Living with the Devil


Living with the Devil.  This is a Memoir.  This, however is not My memoir.  This is a story told by my friend Cindy and her sister Lori. This is a true story. This is a riveting, gripping, can’t put down true story.  It’s a true story that was the life of a very dear friend and her family.  It’s a shocking story of life, love and murder.  Not necessarily in that order.  This is a book I’ve read once and will read again.


As the principal of his own law firm and known as “Mr. Condo” to his Chicago condominium clients, Donnie Rudd was at the top of his game. Charming, offbeat, and eccentric, he appeared on his own television show and taught at a local college. But behind the public persona of a successful lawyer, Donnie Rudd’s life was unraveling as police investigated the death of his second wife, the murder of a local woman, and claims of fraud by several clients.

The fascinating memoir by Donnie’s step daughters describes the chaos of life with a sociopath as the allegations of infidelity, madness, and murder against Donnie interrupt their lives again and again. The sisters recount the riveting true story of events over a span of 40 years that will leave readers breathless and wondering how Rudd was able to evade accountability for so long. In the midst of the madness also lies a story of redemption and triumph as the family overcomes the dysfunction of their early tumultuous life.

The Chicago Tribune published an article on Cindy this past week.  This is what they had to say.

Barrington woman whose stepfather was recently charged with murder in a cold case dating back to the 1970s has published a memoir with her sister this month, which they say was written to share their search for truth.

The self-published memoir, “Living with the Devil: A family’s search for the truth in the face of deception, infidelity and murder,” was co-written by Lori Hart and Cindy Mulligan, whose stepfather, Donnie Rudd, was charged last December with killing his 19-year-old wife in Barrington Hills more than 40 years ago.

You can read more of the Chicago Tribune article here:



This is my friend Cindy in front of one of her childhood homes.

Living with the Devil, by Lori Hart and Cindy Mulligan is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle edition.


Order it today.  Click on the above picture to take you right to Amazon.  A new trick I’ve learned.  Only took my six years blogging.  Yes, six years.

Happy reading.  You won’t be able to put this book down!  I happily recommend this book.





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