Live Life Like Lilly

Because I’m supposed to be on a trip with one of my all-time favorite people to Palm Beach…but #GirlsTrip2017 kicked me to the ground #Heatstroke #ReallyReallyBadHeatStroke, so I’m on bed-rest and not Palm Beaching… Here’s to All Things Lilly Pulitzer..or Living life like Lilly Pulitzer.

On Wednesdays we wear Pink.



Even when you’re sick.

You cannot be sad or in a bad mood while wearing or thinking like Lilly Pulitzer.  That includes while on bed-rest. In the meanwhile, always remember to:

  1. Wear sunscreen, including on your lips
  2. Drink plenty of water (bottled water if in Mexico)
  3. Monitor your time in the sun
  4. Live life like Lilly

This was before all hell broke loose. 😉





  1. So sorry about the heat stroke!!! My heart aches for you. Rest and I hope you are feeling better VERY SOON!!!!

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