Vested for the Fall


I never thought Fall would arrive.  At least here in Chicago.  We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here and temperatures that have rarely dipped below 70 degrees.  Well, fall has arrived…and with a vengeance.  Cold weather, crisp air, falling leaves and sadly, some chilly rain.  But no worries, this means I can bring out some of my favorite fall fashion finds.  One being, the “puffer vest”…Or “quilted vests”, but I like Puffer.  The good news about these vests, is most are not truly “puffer” vests, as the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters (original one) pops to mind.  A puffer vest, without too much puff. A quilted vest, and one that we can refer to as a Puffer Vest.

What I find in wearing these vests, don’t wear anything too bulky underneath.  When something has the word “puffy” in the title, I’d tend to steer away from overly bulky sweaters and sweatshirts underneath.  But that’s just me…someone who isn’t looking to appear more “puffy”.

A Turtleneck; Flannel; Blouse; Light Sweater…all good options.

What I most like about these vests, is because the arms aren’t cloaked, it’s almost like you aren’t wearing a coat.  #Freedom. I also don’t button (or zip) up the vest. Light and airy! 😉

Wear it open.  Don’t button or zip up.  Again, wear it open.

Also, pair with a cute scarf and you are good to go.  Hello Fall!


Will totally wear this to a Bears game!


Denim shirts are all the rage, but not with me.


Just ordered myself a Navy Vest.  Will be all decked out for the Bears v Packers game!



Army green is a great neutral.


Complete with Hunters.


Monochromatic with a cute hat.

Love, love, love this pop of Yellow!


We <3 Fall

I think this is one of my favorite looks.



There is another blog devoted to styling your puffy vest.  I borrowed a picture from this blog.  Some looks may not be quite “Dressed to a T”, in my opinion, but again this is Dressed to a T, but you may find you fancy them.

Additional Style Tips

Where to Buy

Click on these pictures and it will take you to the link to buy these vests.

Old Navy  $29.


LuLu Lemon  $169


J. Crew $120


Gap $45.

My Recent Binge-Watching List

The Sinner



Will and Grace – funnier the second time around



Get Vested for Fall!  Go Bears!







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