Kate Spade…The Handbag of My Life

Love this message put out by Kate Spade New York, after the passing of Kate Spade.  I cannot believe how many people reached out to me when news hit that Kate Spade had been found dead after an apparent suicide.  Kate Spade was within our age group.  As many said, it was the handbag that said, “You made it”.  It was affordable luxury. It was “the bag” to have.

When I look back upon the handbags of my life, my adult life, these favorites pop to mind.

My Kate Spade Backpack, which was my Chicago Bears go-to bag, until the NFL instilled the “No purse bigger than a 4×6 index card” rule.  I’ve had this about 18 years and will never get rid of it.

My baby Sam bag.  One of my favorites to bring to evening outings.  I’ve also lent it out numerous times and my friends seem to love it as much as me.  I love getting it back and finding treasures left in it.  Like a vicodin.  KIDDING!  Like an Advil or mint (wrapped, of course). 🙂

My sequined clutch.  Would take me from day to night.  Yes, you can wear sequins in the daytime.  I always encourage it.

Loved my black sequined clutch so much, I got a multi colored one.  I’ve also gifted one to numerous friends because I just love this clutch so much!  Gives you that pop of color!

Pop, Fizz, Clink!  My favorite clutch!!

I also have Kate Spade shoes; earrings; necklaces; bracelets; iPad cover; sandals; dress; sweater; hat; scarf; mittens; coat; teapot; frame; serving platters; cocktail glasses; cocktail plates; trinket trays; notebooks; coffee table books; flask…You see where this is going.  I have Kate Spade everything.  She is and will always be, my very favorite designer.  Affordable luxury, especially when there was a big sale on katespade.com.

I know she sold her entire interest in her brand in 2006, but I like to think the brand was emulating what she would have loved.  I’m hoping they will still embody who she is.  Who she was.  A fashion icon for my generation.  For our generation.

Words to Live By – Kate Spade

Kate Spade…

Loss of a true fashion icon.  My favorite fashion icon.  Mental illness is back in the news and hopefully this will shed new light on this horrible disease and encourage those who need help, to get it.  We need to talk about mental health, depression and suicide. Eliminate the shame. There is no shame.  We all matter.

Be kind.



  1. She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne…my favorite…well done Terry, thanks for sharing. Kate made your life a bit more bubbly, may that continue!

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