Great Day Affirmations

Because my Partner in Crime is not here with me this morning to read our morning affirmation.  I thought I’ll just post this and she can see it when she reads my blog.

Missing my Mer Mer…She was the best roommate ever. 🙂  Now, she’s off, spreading her wings and “adulting” out in life.  Boy, we sure did have some fun.

Da Bears





Wedding Fun

James Taylor

Rooftop for Mer Mer’s Golden Birthday

A Fabulous Friday Cubs Game!

Visiting my gal in Indy


NFL Combine

Mexico Mayhem.


Go Cubs!  It wasn’t our year, but this year it just may be!


Check out the India Hicks Supreme Summer Sale.  Sensational!!


Happy Friday.  Treasure these days of summer.

Today, I will win!




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