10 Worst Things About Summer

We are halfway done with summer…actually, more than halfway done.  We’ve had some great weather (here in Chicago) as well as some not-so-great weather.  Some pretty horrible storms, but also some days where you wake up and realize just how happy you are to be alive and live in Chicago…best city in the world.  There’s something about summer, with tanned skin, lightened hair, sunshine, rainbows when it rains, outdoor activities, BBQ’s with friends, Cubs games, that makes it really unbecoming to complain about summer.  In the winter we can complain about the cold, the ice on the roads, the lack of sunshine, the grumpiness of those who are stuck inside, that make it more acceptable to complain.  Though, it’s not always becoming to complain, but it does happen.  So, I was tickled when someone sent me this article, which was from last year about the 10 Worst Things About Summer. 🙂

Enjoy!  My comments in RED.

10 Worst Things About Summer from Pure Wow

Have you ever noticed that it’s totally socially unacceptable to complain about summer? (It’s like saying you hate puppies…or Beyoncé.) Well, here at PureWow, we’re all about breaking taboos. Presenting, the ten worst things about everyone else’s favorite season.  I think Kate Middleton is so much more interesting and much more beautiful than Beyonce.  Of course Beyonce is lovely and talented, but all this “breaking the internet”?  I don’t get it. 

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

1. Sitting on a city bench in really short shorts.  Or sitting anywhere on a Bleacher.

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

2. Your coworker who’s trying natural deodorant.  I have Never understood the obsession with “natural deodorant”.  Which is an oxymoron, btw.  

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

3. Firing up the grill and realizing you’re out of propane. This has happened to us numerous times.  We solved this problem by forking out the cash to own 2 Propanes.  Then realized one Propane had the wrong attachment, so we couldn’t use it.  $60 down the drain, or taken to the land of Propanes that no longer work. 

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

4. Hot-dog legs.  The 2013’s called, they want these stupid pictures back.  

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

5. Discovering that “rustic cabana” means “unair-conditioned”.  Un airconditioned is the worst phrase, ever.  

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

6. That spot you missed on your lower back.  Tanning beds are Not good for you…

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

7. Walking outside and immediately getting pit stains. Light blue shirts (or dresses) are the absolute worst!

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

8. Beach traffic. Cubs traffic. 

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

9. Water parks. John Pinette’s bit on water parks, is one of the funniest comedic skits, ever.  

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

10. The sound of the ice cream truck. (Admit it: It’s driving you to an early grave.) I was leaving a fabulous event, given by Loews Hotels, and there was a Good Humor truck outside the hotel.  Nothing says Summer like an ice cream truck.  I don’t think one has ever been on Polo Dr. #FirstWorldProblems

Winners of the And You Get a Book Blog, will have their books being shipped today! No, I did not finish them all, so sending some even though I haven’t read. I thought I’d be able to read more than I have by now… Not so much!  Megan, Carol, Jane, Lee and Rita…Enjoy!

Hope you are having a great summer!  I know I am!





Source:  The 10 Worst Things About Summer | Permission granted to complain about the heat | PureWow National

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  1. Your blogs always make me laugh, thank you friend. The water park video is fantastic. Enjoying summer big time in TN. TGIF!!

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