Dave Matthews and the Beetle Scarf


So we all know my affection and affiliation with India Hicks.  One could say I’m obsessed with her and her lifestyle products.  I’m actually giddy with excitement to be able to hang with her in Palm Beach early next month.  Not only because, again I love her and her products, but while I don’t know her personally (not yet 🙂 🙂 🙂 ), she is probably the coolest chic ever… And how and why do I know this?  Take a gander at her blog post below… She hung out and was friends with Dave Matthews and didn’t even know he was a Musical God!

Reposted from India Hicks blog…Meaning, this was written by INDIA HICKS, not me…


A nice chap from Seattle came to stay on the island a few years ago, with a hot yoga wife and three kids.

They came over for supper and drank a lot of tequila. We liked them. We became friends.

A few nights later one of my kids pointed to a film on TV, “Look its him!”

I googled Dave Mathews. Good Lord, this scruffy dude was a mega music star. With a colossal frenetic following and two Grammy awards. How had we not noticed?

Dave came to England to perform a couple of years ago. I took my two eldest boys to see him, even though they were quite little at the time, we went backstage, sat in his changing room and watched the pre-show circus go by.

After a while an assistant ushered us out, “Dave needs to get ready now,” she said in a hushed tone. We went to take our seats. “What do you think he’s going to wear?” asked one of the boys. We had also sat with Mick Jagger before one of his concerts and when the lights went down Mick came out in a sparkling peacock blue shirt undone to the waist and skin tight leather trousers with crocodile boots.

As the Dave Mathews Band concert began, the lights flashed and the auditorium drummed their feet on the ground in excitement and anticipation, and out onto the stage walked Dave, dressed in the same cozy cardigan and jeans that we had just left him in. And I loved him all the more.

Last week whilst I was away David sent me this snap with the words: ‘Dave wants more’ But of what? Tequila or beetle scarves?


Yes, this picture has been posted above, but it’s so cool, it gets a second look!

India Hicks Siren Scarf… aka, the Beetle Scarf

Did someone mention the Beetle Scarf?  The Beetle Scarf comes in five colors: Aubergine, Sunset Orange; Army Green, Cream; Black, Cream (the one #DMB is wearing); Stone, Flamingo Orange (my personal fav and the one featured on the pup above); and Dove Gray, Cream.


Here’s the Deal… I will donate 20% of All the Proceeds from the Sale of the Beetle Scarf to the Les Turner ALS Foundation in the months of July and August.  Win/Win.


Go to Accessories and there you will find the Siren Scarf!  20% of All Proceeds from the Siren Scarf $58 (aka the Beetle Scarf), which is $11.60 per scarf to the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

That’s something to smile about!

And what do I love more than India Hicks?  How about two of my favorite people, ever, who are Dave Matthews Band (DMB, for those, like me 4 years ago who didn’t know what DMB meant) obsessed fans… I mean, obsessed fans!


Mark and Tracy before a Dave Matthews concert, #DMB, earlier this month.

Song of the Day:  Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band

He wakes up in the morning
Does his teeth bite to eat and he’s rolling
Never changes a thing
The week ends the week begins
She thinks, we look at each other
Wondering what the other is thinking
But we never say a thing
These crimes between us grow deeper

“Would you not like to be on top of the world with your legs hanging free”?  – Dave Matthews

Uhm…Yes, yes I would!









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