting to wear leggings and boots!  Scarves and sweaters!! My Bears are playing and actually playing pretty well.  Looks like it’s going to be an exciting October for my Cubs.  Hockey season is starting.  This is going to be an amazing Fall!!  This is going to be the Best. Fall. Ever.


I love this Fall Bucket list. I will do all of these!  I may even christen our fire pit!  We can use all our old yearbooks as kindling. S’mores all day.  I love September but I’m excited for October!


Crisp air, pretty leaves, sweaters and boots, football, pumpkins and coffee.

I love Fall!

Go Bears!!




  1. You just make me smile. Love your kids pics and recap of summer. A grateful gal is a happy gal. Bucket list inspiration, thank you thank you!!

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