Since we last met…


Since we last met… I have had a fun filled week!

  1.  Opening Day at Arlington Race Track with my #1 Gal – we didn’t win a lot of money…but my beverage did match my dress.  #Winning




2.  I had an absolutely Fantastic Mother’s Day!  Even without my #1 son…my sweet Mer Mer gave me an awesome day!



These cupcakes are from Small Cakes bakery in South Barrington.  Best cupcakes I’ve ever had.

Day started off with a Mimosa Bar!  Followed by cupcakes and omelettes for breakfast.  A visit at the Blow Dry Bar and dinner at Ruth’s Chris.  Doesn’t get better than that!  Oh, and some of the cutest gifts ever.  Necklace with the charm of a pair of sunglasses and the most Fabulous purse…

images (3)

Paws off!


Even Maxie is digging my new Patrick Kane Blackhawks jersey!  That’s me with my blowout, with curls enhanced by me.

3.  Went to an absolutely Fabulous wedding…and clocked in at 17,000 steps!  Dancing the night away!


Funniest part of this picture, is Linda, who is so short, cuts herself out of the selfie, because her arms are even shorter than her legs!


Handing out with the MOB, D… and what is that guy looking at?! For crying out loud!

4.  My favorite trees were in full bloom!


5.  My favorite trees shed their blooms and made for a fabulous entryway to my home.


Oh and just found out that in one of those trees next to the front door, is a small bird’s nest…with about 6 baby bird eggs.  Should make for a fun time coming and going.  I mean, I only come in and out of that front door, say about 17 times a day.  Can’t wait for the birds to start dive-bombing my head!  Will Not make for the best day ever!

6.  My two girls are matching with cheetah accessories and the lovely bloom-strewn walkway.

cheetah girls


7.  Getting ready for the arrival of my college boy, home for the Summer!  As we all seem to say (but I was first)…And just like that… freshman year is over!


Day one… Happy boy, very sad Mom, not shown in this pic.   That’s the last time that room looked that good, btw.  🙂



Day 20…one of my favorites…when you son’s shirt matches the sky!



Day 40…Looks like Patrick and Mary have settled in very well!  This may have been day 20?


Moms weekend

Day 240…Happy boy, happy Mom, happy girlfriend…drinking the Kool-aid at Miami!


Day 285: Coming home to the Best. City. Ever!  Cannot wait.  Summer vacation 2016!


Mary posted an Instagram video of her first year at Miami, and the song made me cry… And because I loved that song, and that girl, it will be today’s :

Song of the Day: Youth by Troye Sivan:

My youth, my youth is yours
Trippin’ on skies, sippin’ waterfalls
My youth, my youth is yours
Runaway now and forevermore
My youth, my youth is yours
A truth so loud you can’t ignore
My youth, my youth, my youth
My youth is yours

Today me and 2 of my favorites are working ALS Tag Days in downtown Barrington.  I will be “working” the corner of 59/Main street from 11A – 1P.   Please help Ice out ALS and make a donation!  #BarringtonTagDays  #IceOutALS

Coming soon to a blog near you:  6th version of my Favorite Things (this time I mean it); Another 30-Day challenge… because I still don’t have rock hard abs; Summer fashion trends! and whatever else tickles my fancy!

Today is Friday the 13th.  Don’t let that scare you!  Have a Fantastic weekend!




And she sits.


Mer has learned this little trick.  🙂




I’m not bossy…



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This is a funny and witty blog!





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  1. Love the way you find joy all over…even the bloom-strewn walkway!! Love the cold shoulder tops, Blackhawks jersey and mimosa bar on Mother’s Day, perfection. I’m copying that mimosa bar this graduation weekend in Minnesota. Thanks for a bright start to today!

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