Are You Here For the Furry Convention?

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“No sir, I am not”, was my response to the young man who inquired if my stay at the Marriott Indianapolis was to attend the Indy Furry Convention, better known as Furcon Indy 2016.  He asked me, wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, carrying an India Hicks Palm Duffel, donning my India Hicks accessories, if I, was a Furry.  He just made my day!  I needed a laugh and needed to dry my tears.  Nope, I was just a weary (and sad) Mom, who just dropped her son off at Miami University for his sophomore year and was, quite frankly, more appalled at the Frat House conditions then I was at staying at a hotel that was overtaken by “Furries”. What are the odds?  Really, what are the odds?  I was safe, not at risk, plus I knew it would make a great blog.  Furries Need a Life Coach. Thanks Colleen!  And for the record, Furries do Not need a Life Coach.  Jay Cutler, however, still does.


What’s a Furry Convention you ask? A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom — people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human characters with human characteristics. Meaning People Dressed up as Animals, meaning people who dress up as animals, may possible like to partake in “adult behavior”.  This may, or may not be true.  One public misconception, popularized by the CSI episode “Fur and Loathing”, is that furry conventions are places for people to dress up as animals and perform sexual acts with each other.  #Seemingly

Vanity Fair did an article (albeit lengthy) on furries:  It would be an entertaining read, “Pleasure of the Fur: Welcome to the world of “furries”: the thousands of Americans who’ve gotten in touch with their inner raccoon, or wolf, or fox. Judging from the Midwest FurFest, this is no hobby. It’s sex; it’s religion; it’s a whole new way of life”.  

Here’s what I learned from my stay:

  1.  Furries are very nice and friendly creatures…I mean people.
  2.  They carry their costumes in plastic bins.  Not in garment bags, but in large plastic bins.

That’s basically all I can tell you from first-hand experience.  The rest of my “knowledge” comes from the Google. 🙂

Also, this beverage was a fabulous idea. Vodka/soda with two limes.  The bartender also suggested a “double”, based on the animals in the bar.  Splendid idea!  I took my beverage up to my room…a fur-free zone!


A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  #Truth #CountYourLuckyStars





These are not Furries.  These are two sophomore students at Miami University, Patrick and Mary who were happy to restart their college life after a summer at home and caved in to allow me to take a picture of them.  It was 92 degrees moving Patrick into his dorm, and I think I lost 9 LBs of water weight, sweating, I mean perspiring, from 20 trips to and from the car and helping him unpack in a Frat House, with no Air Conditioning.  Thankfully, we are only paying $7500 for room and board, so why would I think there would be A/C?  But I digress, when Patrick indicated he didn’t want his picture taken, he looked at me and said right to my face, “would you want your picture taken right now?”  Ouch… No, I did not, but little did I know I would be approached about being a Furry some two hours later. I may have two r’s in my name, but it’s not for Furry! #LivingTheDream.  #CharmedLife.

Team Gleason

One of my last posts was about the movie, Gleason…Truly one of my all-time favorite movies.  I urge you to see if, and it will be on Amazon soon if not playing at a theater near you, to get a glimpse into the life of a family who is battling ALS.  I saw it two nights in a row.  Both Mer and I got to meet and speak with Steve and Michel Gleason at a Q&A after a screening.  A moment that truly touched our lives.  It was magic.  It was also humorous, when Michel and I starting speaking football and both discussed our “concern” about Bear’s Quarterback Jay Cutler and his “less than stellar” attitude.  #JayCutlerNeedsALifeCoach.  And how lucky to have Tracy, #SoleSister and Colleen, #MyRaviniaPal, along for the ride and support.  Me and my family are incredibly blessed with the friends and family who surround us daily. <3




Happy September…the best month of the year!  We have Team Kourage participating in the Les Turner Walk for Life on Sunday, September 18th at Soldier Field in Chicago.  You may donate here:  We also have two O’Brien girls birthdays! And… are you ready for some Football?!  Yup, it’s Football season… I am literally giddy with excitement.  On a less than giddy note, sad to miss the weekend nuptuals of Jack and Sarah, but know we are there in spirit!   <3 <3




Best. Fall. Ever.

Have a Fabulous Labor Day!!










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  1. Are the 9 lbs still gone is my burning question. I’m moving Brian in MN this weekend, hoping for same result. Funny post but really adore your last 3 pics/jokes/cartoons. Laughing, a great way to start the weekend. You DON’T know, it could be lack of carbs??!!??

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