The Daily Affirmation

Earlier this year, Meredith starting giving Maxie a Daily Affirmation.

You’re beautiful

You’re smart

You’re a good girl

I love you

Take care of your Momma

She did this every morning before leaving for work.  Maxie will sit up straight on the couch and Mer will look into her eyes and give her the affirmation.

Maxie loves it.  Her day is not complete without her Affirmation. Of course, when Patrick came home for the summer, Meredith had to amend the affirmation to include:

Take care of your Momma and your brother.

There has only been one other amendment to the Daily Affirmation.

You’re brave

This falls under my own Mom’s favorite saying:

If you think you can or think you can’t…you’re right.  It’s a Henry  Ford quote, but my Mom used it all the time.

Maxie can be a bit of a nervous Nelly and can be afraid of her own shadow…until someone she doesn’t know, or like, comes to the house, then she turns into a crazy guard dog.  But I digress…So Meredith decided to tell Maxie that she’s Brave in her daily affirmation.  I think it’s helped. 😉

Well, this week, my Sonny Bunny heads back to college.  Where did summer go?  We were just having the time of our lives in San Diego!  This picture proves it.  But, it was time to caravan to Oxford, OH.  A caravan of 2, but nonetheless, a caravan.  I was giving some thought as to what to write in my letter to him.  The letter I write each year, that I stash in his room (Mer’s room when I did it for her) and include some “walking around money”.  What, pray-tel do I write to my son, whom I have affectionately been calling, my Sonny Bunny?  The child who brings me nothing but love and joy?

And it came to me.

You’re handsome

You’re smart

You’re a good boy

You’re brave

Take care of yourself

I love you

There you have it.  His daily affirmation!  Compliments of Mer Mer (my other source of love and joy), but tweaked for the occasion.  He can read it every day, if he needs his affirmation!

On a side note… a very Happy Birthday to Zack!  Happy 26th!



I love and miss you, my Sonny Bunny!



An oldie, but goodie….and this still applies.


  1. Great commentary all around, TOB . . . however, don’t be surprised if POB makes a slight edit from boy to man! xoxo

  2. These boys are certainly a wonder. Growing before our eyes and we see the results of all we’ve poured into them. Thank you God for Sonny Bunnies and Mer Mers and Brians and Kevins! And TO’s xoxox’s too.

  3. Apparently I was meant to find your blog…our two car caravan dropped off our sweet boy in Oxford last Thursday!!! While you raise them to leave the nest, it doesn’t make it any easier!!! I write my son daily (and often have a good cry when I do) but wouldn’t have it any other way:)) Fun and funny blog!

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