How to Weed Out Your Closet


Because I have been weeding out, not only my closet, but my front hall closets, the basement closets, the kid’s closets, you get the picture… I have far exceeded my 40 bags in 40 days for Lent.  I’m aiming to weed out 100 bags this lent.  We still have two weeks left and I’ve been a gal on a mission.


Toss it.  Just toss it.  Lighten the load and help others while you do. Win/Win.

Oh yeah…and Cheers to Friday!

This would be me, when I was 3.  Painfully shy…and I mean, Painfully shy!  My, how times have changed. 😉




Is it possible to love Kyle Chandler, even more?  I think not!

Truer words…



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