Memorial Day

My father fought in World War II as a member of the U.S. Navy. He would tell us the story that when the war ended, his ship was coming back to the U.S.  and they were headed to San Francisco.  It was a very foggy day and they couldn’t see what was ahead of them.   All the sailors were on deck and all of a sudden, the fog lifted and they saw the Golden Gate Bridge.  He said it was the most magnificent moment, seeing this enormous bridge.  What a welcome back to his country!


The fog had lifted and this is what the sailors saw…The Golden Gate Bridge.

The sailors all gathering to see what was ahead.  What a sight it was.

Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Heading into Fisherman’s Wharf.  You can see Coit Tower. This gives me the chills.

The caption on the back of this photo indicated, “Night of the Party – May”. My father is second from the left on the bottom.  I believe that most of his fellow servicemen enjoyed the libations of the evening and they all headed out and got tattoos.  My father did not follow the crowd and stayed back.  He used to say, had he went out with the crowd, he too would have ended up with a tattoo.  It’s a story I tell my children often.

He always loved dogs and is bonding with one on the ground in San Francisco.

These photos may not be the greatest, but my father sure was.

God Bless America!




    • As Lynnette said… the greatest generation! My father actually lied about his age, he was 17, and was supposed to be 18 to go into service. The greatest!

  1. My father also was in the Navy in World War II . He use to tell us great stories nothing about the battles.
    Miss him everyday. That was one outstanding generation.

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