40 Days – Forty Items – Forty Bags


Wednesday is the first day of Lent.  In lieu of “giving” something up for Lent, I love this idea instead.

Each day of Lent, remove one item from your house that you no longer wear or need and put it into a trash bag.  At the end of the forty days (Holy Saturday), donate these items to the charity of your choice.  This is a bit of a twist on the infographic above, but I’m loving this idea.  I’m also thinking of removing more than one item each day.  Perhaps I could do 40 Bags in 40 Days?  Just a thought.


Here’s a little bit of inspiration:





I believe in Karma.  Today when I was headed to help a friend clean out her closet, I checked my mail and in it was a card that said, “when cleaning out your closet, think of us” – The Cancer Federation.  See, the thing is my friend, whom I was going to help clean out her closet, is battling breast cancer.  I received the card in the mail the day I was going to help her clean out her closet.  I know, Unbelievable.  So I, shall donate my 40 Bags to the Cancer Federation, http://www.cftruck.org.  They will pick up the items from your home and you can schedule a pick-up, online. Easy.  You can choose the organization of your choice.  The best part is you clean out your home, you feel good, and you do good for others.  Win-Win!


We start March 1st!  Who’s in?


That time you go to see Flo Rida and he’s like 10 feet in front of you!  Well, 10 feet after you maneuver your way to the front. 🙂


Best. Night. Ever.


And the band will be back together this weekend!  Best. Weekend. Ever!!!








  1. Thanks for all the good tips. Another is to downsize. NOT FOR SISSIES! When forced to relinquish, it’s amazing what you don’t need! After an estate sale and 3 more pickups from them, I have only holiday decorations reserved for our church rummage sale. With 20,000 members, it’s quite a sale! Thanks for your humor!!

  2. Good blog. Have always felt we hold onto too much ‘stuff’ . . . don’t need it, doesn’t help you. And, as always, you state the obvious in a funny way — thanks!

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