Make sure you get my good side

When a birthday card becomes a blog.




You know what’s better than this actual card (which is pretty darned fabulous)?  How about the reaction of someone else when she saw this card!  We were at a lovely birthday dinner, celebrating three birthday gals, and were exchanging cards.  When C. saw this card that D gave me, she had the best response!

C:  “D – Why would you give this card to T. and not to me?”

And that is when a birthday card becomes a blog.

Mer Mer as Jasmine at Grammas

This young gal could have been featured on this card as well.  I am now relinquishing my birthday crown to my sweet, smart, beautiful and funny daughter.  This weekend is Meredith’s Golden Birthday!  My sweet baby girl is turning 25!  We will be celebrating with MerMerPalooza!  That will also be a future blog!

Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday Mer Mer!





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