Today is a Great Day!


One of my favorite days of the year!  And I have a lot of favorite days!

What’s been keeping me so busy that I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like?  I have absolutely No idea!  I guess, just Life, but I’ve been pretty busy as well.

Went to a couple of Bears games:


Home opener.  I believe it was 131 degrees in my seats.  We handedly beat the Seahawks in a great game.  A bit balmy, but a great game!  So, let’s briefly discuss the Bears and the NFL.  The Bears lost in the season opener to the Packers after basically giving the game away in the second half.  The Bears played well, but Aaron Rodger played better.  At the end of the day, it’s a game.  We all love our sports teams, but it’s a game.  It’s fun to root for your team, but some people take this to a whole different level. Someone actually posted about the “Bears fans cheering Rodgers’ injury”.  Hey!  No one cheers for another players injury.  Were Bears fans happy that Aaron Rodgers, a future Hall of Fame quarterback wasn’t playing for part of the game?  Of course.  Did Bears players actually take glee in the fact the Aaron Rodgers got hurt?  Of course not.  To indicate such is ridiculous and brings out really unbecoming behavior and more ridiculous social media posts.  Quite frankly, I’m tired of it.  Saying, “The Bears fans can suck it, eat that crow and choke it down with shame”, takes rooting for your own team (the Packers in his case) to a really nasty level.  It’s a game, people!

Here’s a PSA for all you NFL fans.  Don’t be a jerk while rooting for your team.  And don’t rub a loss in someone’s face.  That’s unbecoming and you don’t want to be unbecoming. Can’t we all get along, even if we root for different teams?  Yes, we can.

CunniffFest 2018

Entire Clan41396897_10156468121554627_4066882581004550144_n41338985_1746836938767312_29127282790498304_n

I hosted a Family Reunion at my house, for my first cousins.  50 people and oh what a night it was!  One of the happiest nights of my year!

My new favorite show


I started and finished watching The Americans.  If you haven’t seen this TV show, watch it now.  It’s on FX.  You can buy FX Plus, for $  All you need is one month if you are as dedicated as I was to watching and finishing this 6-season series.  Yes, they used my picture in this ad. 😉  Or, you can watch for free on Amazon Prime, which I found out after I purchased FX Plus.  I literally sobbed during the finale.  Sobbed.  Again, I highly recommend this show!



Earth, Wind and Fire!  Ran into some of Colleen’s friends, which made for a fun photo op!  Do you remember, the 21st night of September?

Took in a fun (and winning) Cubs game. 


Hanging out with some gals we went to school with. 😉  We won, which they basically do every time I attend.  #AllIn



Maxie continues to be a large part of the joy in my day.  Saturdays are for the Good Girls.

Dad’s Weekend at Miami University


Another Dad’s weekend in the books!  The last for Paddy. <3  While this didn’t make me too busy to blog, I feel like I was a part of it, so it makes the blog!

Today is My  Birthday….Happy Birthday to Me….


Sonny Bunny coming home to celebrate with me and Mer Mer, who is turning 27 next week!


Best. Weekend. Ever.

Have a happy friday.  I know I will!

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  1. To the QUEEN of blogging and life adventures, happy birthday!! Loved your NFL fan analysis. Cheers on that and your fun pics and jokes. Keep rolling dear Terry, you are getting as much joy out of life as you share with the rest of us that are lucky to call you friend.

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