Is Chivalry Dead?

Is Chivalry dead?  Well, I like to think not, as I tend to be a glass half full type of gal.  However, recent life occurrences may prove otherwise.  No names used to protect the innocent…or, not so innocent, as the case may be.

Every now and then, my street floods if there is a heavy downpour.  We have a drain in front of our house and we are the house in the middle of our cul-de-sac.  When heavy rains bring debris from both ends of the street down to the middle, it clogs the drain in front of my house and water rises at a feverish pace.  This happened this week when we had 5″ of rain in about an hour.  Our street ended up flooded.  Patrick and I jumped to the rescue, with rain gear on, complete with Hunter boots, rain coat and rain hat (Me)…while Patrick had on Timberland boots and a wind breaker and baseball hat.  For the record, I was better and more appropriately dressed, though my Nike shorts under my rain slicker, with my rain boots wouldn’t put me on a Best Dressed List.  But I digress.

Not Me

Sonny Bunny and I waded into the street and with our hands and rakes, were clearing out the drains.  Typically this works and the water recedes and we have a dry street within minutes.  Not so much this week.  We were out there for 30 minutes waiting for the water to subside.  A friendly, yet unhelpful policeman watched from the safety and dryness of his police vehicle and Mer Mer, coming home from work, had to park in the neighbors driveway, because 12″ of rain in the street (to the top of my Hunters) was too much to drive through…

But not for my neighbor.  Picture this, me and my son, are knee-deep in water clearing out the drains to help the flooded street.  My neighbor, driving a car which costs more than the median cost of a house in Miami, decides to drive through the flooded street while we are soaking wet from the downpour of rain cleaning the drains and just drives through.  Slowly, but he drives through the flooded street, making a small wake.  Does he lower his window and offer us his thanks.  Nope.  Does he offer to help.  Nope.  Does he gives us a Thumbs Up?  Nope. Does he say he’s in an Armani suit and needs to go home and put his jogging suit on so he can come back and assist?  Nope.  He just drives through like we are sanitary workers doing our paid job.  #NotImpressed.  Mer was able to drive into our driveway and was also helping.  It took the 3 of us, 20 minutes, and this was after Patrick and I were out there for 30 minutes.


Is Chivalry dead?

I like to think not.  Certainly not with these two young men who brightened their Mom’s evening by going bar-hopping with us.  🙂  The real reason for the delayed blog this AM.  Momma wasn’t feeling at the top of her game.

Hendrick’s and Tonic with blood oranges.  The drink of the summer.  And Rose.  Rose all day.  But last night it was pre-gaming with Maxie and Hendrick’s and Tonic(s).

And a few snacks.  Next time I may need more snacks.  Words to live by.

Have a great weekend!




  1. CERTAINLY NOT DEAD! That guy is just a %@&#$ – Sonny Bunny would have helped, my husband would have helped – correction, my husband would have sent YOU in the house and helped Patrick. And so would several of the young men I know. Including “my” Patrick. Can’t believe it/won’t believe it and will continue to do whatever it takes to keep thanking those who DO step up.
    (And I’m sure you STILL looked great! 😍)

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