Summertime, Summertime…


Memorial Day Weekend!  One of my very favorite weekend’s of the year!  Each and every Memorial Day weekend, I know I’m about to embark on the Best. Summer. Ever!  I’m including some items to help launch all of us, into the BSE.

summer 111

Life gets better.  Making this the best summer ever!



Remember the ones you love and make them a priority… 🙂



Puzzle nights, Family Fondue Night, Night Games, Neighbor BBQ are all on my/our list!  We will be adding to this list as well!



Throw in some Garrett’s Popcorn… and, well, there you have it!


I’m going to make a goal of having one of each of these S’Mores.


I will take one of each please. And let’s throw a Stella or two, to be enjoyed on the deck.  Cheers!


After Portillos; Lou Malnatis and Buona Beef, the S’Mores and the beach cocktails…You’ll need to do this.


It’s good to have a book list!  I plan to read at least 10 books this summer.  My summer reading bucket list.

Song of the Day: Only Time will Tell, by Asia

I see it now becomes so clear
Your insincerity
And me all starry eyed
You think that I would have known by now
Now sure as the sun will cross the sky
This lie is over
Lost like the tears that used to tide
Me over
I’ve had a great week.  A happy, fruitful, productive and enjoyable week!   I’m looking forward to a happy, fruitful, productive and enjoyable summer.  Best. Summer. Ever.  And may we all be as happy as the Chewbacca Mom!  On any day of the week, I will take Chewbacca Mom over anything Kardashian…and I’m guessing most are with me on this one!

If you watch this and you don’t smile and laugh, there is no hope for you!


IMG_0206Beaches now open!

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!



Check out India Hicks…my new obsession:

hicks-promo-large (1)



yay summer





  1. Hi Terry… your pal Carol sent me over and I am so glad she did. Great lists. I am going to print the summer abs challenge. I’m not saying that I’m going to actually do the challenge – just read it every day. Hope you are enjoying your week!

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