Thanking the Delivery Folks

Aside from Costco, Target or Mariano’s, I rarely step foot in a store.  It’s quite sad, actually, because I loved to shop.  In stores.  Now I do all, or most of my shopping online.  They had me at #FreeShipping.  My gas tanks gain is the UPS person’s loss.  My postal deliverer’s loss.  Fed Ex’s loss.  Amazon deliverer’s loss.  You get the picture.  We keep those delivery folks hopping!  And sometimes running away because of Maxie’s bark!



I pirated the saying from something I saw on Pinterest.  Just a nice way to thank those who make the trek up my driveway, sometimes leaving treats for Maxie and battling the winter weather.  We say, Thank you!

To Our Delivery Warriors

Thank you for making our lives so much easier during the Holidays!  We appreciate all you do.  Please help yourself to some treats!

My friend Tulcy has also done this for several years.  Because she lives in Scottsdale, she can leave chocolate, which won’t get freezer-burned!  She has to replenish her bag daily!



Today will be the best day ever!  Why?  Because Sonny Bunny comes home for six weeks!  And we have lots of fun, shenanigan, tomfoolery and a few trips planned.  Can’t wait!


Happy Shopping!  Thank those who work hard so you don’t have to work hard at finding a parking spot or battling the crowds in the stores!




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