Bleacher Bums

Once upon a time, I thought it would be fun to buy bleacher seats for a Cubs game.  I love the Cubs and I enjoy being able to sit down in a seat to watch the game.  Have a cup holder for my beer, have some leg room and not have to touch the person next to me with my legs.   You see where I’m going here.

We showed up at 1:15PM for a 1:20PM game.  Apparently this was 3 hours too late.  I guess we were supposed to show up 3 hours before game time, to wait in line  to get the good seats.  We barely showed up 3 minutes before game time.

This was Not us.

The deal with the bleacher seats is this:

  1. You do not have an assigned seat
  2. There are no backs on the seats
  3. People can spread out and use up 2 or 3 “seats”.  Four if they’re being super rude.
  4. There is “Security” who can help ask people to scoot over, but they really are no help.
  5. If you show up 3 minutes before the game, you basically do Not get to sit in the bleachers.

Here’s my gripe.  If I pay $80, per “seat”, I’d like a seat.  I realize that Bleachers do not have backs on them, so I’m forgiving them that.  But, really, Bleacher seats need to be assigned seating.  Or at least by section and row.  I believe there was assigned seating for the bleachers during the Playoffs and World Series.  Have I mentioned the Cubs won the World Series in 2016? 😉

Not sure why there are not assigned seats during the regular season.  Especially during a holiday week or on a Friday. I’m still puzzled by this.  I paid as much for these seats as I have for 300-level seats.  Those seats were actual seats.  With backs to them.  A place for my beer.  My knees did not touch the person next to me.  #Winning.

But we took one for the team (Pun intended) and made the most of it. Of course, starting the day with lunch with my #SoleSister was the best way to jump start our day.  And to be completely honest, we were able to sit down during lunch.  And have a few cocktails.  And sit down during lunch. 🙂



That’s my girl! 🙂  And boy.  And Zack.


Great view.

This is why I do not wear baseball hats.

Rooftops right behind us.  Taunting us.




Wrigley Field… Beautiful.

They actually sell nacho’s in a helmet.  No we did not order these but I’m intrigued that someone would.

At the end of the day, it was a Perfect day.  We decided to find an area and stand.  And you know, you can drink beer while standing and still watch the game?  Best. Day. Ever.  Oh yeah, the Cubs won! 🙂

It’s not too late to make this the Best. Summer. Ever.

Have a great weekend!




  1. Bought those helmet nachos at the Royals game. Shared with 2 others and still had leftovers!! Probably not lo-cal!!

  2. Love this! How are you? Miss you

    Julie Dunkle 858.248.5788 RVP HPN Global


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