Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall!

Some fun bucket items to welcome and enjoy fall.  We will be christening our new Fire Pit this weekend.  S’mores and hot dogs.  Of course our weather in Chicago at 95 degrees, will rival the heat of the fire pit, but no matter.  Will still be a magical weekend.  College boy will be sliding home later today and we will begin ramping up for Mer Mer’s birthday.

Thank you for all the wonderful, funny, sassy and thoughtful birthday wishes.  I truly mean this, I feel grateful, blessed and so fortunate to continue this journey called Life.

If you follow me on Instagram, (@terryobrien.22 or my “business” one @dressedtoat )you saw this post, at least on my personal IG.    This is what I woke up to on my birthday compliments of my sweet daughter.  Flowers, Cakebread chard, Cupcakes, gold-wrapped gift and this beautiful card.  I truly am the most blessed mom.  Ever! ❤ ❤ ❤

Goodbye Summer.  Hello Fall.  Let’s make it the best one ever, shall we?





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