Empty Nest…

And just like that…they’re gone.   Where did time go?  How did they grow up so fast?  In a blink of an eye, my children are adults.  Am I ready for this next chapter?  I’ll certainly have fun trying to figure that out.  After I stop crying, that is.  #MissingMyMerMer #MissingMySonnyBunny






    • I think I need to have you, Lisa and Miss Olson over! Let’s put a date on the calendar!!

  1. Hey you, lots of thoughts on this sweet post…well, you know I’m in a similar boat…and I like your statement you’ll have fun figuring out your next chapter. It will be an amazing chapter for both of us as long as our heads and hearts are open to happiness from the universe. Glass half full my dear! Plus, they’re never really gone and will always be our sweet kids, bringing joy to our lives from near or far. So cheers my friend to an exciting new future! (P.S. come see me in Knoxville some weekend, the Smoky Mountains are an inspirational place to reflect and rejuvenate.) XOXO

    • I think the Smoky Mountains is just what I need! Always glass half full! Miss my friend and running partner!! xoxo

  2. Now you get to know your “true self” which can be very helpful…or the start of a new nightmare 🙂 Be proud that you have two great kids and you’ve raised them well !! Cheers !

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