Thank You Cubs for a Great Year!

Let’s not be sad we didn’t make it to the World Series.  Let’s be grateful we made it to the NLCS, three years in a row.  That’s phenomenal!  Let’s celebrate game 5 of the NLDS which proved to be almost as stressful as game 7 of the 2016 World Series.  I’m so happy I was able to watch that game with Mer Mer and Paddy, even though that caused me to get 2.5 hours of sleep the night before a crack of dawn flight.  So worth it!

I’m over the moon I was able to attend a NLCS playoff game with two of my favorites and our enthusiastic Cubs fan and designated driver.  #LastMinutePlansAreTheBest!  The Cubs may have lost that game (first playoff game that I’ve ever attended, in person, that they did Not win) but what a night it was.  What a train ride it was, complete with Veuve Cliquot and non-stop laughter.  What a year it has been, watching our Cubs complete with a variety of libations and non-stop laughter.  I loved reading what everyone posted and how, once again, everyone was a Cubs fan!  #FlyTheW!

Thank you to Carl Edwards Junior (CEJ) for giving me and others, some of our best material this year:



“I have a cruise booked Thursday and it’s non-refundable.  Put in Carl Edwards Junior” @ Joe Madden

Do not run onto the field to stop him from getting to the mound @TerryOBrien, I repeat, do NOT approach the mound. – TLS

“CEJ! Oh No”! – Mer Mer

That being said, CEJ is as good guy.  He’s had some great games and pitched in Game 7 of last year’s World Series.  I believe he may have become a victim of Joe Madden’s over-managing his bullpen.  I love this article he (CEJ)  wrote…WARNING, it will make you cry.  Carl Edwards Jr. may just be my very favorite Cubs player. <3

Why I Fly The W


My friend Jane posted this and I love this so much, she said I could use this:

2 years ago I was heartbroken when the Cubs lost this series. I’ll never forget last year when our eldest called to congratulate me on the Cubs World Series championship. He truly didn’t understand why I was crying the morning after. “ I truly never thought I would see this day!” I am a Chicago sports fan. I don’t waiver. I was born in Wrigleyville and my heart will always be there. My heart sank tonight as the innings went by. Top of the 9th Jessica texted me “ There’s always last year “. I love my girl who’s glass is always 3/4 full! Never want to hear again there’s always next year!!! I have no doubt
108 years will not pass before we see the banner flying above Wrigley 💙.

Amen Jane and Amen Jessica!

Let’s rejoice that the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, which remains one of the happiest nights of my life.  A night I shared with my darling daughter (and Patrick via text) and an evening and a series I shall never, ever forget.

Even Maxie got into the spirit!  #CubsPuppa

A few pics from some of the games we attended this year


Bleacher Bums

Our first game of the season.  Cold, rainy, but so much fun!!

Hanging at Rizzo’s before Game 4 of the NLCS.

Yet another reminder why I don’t wear baseball hats.  🙂


It’s always fun to relive last year…a little jaunt down memory lane:



Game 1 of the NLCS

Rooftop shenanigans with my #SoleSister

Game 1 of the NLDS with Connie.  One of the most fun nights of my life!

Mer Mer’s birthday soire.

Just the gals.

My favorite tweet from the night of Game 7 of the World Series.

It really was our year!

The Blackhawks showing their Cubs spirit!!

Field Museum getting into the Cubs groove.

Yeah…winning is pretty damn fun.

So is attending the World Series parade with my #1 gal.


Don’t worry Cubs fans…there’s always last year…and next year!!

Thank you Cubs!  Cheers to next year.  It’s gonna be our year!

Go Bears!  I have put away my Cubs sweatshirts, jersey and t-shirts.  I have changed back my profile pictures.  I am moving on!  And I shall go back to blogging about Fashion, Life and any thing that happens to cross through my mind…now that I got my October back!  Carol is getting her groove back and I’m getting my October back.  I’m good with that. 😉




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