I Declare…And Vol. I of #TerryTales

And there you have it!


TerryTales – Vol. I

Last weekend we went to a fabulous graduation party.  I decided Vodka/Soda would be my beverage of the evening.  After I downed the first one in all of 6 minutes, I quickly got a second, as it was a hot, balmy late afternoon.  The second slipped down super fast.  I felt nothing.  Not one bit of alcohol blushing.  Hmmm… I figured it out.  The kids at the house had drank the vodka and replenished the bottle with water.  I figured it was my civic duty to let the Host and Hostess in on this party foul.  The hostess with the mostess was Horrified… I mean, her parties are the Bomb. This should never happen.  She immediately approached the bartenders to handle this problem and make sure “real vodka” was being served.  The bartender did what any other professional drinker would do…he did a “shot” of the watered down vodka.  Only it wasn’t watered down.  It was straight vodka.  Oopsie.  Perhaps living with two drinking-age adults, who may pour with a rather “heavy hand”…has caught up with me.  I switched to Chardonnay that evening! 😉

Happy Friday.





  1. My dad always said to drink so you can always taste the booze .. . so you remember that you’re drinking alcohol! And, stay away from the frou-frou drinks, kid, cuz you know how boys can be! 🙂

  2. Oh my, I love Terry Tales!! Perfection, silly shenanigans put me in the mood for the weekend!
    From your very smart friend,
    Carol S.

  3. And my dad used to toast his work buddy with manhattans at each Wednesday’s late lunch…”purely for medicinal purposes.” I love Terry Tales, keep em coming. Silly shenanigans put me in the mood for a fun weekend.
    From your very smart friend,
    Carol S.

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