We Are World Serious!



That’s all.


World Series Seeking Puppy sporting her Playoffs beard.


Just a couple of Cubs fans taking in Game 1 of the NLCS.  Cubs won.  Best sporting event I have ever been to.  And I have been to a few.  #JustSaying

So, apparently, I’m as much into baseball superstitions at the players.  So for Game 3, which went to LA, I was wearing my favorite grey Cubs t-shirt and the Cubs lost.  It wasn’t pretty.  For Game 4, I knew I could not wear the same grey t-shirt, so I decided to wear the same sweatshirt that I wore when my friend Connie took me to Game 1 of the NLDS, and the Cubs won.


This night and game were Epic.  I rarely use that word, but it was Epic.  I was wearing Kevin’s sweatshirt, which is about 5 sizes too big for me (and 4 sizes too big for Kevin), but the Cubs won, so this is clearly a lucky sweatshirt.  Also one of the best days/nights I can remember in a long, long time!


Game 4 drinking from the NLDS Champion cups!  #ItsThePlayoffsCup


Now I’m being held hostage by this sweatshirt.  When I took it off during Game 4 for the bottom of the 5th inning, the Dodgers scored two runs.  The sweatshirt went back on and the Cubs continued to dominate and we won 10-2.  #Magic  The sweatshirt is gonna have to stick around.



I had to crop this picture.  This is what I wore for Game 5.  With Poms.  Truly, looked like I was pregnant.  I’m not.  In my defense, I have indicated it is Kevin’s sweatshirt and it’s 5 sizes too big for me.  #It’sOnlyWeirdIfItDoesn’tWork.  #ItWorks .Cubs win Game 5, 8-4.  One more game then onto the WorldSeries.  #ItsAThing

Oh and Joe Buck is a nuisance to all Cubs fans.  WTH?  I am not a fan.  I’d like the record to reflect that.  And read that little article about how he almost lost his career due to an addiction to hair plugs.  And we have to listen to that guy call our game.  Ridiculous!



And the Bears were playing the Packers on Thursday night Football.  #WhoCares.  Apparently they lost 10-26.  #WhoCares


Bears game last weekend vs Jacksonville.  This was right at the start of the game.  Note we are wearing our W #FlyTheW stickers from the Cubs game the night prior. We still had hope.  Bears lost.  But props to the gal behind us who took a flattering photo.  #NoCroppingRequired

Let’s Go Cubs!!  One more to go!  Bring on the Indians!





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