To Do Lists Never Looked So Good




My new obsession for staying (or attempting to be) organized.  The Lilly Pulitzer To Do Planner.  Meredith got me hooked on the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda and I’m on year 4 of that and loving it.  Mine is Tusk in the Sun. While they start in August, they go through the following December.  Amazon or  The 2017-2018 Planners will be out in August.  Can’t wait!!

My day got more Lilly, with my new To Do Planner! $25.00


We know there’s never enough time in the day for all the things on your list, but the To Do Planner is here to help you keep track of every shopping list, lunch date, and vacation itinerary. The hand painted cover art and gold details will keep you in a permanent sunny state of mind.

To Get; Top Priorities; Appointments; Calls and Emails; To Do.  Two full pages are dedicated to each day.

Even the back cover is cute.  I’ve chosen not to show one of my actual To Do pages, because I hate to frighten my few blog followers with my plans for world domination!  Or my scribble scratch handwriting.  Here’s a sneak peak at what today shall bring.  Edited, of course.  I mean, a girl needs to have some secrets. 😉

Terry’s To Do List – Friday, June 29

Walk Maxie

Check in with workers rebuilding my patio.  Provide beverages throughout day.  Be nice to people who work for you and they’ll be nice to you.  #WordsofWisdom


Chase 3 hotel contracts

Find hotel in Charleston that doesn’t have crazy contract terms

1045AM – Start the weekend

Brunch with Mer Mer

Costco – Food for holiday weekend.  And booze.  Lots of booze.  And wine.  And Stella.

Pick up cake to bring to Joy’s

Catch a few rays, if the sun is out…to get a base for Sunday.


Plan outfits for weekend and holiday week, including 2 Cubs games and Sheryl Crow Concert

Desperately trying to find this dress…and I’m not having success.  Thought would be super cute for the 4th.

Happy Hour!

Dinner, or no dinner…Options.

Hello Weekend!  Make it a great one!!  I will repost my 4th of July post from years past, because it’s a darned great blog chock-full of great Patriotic info!














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